7 Reasons that Make It Easy for Beginners to Learn Python?

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

7 Reasons that Make It Easy for Beginners to Learn Python?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Learning coding may seem a daunting task for beginners. It is undeniable for beginners to feel demoralized when getting introduced to those lengthy and tricky coding methods, languages, etc. Luckily, we have Python, the easiest known Open Source programming language. And with the vast community available online, even kids can get started programming early on.

It is very easy-to-understand, and its flexible nature makes it exceedingly more comfortable for the beginners to get started with coding using Python. Besides being very flexible and easy to understand, Python can develop the most reliable web platforms. 
And you won’t have to waste your time on memorizing the arcane syntax like the other programming languages. With Python, you can focus on learning programming concepts and paradigms. And many online portals also offer Python Certification such as KnowledgeHut Python Certification, so you have proven documents to show your skills to the employers. 

There’s a reason that NASA is also using Python; anyone can accomplish anything with Python.

Programmers commonly use Python to:
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Video games development
  • Programming of various scientific programs

1. Python is Simple & Easy to Learn

At the scale of 10, I would rate Python 9 for being easy to use and simple to learn. Despite being a very high-level and powerful programming language, Python is straightforward to understand. 

It’s just like reading English, so you need not worry about dealing with the stress of syntax-learning. It serves as a great advantage to beginners as they are usually scared about the codes. It will let you focus on learning programming concepts. Sites such as Code Inspiration can also help you out in long run.

2. Quick Progression

Since Python is straightforward to learn, you can soon begin to write your small programs on your own. Unlike other programming languages, you won’t get stuck with getting the hang of the underlying dynamics of the word. 

This way, you start to think like a professional programmer rather quickly. This is why it is a smart choice for beginners as your pseudo code starts to resemble real Python code after a few days of practice with Python.

3. Portable & Extensible

Another reason why Python is a smart choice for beginners is that it has portable and extensible properties. This means Python allows you to perform cross-language operations seamlessly. Most desktop platforms support this language like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh, etc. 

Thanks to its extensibility feature, you can integrate Java as well as .NET components. If required, there is also an option available to invoke C and C++ libraries.

4. Less Coding, More Time

As beginners, you would want to deal with less coding, even though you are learning to code. Python makes it possible as it typically involves less code, and it also takes less time to complete and run your code. And you need not code correctly to run your program as Python offers enough flexibility in solving problems using different methods. 

Unlike other programming languages, you are forgiven to various errors so your code will run even with the problematic part. And as it doesn’t require a lot of coding, coders can handle it easily. Even a small team of programmers can manage Python programming effectively.

5. It’s a Multipurpose Language

Similar to the multipurpose Swiss knife, Python can also handle multiple things at once, and it’s not tied to just one thing. This is why Python is good on Data Science and Machine learning, especially in the current environment when technologies are changing and new things are coming on our way. 

You have the flexibility to create your web applications using Django and Flask and do Data Analysis using NumPy. Python lets you automate many of your days to day tasks. Web development becomes a breeze with Python while it also comes with a built-in testing framework, so you don’t need to deal with debugging. 

This programming language provides you with the building blocks you need to learn other languages as well.

6. Widely Available Resources    

As a coder, we all need the support of others at one point in time. This is when the coding communities come to the rescue. And it serves as an added benefit to beginners as Python enjoys a large community of millions of professional coders from across the world. 

It’s effortless to get started with Python with the support of other coders who are skilled in their jobs. Many online programming communities offer great support to beginners: StackOverflow, GitHub, Meetups, etc.

7. It’s a Rising Star

According to experts, Python is one of the fastest growing programming language available. Although Java holds the position of being the most popular language, Python is creeping up very close behind it. Python is actively worked on with a moderate update cycle so you can expect more updated versions and it remains relevant. 

For sure, Python is the rising star and has a great future ahead. And to prove this fact, I’d like to name a few brands that are already using Python, and you’ll be surprised to know their names: NASA, IBM, Nokia, Google, Mozilla, Disney, etc. So, the future of Python is very shining as more big brands are in search of talented professionals who have worked with Python or can work with this language. 

Without any doubt, Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages. It’s gaining popularity across the beginners as well as professionals as big brands are looking for talented experts who can work with Python. Its flexible nature and readable syntax ability make it very easy for the beginners to work on it.

More demand means more salary as well. So if you are concerned about the income part, then Python may prove to be a golden egg to you.

Although it is sometimes slow on performance, the timely updates ensure that the issue is taken care of. This means that Python is an excellent choice for beginners, who just started their journey in the programming world and want to learn without even dealing with the codes.


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