Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone X/Xs Case Review With Pros & Cons

Friday, 9 August 2019

Hitcase Ferra Leather iPhone X/Xs Case Review With Pros & Cons

Posted by Madhu Gupta
As we know, the Vancouver based Hitcase company produces the best of the best products compatible with the iPhone series. “The world’s most innovative iPhone cases, lenses, and mounts” are available on their website to equip their customers with the most excellent quality products and industry-leading accessories to protect their valuable devices. 

Continually exceeding their versatile creations, this year Hitcase has released an exceptional case in the most recent Design Series for iPhone X and XS – Ferra. 

The Ferra case for iPhone X and XS is stupendous as it is created using full-grain Italian leather, which is hand cut, hand sewn, hand pressed and hand dyed. The team has integrated detailed stainless steel structure covering the volume buttons, logo and the camera perimeter in the stylish leatherwork. 
Touching the cover gives a rugged, yet soft wallet-kind of feel and the stainless steel allows the user to press the required side touch points without any abrasion quickly. Though several leather cases tend to lose their traditional appearance after a couple of month’s use, this leather product has upheld its quality upon rough usage as well since it genuinely handcrafted by the designers. 

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This leather and steel combination gives the phone sturdy protection, ensuring protection for even a 2 meter or 6 feet drop.
Moreover, the interior of the cover is made of microfiber which is soft and protects the phone from any scratches (though the iPhone exterior is extensively strong). 

The case is available in two colors- light brown and black, both of which give a grand look to the device. Moreover, the inside wall is covered with soft This well-crafted cover is not only elegant and durable but also quite slim and light with a dimension of 161×81×10.5 mm and a weight of only 30 grams.  

Moreover, though the iPhone doesn’t guarantee 100% water protection, this case is undoubtedly water resilient. Furthermore, this cover protects the camera lenses, and it is the only leather product which allows the user to use different types of camera lenses to improve picture quality. 

For example, the TrueLUX(R) magnetic lens system (Wide, Super Wide, Macro) from the Hitcase Active and Adventure series can be used with this cover for creative photography options. The price of this case is $39.99, which is around 2500 INR. But the price charged is befitting because of the features it provides. Also, in case the customer is not satisfied with the cover, Hitcase offers a 30 Day Risk-free return policy.

My personal opinion is that Hitcase Ferra is a unique creation to adorn your precious device in. Nonetheless, allow me to list some pros and cons I faced while using this accessory on my iPhone X:

What I like the most about the case:
  • Beautifully handcrafted by experts using original leather which gives a very classy look.
  • Available in two grand colors which allow us to choose. I have been using the light brown cover, and it matches with any other accessory I carry.
  • The premium quality stainless steel used to protect the side buttons. The company mark is also embellished on the hardware and touchpoints.
  • Soft microfiber framework which covers the phone
  • The product is lightweight and sleek
  • Tough overall protection
  • Resilient against dust and water
  • The cover allows a secure grip on the phone, and it fits my jeans pocket nicely.
  • The case enables wireless charging (unlike some cases which disrupt this  facility)
  • Heavily protected against drop and collision
  • The camera is well protected and allows taking clear photos (picture doesn’t become hazy due to dust or moisture).
  • This is the only leather case at present available in the market to add lenses for professional photography purposes.
The only grievances I have about the case:
  • The fitting is perfect in the front and around the edges or the camera, but the backside of the phone is not as well cradled as the company features advertise. 
  • There is a gap at the bottom side of the cover, which does not give sturdy protection to the speakers and the lightning port.
  • Though this case is quite advanced as far as leather cases go in terms of integrating camera lenses for premium quality pictures, only magnetic lenses can be used for this case. I am looking forward to seeing some improvement on this front also.

Overall Judgment

The Ferra cover for iPhone X and XS is brilliantly crafted with the amalgamation of real leather, microfiber interior and excellent stainless steel accent on buttons. Thus based on looks, it is a cent percent elegant. 
Also, with attached magnetic lenses, every moment can be captured in superb quality pictures and videos. Moreover, the plus points of the cover far surpass the few cons I have faced. Though the price of the product is slightly high compared to other leather covers, we have to keep in mind that this case is genuinely handcrafted by Hitcase professionals and uses real leather and stainless steel. 

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Thus it can be said that it gives a perfect value for the price charged. In conclusion, among the currently available cases for iPhone X and XS, Hitcase Ferra may be regarded as the leading one with a beautiful mix of traditional leather and newest technologies.


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