WOW Sound Speaker Review: Ultitmate Audio Accessory for Pool & Beach

From the creators of WOW – World of Water Sports, comes the Wild Sound Speaker.World of WaterSports, popularly known as WOW, make some of the most beautiful water sports accessories. The best of their products include inflatable rafts, pool floats, tubes, etc. Collaborating with IndieGoGo, WOW launched waterproof, wireless speakers who were called merely WOW-Sound Speaker. 

These are cute, compact speakers who come in different colors. Its unique design makes it easy to carry around. WOW-Sound Speaker beats the most common problem at a pool party – of your speakers getting drenched. Whether it is a pool party or you are meeting your friends by the lake, take your WOW-Sound Speaker along, and you are sure to have a blast! 

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Now that you know what. WOW-Sound Speaker is, let’s run you through their essential features and specifications.

1. WOW Sound has three different levels of LED light to suit the kind of place you are at and the time if the day you are using it. Not only do you need these lights to see the controls on the speaker, but they also manage to light up your surroundings as well! While most people believed that this feature was unnecessary, you would be surprised to know just how much you will end up liking the LED lighting.

2. This Bluetooth 4.2 speaker boasts of a 50-hour rechargeable battery. 

3. Connects with any device as long as it supports Bluetooth.

4. In addition to these features, it has a fully water-submersible shell which is not only useful but looks quite quirky as well. 

5. Along with the speakers WOW sends you a Float Fridge. This is an inflatable floating stand to hold your beverages. 

6. On the speaker is a very evident Power button. WOW, Sound has separate Volume Up, and Volume Down button controls making it convenient for the user. The same buttons double as skip forward and skip back if you press it consecutively. The design of the button controls makes it possible for you to use the device without looking. A big thumbs-up for the controls.

7. Think WOW Sound is not loud enough for you? Don’t worry; the dual pairing feature allows you to connect two WOW speakers for surround sound experience in any outdoor situation.


The handle that allows you to carry the speaker around is an essential feature. No matter how far you need to take the speaker, it seems quite effortless because of the handle.   

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WOW, speakers are advertised to be tough and rugged, something that can take falls. Users believe that WOW speakers are the best choice for treks and camps, but they honestly are not. Thin grills of metal protect the speakers’ 4.2″ active drivers, so make sure you handle your speaker with care. A simple fall onto any hard surface could make a dent in its metal exterior. 

There’s another glitch. The handle on the speaker is brilliant, yes, but there is no other easy way to carry it around. Keep in mind that the speaker is more significant than it looks like in pictures. Taking it in your backpack isn’t comfortable. You will not be able to clip the speaker on to your backpack either. The fact that it fits in a cup holder is a definite advantage.
The item dimensions are 9.8 x 9.8 x 8.8 in, and it weighs 5 lbs, to be clear.

To be honest, WOW Sound is not suitable for all kinds of terrain. For the reasons mentioned above, it would be just right to use WOW speakers by the poolside.

Sound Quality

WOW, Speakers work on four 2″ Hi-Fi active neo drivers. One 4″ Passive Bass Radiator supports them. This omnidirectional speaker promises to boom 360 sound. With these features, WOW Speaker gives you exceptional sound quality. The beats are heard distinctly as there is clarity which does not get distorted even at high volume. You are going to love the Bass! It’s so good that you will never hear low notes. 

This is great if you are hosting a house party. If the music seems too faint for your party, use the Dual Pairing feature to connect to another WOW Speaker, and you are good to go. This should be the least of your concern as your WOW speaker’s maximum volume goes up to a roaring 100dBA!

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According to WOW, the speaker has the capacity of 50 plus hours of continuous play and battery life longer than any other speaker in the market. And they are not lying! You will have to charge your WOW speakers for 4-5 straight hours for it to be fully charged.  Well, the capacity of the speaker depends on how well it has been maintained, on an average, these claims hold true for decently maintained WOW Speakers.

Water Resistance

WOW, Speaker is submersible in water and floats in case you lose your grip. It suits almost any outdoor activity including boating, paddle boarding, camping, hiking, poolside and even Barbeques. Worried that it might get spoilt in the water? You don’t need to. WOW, Sound Speaker is IP67 Certified as Waterproof, Dustproof, and Shockproof. 

Remember that although the product is waterproof, its resistance is strong only up to 30 minutes at a depth of one meter.


This product isn’t 100% flawless; it has its ups and downs. However, considering all the other Bluetooth speakers in the market, WOW Speaker’s price and the quality you are guaranteed in return, it is a good buy. Don’t let us decide for you! Weigh both the pros and cons carefully and decide for yourself.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

• Do I need to install any specific music app for the speaker?

No, WOW Sound Speaker will connect to any device that has Bluetooth. You can use music apps that you already have on your device.

• Do I need to look out for these speakers in the water?

WOW, Speaker is water-resistant for up to 30 mins in 1-meter depth. Good thing it floats, so you don’t have to dive in to save your speakers.

• How does Dual Pairing work?

You can connect your WOW Speaker to any other WOW speaker in close proximity via Bluetooth to enhance the music experience.

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