Game Boy Advance – Perfect Gameplay That Never Gets Old

There are large consoles with a small letter, and there are small consoles with a capital one and even with three capital letters. Game Boy Advance is a compact legend, the coolest gadget you could always take with you and play where others get bored.

Collect Pokemon, save the princess, or administer justice – each gamer chooses his path. That’s what the GBA philosophy is about and why this console is still loved around the world. Did you know that Gameboy is the only gaming device that has traveled into space? Is this not an application for first place!

Game Boy Advance For All Tastes

The GBA is what Nintendo wanted to achieve with Project Atlantis, a 32-bit system that was backward compatible with all previous Nintendo handheld consoles, such as the usual black and white Gameboy and color Gameboy Color.

The new GBA differs from its predecessors primarily in the form and unique, more convenient arrangement of buttons. So, now the control buttons are located to the right of the screen, and the control cursor is on the left. The screen itself has also become more abundant, and now it is color. The GBA processor, although 32-bit, is not three-dimensional, as Nintendo itself is trying to imagine.

Dark Arena

The action takes place at a military base located on the island. Here experiments were carried out to create super soldiers. As usual, something went wrong, the prototypes broke loose and killed all the inhabitants of the island.

Dark Arena

The same fate befell the detachment of Angelina Bradshaw, sent to clear the base of monsters. Now the main task of the heroine is to get away from the island as soon as possible until an atomic warhead is dropped on him. A variety of enemies will interfere with this – mutants, cyborgs, and robots.
They are not burdened with intelligence, they may not see the heroine at point-blank range, but sometimes they can kill with 1-2 shots. The arsenal is diverse, including both the usual sawn-off shotgun or machine gun, and such rare guests in Doom-clones as anti-personnel mines and guided missiles. The graphics are not bad, although not full of details, there is no music at the levels. This game is recommended for retro FPS fans.

Dead to Rights

The action game. The action develops in a chaotic future, where everything is completely mired in crime and greed. The main character is at the scene of the crime and discovers the body of his father. The hero is removed from the case, and therefore, he begins his investigation. It is conducted, first of all, by shooting innumerable enemies.

To this, in addition to fists, various types of weapons are given (a pistol, a shotgun, an automatic rifle, etc.), as well as the help of a search dog that can bite anyone to death. The graphics and sound are mediocre, but overall, the game is ultimately nothing. There are three difficulty levels. Enjoy more games by downloading gba roms from RomsMania.


It is a Third-person shooter. You control a well-armed combat shuttle, and your main task in this game is to prevent the arrival of an alien race, from which, as everyone already knows, good is not to be expected.

The presence of bloody scenes and appropriate screams will not allow your conscience to seat little children behind this game.

Batman – Rise of Sin Tzu

All sorts of villains are drawn to Gotham, and everyone has some complaint about Batman. True, this time, his friends help him: Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl. Each of the characters has its skills and improvement system, which become available after passing the next level. The game takes place for a while, and you can choose the difficulty levels, there are four, from simple to the level of “The Dark Knight.”


In addition to the fact that villains, who are just a sea on the streets of Gotham, can be set on the correct path alone and in a pair with another, players can complete the game in a competitive mode. The game resembles Battle Toads in the style of combat: the gamer will have to deal with entire groups of hostile opponents. And this is awesome! More punches – more fun!

Super Mario Advance

Super Mario USA is an experiment from game developers about an Italian plumber. Although all the characters are familiar to the fan of the series, the gameplay has been significantly changed, and the world Mario falls into is entirely unfamiliar to him. The differences from the classics are quite substantial.

There are four characters available to the player, between whom you can switch, instead of jumping on enemies, gaily crushing them under a peppy soundtrack, Mario and his friends throw at them improvised means, changed and much more.

In one, this game continues the traditions of the good old Mario – it requires crazy concentration. Jumping on moving platforms, overcoming obstacles under the continuous fire of opponents, a mass of enemies who, though stupid, favorite characters that do not want to die at all.

Dinotopia – The Timestone Pirates

A fantasy adventure in Dinotopia – a world where humanity exists together with intelligent dinosaurs. As a pilot, Clayton will have to fight a group of pirates, ravaging the nests of tyrannosaurs and looking for some artifact.

The main objective of the game will be the search for stolen eggs of tyrannosaurs – one for each level. About half the game, we will control the heroin walking platforming episodes, then we will fly on a giant pterosaur, explore caves in a submarine under the water and ride on a hadrosaur.

Visually, everything looks great – the graphics are bright and detailed; the shapes of the characters are well animated.
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