8 Best Metal Detecting Apps for Android

Have you been dreaming about finding some unusual things under the ground or on a sandy beach? Bet you have seen people that are walking laps and laps at the seaside with those big metal detectors and wondered what it feels like and what you can actually find.

If you are quite sure that you will like the process and enjoy it regardless of what you discover, you can go for purchasing a metal detector. Don’t worry if you are new to the game – we have a list of the best metal detectors reviews out there. Check the set of reviews and choose the one to match your needs.

However, if you are still not sure whether it is worth an entire purchase, you can turn your Android phone into a metal detector. Moreover, if you happen to have one detector already, your smartphone can come in handy as well. With those apps we have found and chosen, you can either have some effortless fun or step up your detecting game.

Metal Detector Smart tools co.

A metal detector is a tool application that uses a built-in magnetic sensor of your Android phone. Usually, if there are no objects nearby that influence the readings, the magnetic field intensity is about 49μT (micro Tesla). Even the presence of tiny metal objects can increase this value.

metal detecting apps

You can experiment and find wires, pipes, and pretty much anything metallic. The app is pretty simple to use: to initialize the sensors, point your phone towards the sky and move it as if you were drawing a large number 8 with your phone. It helps to calibrate the needed sensors and get the party going. 

The creators of this app also claim that a lot of ghost hunters have enjoyed it… Dare to look for some ghosts?

Gold & Metal Detector HD Appsprouch

This app makes finding not only metal but also gold way easier than before. Have you lost an earring somewhere behind the sofa? Or perhaps your engagement ring slipped off while you were cleaning the house? No worries – with this application, you can quickly find your lost possessions in little to no time. 

All of the apps use the same sensor to detect metal, but this one has a little secret to it and allows to discover jewelry as well. Maybe you will find a whole treasure box on the backyard, who knows?

iSmartDetect | Metal Detecting iVirtual Games Aps

In a mood for a real treasure hunt? iSmartDetect is designed especially for amateur archeologists. You can pin the places you’ve found something at on the map, add pictures, and basically create your very own treasure map! Cool, right? Among other features, this app has a significant number of pleasant advantages:

  • overhead Waypoint tracking
  • project and object tracking
  • double-sided object, stamped pics
  • customized project naming 
  • encrypted server secure archiving
  • auto-sync data between users

If you’re feeling adventurous, give it a shot!

give it a shot

Metal Detector: Scanner For Body Appache selection

If you are designing and repairing rooms, use our metal finder and scanner to find out where the wires are located in the wall. Also, this app is great for travelers: you can check your clothes and luggage to metal yourself before checking in at the airport.  

Metal detector Netigen tools

This app has a beautiful design and interface. It works, again, with the same sensors and detects changes in the magnetic field. 
All you need to start the hunt is launching the app, moving your device around and here’s where the magic starts – you will start seeing changes in the teeny tiny micro teslas. Fascinating.

This particular metal detector cannot detect gold, silver, or copper coins. They are classified as non-ferrous metals that do not have a magnetic field. Still, you can have fun!  
Try this useful tool!

Metal Detector Rayyan Apps

Nothing brand new here, this app also can detect metal. However, it is the first app so far that introduced the best yet the simplest way to be used. How many times have you been late for an appointment because you couldn’t find your keys? Exactly! Though they turn out to be in your hand already, this app can ease your pain. 
Use it wisely and don’t be late!

Metal Detector RZTech

This metal detector can detect iron, gold, and silver. That’s great for those who collect coins – bet you can find some foreign pennies while on vacay or up there for a hike. Some people even use metal detectors to collect coins from popular touristic fountains, seen that? Wouldn’t recommend taking such a risk, though, – unless your phone is waterproof! 

Metal Detector Horizons Aviations Ltd.

This app is designed to detect iron and steel in soil and sand. Perfect match for some free hours on the beach while your friends and family are resting and you’re feeling like going for a hunt. Imagine all the exciting things you can possibly find! It is effortless to use and works like a dream.

So, if you have a soul of a true detective, discoverer, and collector, trying metal detectors may be an amazing idea. And if you’re not quite sure yet and don’t feel too comfy spending lots of money on an actual machine, all the apps in this list are free. You never know until you try it!

Promise to keep all the treasures you find safe and sound!

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