PhotoWorks Review: Powerful Photo Editor for Windows 7

Dream of creating your click a masterpiece is not far, because we are going to introduce you with one more master application that is PhotoWorks. Nowadays, who does not want to edit clicked photos I guess almost everyone. 

It is also true that for this, thousand of applications are available in the market. But the selection process is going to be difficult without any help. So, here we are to help you guys.

What Exactly is PhotoWorks?

Yes, you are guessing it right PhotoWorks is definitely related to working on photographs. This is a powerful Photo Editor tool for Windows 7. Who says that only professional photographers can create magic? Now, even an ordinary person can enjoy this creativity with this intelligent Photo editor tool. 

A simple click can be converted into artsy bling through the stunning features of PhotoWorks. It is a savior application for those who regularly want to post killing photographs on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. and that too, without spending tons of money on Photoshoot. This Apt tool is also a favorite among professionals because it is time-saving.

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Mind-Boggling Key Features Of PhotoWorks

Its interesting highlights has always attracted users from all around the earth. Not a single function is absent. I must say it is an all-rounder tool for all art lovers. Here are some super dominant functions of PhotoWorks:

1. Automatic Photo Editing

This Automatic photo editor is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Enjoy its features even if you do not have access to a proper internet connection, unlike other applications. 

Automatic Photo Editing

Make dramatic changes in your original image to give it a new brand look. This allows you to retouch portrait pictures automatically. It also ensures that image quality is not decreased.

2. An Intelligent Module For Portrait Enhancement Named Portrait Magic

I love the perfect pictures of mine, and I assume you too. Portrait Magic is a desiring feature because it enables us to bring desirable changes in our photographs and selfies. This feature includes several options like remove blemishes, even skin tone, get rid of unwanted glare, accentuate lips, etc. 

Remove all complications of your skin and convert yourself into a glamorous diva. You can also adjust your jawline, nose shape, and, face outline. The cool option of Changing eye color is also present, choose a blue one to give a mermaid look finish. 

It is a full-featured software for Windows 7 to cover all your setbacks. Full your social media accounts with magazine-ready pics created by portrait magic and make the world believe in this.

3. Change Background Tool

Pale looking sky to the cloudy, rainy atmosphere, simple road to Perspective view, bring an artificial rain effect, etc. candidly change backgrounds according to your style. It often happens with many of us that after clicking a spectacular shot, it does not look great just because of nasty background

Now swapping backgrounds on your Windows 7 without learning any complex procedures is possible. As we all know that background converting brings a noticeable change in pictures and has never been an easy task to do, especially without harming the significant portion of a real photo. 

So, this is a popular option of PhotoWorks, which is loved by its users. Create a moment as a memory for the future that was not even actually happened.

4. Jam-packed with Creative Photo Effects

PhotoWorks is a bank of creativity creating stuff. It comes up with 150+ creative photo effects and which is a pretty good number. Edit your clicks by just merely using selection techniques. 

Creative Photo Effects

Thus, making it possible for you to blend your photos from all fronts. No need to compromise that, okay this effect is not present then let’s use this one. Create some magic with these 150+ unique effects.

5. Correction of Perspective And Distortions

For this, you do not need to rush to studios because now this is a work of just 5 minutes. It is a deal of a few magical brushes to excel in this correcting process.  After editing your image using this program, it would look like as if it is a scene of some classic photographic film. 

6. Professional Tools Are Available

Stop here if you are looking for professional tools in some application. Guys, you won’t believe, but this is the best image editor for your Windows 7. You may always try advanced filters to make an artistic statement. 

It has a lot of amazing filters which will give your image retro and vintage look, color splash, turn images into black and white, apply HDR and other effects. If an unwanted object is ruining your picture, then PhotoWorks can be of great use to you. As with this tool, one can easily remove lines, draw curves, erase shadows, and unwanted objects without any super editing skills. 

Similarly, add objects, try catchy captions, stylize your text with various fonts and custom colors to create a playful motif. This is the best program if you want to label your work using the creator’s watermark.

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Plans & Pricing of PhotoWorks for Windows 7

To make PhotoWorks magical photo editor yours for a lifetime you need to pay a little amount of money once.  We are going to surprise you by revealing comfy prices of all the available plans.

  • Standard Plan for $19.25
  • Deluxe Plan for $29.40
  • Pro Version for $39.20

In these three plans, you will get all image editing essential tools, and the best pro version is for heavy users. Plans have been launched by keeping in mind all category users. Pro version allows its users to rectify blurry images and increase clarity.

A full-featured version of PhotoWorks has a lot of benefits like instant delivery, free updates, full support, and a lifetime license. Before using the paid version of this software, you may always try a demo trial to decide whether it matches your level or not.


After all this reading now you have a decent amount of information about PhotoWorks. This program brings your imagination within reach. You do not need to present physically at some dream place to click a photograph. This can be done with some simple editing. If you are worried about the safety of images, then I must tell you that this tool is safe to use. 

We have gone through tons of reviews to make sure that you get the best from all. Hence, it is highly recommended to give it a try without any second thoughts. It is difficult to find such a fantastic deal at such cheap prices.

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