Tuneskit Windows Review: iOS System Recovery Tool

Tuneskit Windows Review_ iOS System Recovery Tool

Are you looking for a reliable iOS system recovery tool? In this Tuneskit Windows review, we’ll explore this software’s key features and functionality. This article will provide you with valuable insights to help you decide whether it is right for you or not.

Tuneskit Windows is an iOS system recovery tool designed to tackle various issues troubling your iOS device. Tuneskit Windows provides excellent features like it’s Safe and Clean, 24/7/365 Customer Support, Safe and Reliable, and a good Refund Policy. This software allows you to repair common iOS problems quickly.

Furthermore, this article will discuss its pricing and how to use the Tuneskit iOS system recovery tool. Keep reading to know more about the software.

Tuneskit Windows Review: Introduction

Tuneskit is derived from a kit of iTunes a world-renowned software development company whose ultimate aim is to provide its users with the best iTunes DRM removal solutions.

tuneskit windows review

Until now, Tuneskit has successfully developed multiple DRM removal tools with advanced features, including iOS system recovery, which can be used for personal use and is an excellent iOS repair tool for Mac and Windows. Now you can quickly fix all iOS system problems of iPad, iTouch, and iPhone using this all-in-one recovery software with no data loss.

Tuneskit’s Major Features

If you are facing any common technical issue, then with this iOS recovery tool, you can instantly fix it without visiting the Apple store or seeking help from an Apple specialist. No need to bother with any bone of contention such as the White Apple Logo, Recovery Mode, DFU Mode, Headphone Mode, or annoying screen problems like a Black screen, Boot Loop screen, Frozen screen, white screen, Blue screen, Locked screen and many more. 

major features

This tool lets users easily protect their iOS devices from all failures, including Restore and iOS Update Failure. Apart from all these repair options, it can also easily downgrade your iOS to the previous version. It is handy and helpful for all Mac and Windows people who don’t have time to visit service centers for every dolly issue. 
Prominent features of Tuneskit iOS System Recovery: It offers some domineering features, making it preferable among international users. 

Safe and Clean

Feel protected while using this well-tested tool because it knows how to secure your recovered data and repair devices without any data loss. It ought to provide its customers 100% security by not transferring users’ personal information beyond what is strictly necessary to complete their job. 

safe and clean

Thus, millions of users from more than 200 countries happily use this tool to repair their systems without any hassles. Still, it is massively growing to reach a large number of folks all over the earth with an increasing trend of 500+ users and 1000+ downloads per day. For a better online purchasing experience and to secure the transaction, they use FastSpring.

24/7/365 Customer Support

customer support

Tuneskit’s working team is always ready to assist you in providing prompt solutions for your queries. Whether it is a business partnership, product problem, software upgrade, or even a simple general inquiry, feel free to ask anytime at any place, as their customer care is devoted to helping you, and you can continue your work without any hindrance. 

Safe and Reliable

Besides its fantastic performance, it is quite easy to fix your device to a reasonable condition with the Tuneskit iOS recovery tool. There is no need to go through any complicated steps like other software in the market. A simple man with no tech knowledge can operate it without any bugs. 

safe and reliable

It is very straightforward to use. If you are stuck at any problem, you may always seek help from step-by-step guides available on its website. You only have to visit its official web page.

Refund Policy

refund policy

Before using any such, people think, what if it didn’t support my computer? Then I must tell you that after usage of 60 days if it doesn’t satisfy, you are eligible to request a full refund if you are facing any technical issue that can’t be resolved.

How to Use Tuneskit iOS System Recovery? 

You have to walk through simple steps to make your work done. Before this latest version of iTunes needs to be downloaded on your Windows machine and should be strictly closed while you are in working mode: 

Step #1 Download Tuneskit iOS system recovery software on your computer and connect it to iOS device via USB cable.

download tuneskit

Step #2 Now, after clicking on the start button, you must select between standard and advanced modes. Later, you need to answer a few questions about the device model. Then click ‘Next’ and you will be directed to the next screen.

Note: It is recommended to choose Standard mode as it repairs your device without any loss in data. Select Advanced mode only if you can afford to lose your data and when the standard model doesn’t work. Advanced mode is for some serious bugs like iPhone locked and iPhone disabled, but it erases the iOS data. 

step 2

Step #3 Download the firmware package matched to your device by clicking on the Download button.

step 3

Step #4 After the firmware is downloaded, you are all set to repair your device. For this, you have to click on the ‘Repair’ button, and then the program will automatically start to fix the problem.

Pricing of Tuneskit iOS System Recovery

It is one of the most affordable tools suitable for all.  It comes up with three licenses chosen according to your needs.

Full-featured paid version for Windows


  • Single License for $39.95
  • Family License for $49.95
  • Multi-user License for $69.95


Is it safe to use Tuneskit?

Yes, it is safe to use the Tuneskit iOS system recovery tool. You can efficiently fix all iOS system problems of iPad, iTouch, and iPhone using this all-in-one recovery software with no data loss.

What is Tuneskit for Windows?

TunesKit for Windows is a software program for DRM removal and media conversion. It can be used for personal use and is an excellent iOS repair tool for Mac and Windows.

Summing Up

So, this was the comprehensive Tuneskit windows review in which we have tried to cover all the points. Its mind-boggling features make it worth its price. Try this ultimate tool for all iOS management, once to handle and protect your devices.

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