3 Helpful Tips for Installing New Gaming Software

Thursday, 4 July 2019

3 Helpful Tips for Installing New Gaming Software

Posted by Madhu Gupta
So, you’ve heard about a new game and can’t wait to play it on your PC? The only problem is that you haven’t the slightest clue how to install the software on your computer. Do you search for a DIY project online, or do you call your geek friends to help you out? Installing a new gaming application might sound like a daunting engagement for novices, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable.

Before installing any gaming app, it’s essential to ensure that your PC is designed for gaming. Better yet, you can build the custom computer that will allow you to run any gaming software you require – check out inside-tech.co.uk for more details.

3 Best Tips For Installing New Gaming Software

Here are 3 helpful tips for installing new gaming software:

1. Update Your PC Drivers

Before running any software on your computer, it’s essential to ascertain whether your drivers are up-to-date. Your Operating System requires constant driver updates to operate efficiently. But apart from improving the functionality of your Windows or MacOS, updating your computer drivers allows you to install the latest gaming software. 

Good news is, all major operating systems come with an auto-update feature that will enable gamers to update their drivers conveniently. For Windows OS, updating drivers is remarkably easy. The Windows update feature usually updates everything within your computer, including your game drivers. However, Windows is relatively unsuitable for gaming.

For third-party graphics, you require a hands-on approach to ensure that drivers get updated on time. This means you ought to manually update your audio, video, and controller drivers frequently.

2. Uninstall Useless Software From Your PC

The performance of your PC highly depends on how you treat it. Some people disregard the condition of their laptops, choosing to install numerous software – most of which they don’t use. Unless your computer is optimized for gaming, it’s essential to uninstall those idle software that you no longer apply. 

However, if those apps might be helpful to you in the future, invest in a hard disk drive (HDD) and save your apps therein. Another useful tip that you can use involves activating Windows 10 Gaming Mode, for those users who operate using Windows OS. 

Activating this mode offers a variety of features that include streaming, screen recording (saves live gameplay clips) and Game Mode.  To improve your computer’s Frames per Second (FPS), it’s crucial that you close those apps running in the background.

3. Maintain a Clean, Dust-Free PC

If you desire to have a well-performing laptop that’s suitable for gaming, keep it free from dust and dirt. Unfortunately, most ardent gamers disregard the hygiene of their computers and end up regretting when those PCs perform poorly or crash unexpectedly. 

The logic behind it is simple: when you run a gaming software in a given PC, electronic components within that computer (such as the GPU and processor) will heat up. 


However, computers are designed to allow sufficient airflow for cooling purposes. But when dust gradually builds up inside a computer, it reduces airflow and causes overheating of internal components. Consequently, performance drastically reduces. These few tips will help you install new gaming software on your PC.


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