12 Video Editing Tips for Beginners in 2019

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

12 Video Editing Tips for Beginners in 2019

Posted by Madhu Gupta
If you want your video to look professional, you have to know some video editing skills. It is through video editing that the video can look polished with many different special effects to entice the audience into watching. 

12 Best Video Editing Tips For Beginners

The following are 12 tips on how to edit a video for beginners.

1. Choose a Video Editor

First of all, you must think of how you are going to edit the video, whether you want to use a desktop editor or an online editor. If you use an online editor, you don't have to spend money to purchase the software, but you will be subjected to several limitations. 

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The online editor is great for editing short video that has a small file size. As a beginner, you can find a more straightforward video software such as drag and drop timeline and sliders for adjusting the video settings. If you are an advanced user, you can choose a more sophisticated video editor.

2. Invest in Good Hardware for Your Computer

If you are going to edit big videos, you will not only need to make sure you have a good video editing software but also a computer with high specs. 

If your computer is slow, your video editor will hang and crash frequently, and you have to start all over to edit your video. Therefore, you should invest in a fast SSD, high RAM of at least 8 GB, fast processor, and high-quality graphics card.

3. Create a Story for Your Video

If you want people to watch your video, you have to make a storyboard that is interesting for people to watch. When editing the video, you can use the trimming tool to cut away extra footage until all the clips flow into the story you plan. 

You can use the free video cropping software online to crop away elements that don't belong to the storyboard of your video. If you want to improve the story, you can add transitions and special effects.

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4. Be Organized

It is important to be organized when you are editing your video. This means you should organize all the files you need for making the video into folders before importing them into the software. 

When you import the video into the software, playback it, and mark the place where you want to remove the unnecessary parts. Then, rearrange the clips in the sequence that you need.

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5. Master Keyboard Shortcuts

You should try to master all the keyboard shortcuts supported in the video editor. If you use keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to edit your video faster. If you can afford it, you can buy an editing keyboard with shortcut keys that enable you to access the functions you need quickly. 

One way to master keyboard shortcuts is to print a keyboard shortcut cheat sheet. You can search online for free keyboard shortcut cheat sheet to download and print. You have the option to change the keyboard shortcuts on the cheat sheet according to your convenience.

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6. Learn Some Video Editing Lingo Terms

Before you start editing, you should learn a variety of video terms such as jump cuts, J cut, L cut, cutting on action, matched cuts, and montage. These terms are frequently mentioned in the video editor tutorial. Therefore, if you know these terms, you will be able to understand how to edit a video

It is not necessary to learn all the video editing terms. You only need to learn some basic terms to have fundamental knowledge on the lingo.

7. Add Music to Video Background

People like to watch your video partly because of the beautiful music that is playing in the background. Therefore, you should not forget to add music to your video. You can find music to include in your video background at an online royalty free music store. 

Many people would not purchase royalty free music and prefer to use free music they can find online. However, you must remember that the free music you download can be copyrighted.

The music must not overpower the voice-over in the video. If the clip's music conflicts with the additional audio track, you can select it in the timeline and deleting it. Alternatively, you can choose the audio track and go to settings to adjust the volume

You can adjust the volume slider until the clip music, and the additional audio track blends in together harmoniously. When you are done adding the music track, you can play back and see if there is any need to adjust. If the narrator says something in the wrong sequence, you can cut the part with the trimming tool and move it to the front of the timeline.

8. Don't Overdo in Trimming the Video

Many people think that editing a video is to trim away a lot of parts. If you trim too many parts, the video story will look like a short abridged version. Therefore, just cut enough clip to make an interesting video story to watch. Ideally, the clip should be kept in between 2 - 10 seconds.

You can allow people in the video to talk longer before cutting. Putting too many clips in the video will make the audience boring. After all, they want to watch the interesting parts. They are not interested in the mundane activities that you show in the video. According to research, the human brain can absorb most details when they watch a 5 seconds video.

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9. Add Special Effects to Video

Nowadays, it is common to see self-hosted videos with some special effects. Adding special effects in the right way can give people the impression that your video is professional

Adding in your professional host character and voiceover, your video will like a TV production. The special effects should not be too funky and take too much attention from the audience.

10. Correct the White Balance

It is common for the video to have the wrong lighting. This usually happens when there is a conflict of lighting between indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. For example, you open the room light, and then you film the subject near the window where the sunlight comes in. 

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This problem can be fixed by adjusting the white balance. The white balance tool can modify the incorrect white to look like true white.

11. Add Intro and Outro to Video

Don't play the content straightway when the video starts. Instead, add an intro in the beginning so that people will know what channel they are making and who make the video. On the intro, you can also add social media handle. If you lack creativity in creating an exciting intro, you can use the animated title style in the video editor.

The animated title features particular font and title that move across the screen to make your intro appear professional. If you want to make your video look like the TV show, you can also add an outro that lists the hostnames in the video. The outro is also the place to add callouts that tell your visitors to take action that can lead to conversion.

12. Your Computer Must Have Sufficient RAM

Before buying a video editor, first, check what the minimum RAM requirement is. If your computer did not meet the minimum requirement, the editing might not go smoothly. Having sufficient RAM enable the software to process your editing fast with no lagging.


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