Tuneskit Apple Music Converter Review (2024 Updated)


Tuneskit is a renowned company having a hard-working and dedicated R&D team whose main motive is to develop world-leading software. It provides the best utilities and multimedia tools to repair systems, unlock devices, recover data, and record, download, and convert audio. DRM Audio Converter is one of their excellent products specially designed to make your task easy by allowing you to convert all types of audio files into significant formats, including Apple music. 

TunesKit allows users to convert downloaded Apple music to standard audio using simple ways. All Mac users who love music can now download songs to save them on their devices. 

Let us first understand more about Tuneskit Apple Music Converter.

Tuneskit Apple Music Converter Review: Introduction

DRM Audio converter’s prime work is to remove DRM protection and then convert it to your preferred format. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management and is a set of protocols that restricts uncredited access to media files based on the rules of the platform distributing media files. Hence, it becomes necessary for us to decrypt files to use them.

Tuneskit Apple Music Converter

Tuneskit recommended using this software for personal use only. It is available in two versions, one for Windows and the second for Mac. This article will discuss the different properties of DRM audio converter, better known as Tuneskit Apple Music Converter, because of its ability to convert Apple Music excellently.

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Highlights of Apple Music Converter

Before using any software, we must adequately research its describing features and authenticity. We have done this research work of yours. All you need to do is to sit back and read all the quick facts about Apple Music Converter.

Convert with Comfort

This Audio converter does its job in a very profound manner. It converts all types of audio like a pro within a few minutes. Mac users can use it even if audio is encrypted or standard to convert audiobooks, Apple Music, iTunes, etc., to significant formats, which are mainly utilized that are MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and M4B. 

Sometimes, a particular format needs to be supported more; this makes conversion difficult for some low-rated software, but Tuneskit ‘s Apple Music Converter is capable of helping you in this case. It is a must-try application for all users of not only Mac but also Windows.

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Chase the Quality

With this super and fast conversion, if you want to maintain the quality of the music files, this application is best suited for you. It ensures that customers get the best listening experience. Thus, even after various conversions, the sound remains the same.

Unmatched Security

This feature is refreshing for those who don’t want limits to produce hindrances in their work.

 Mac users can easily enjoy listening to Apple Music on any cross-platform without any disturbance even after DRM encryption because, with this application, it doesn’t matter whether a file is protected or unprotected, and the format of the platform as DRM acts as a shield for users in transmitting music files of Apple Music and iTunes to their smart devices. 

However, it is good from a security point of view. Still, sometimes this restriction becomes irritating, and this is where DRM Audio Converter by Tuneskit comes to the rescue by breaking this strong DRM shield or any other type of flaws. 

As DRM is not Internationally celebrated; hence, this DRM removal software is legal to use.

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Clear Your Confusion

All converted files with no tags and labels can create a disappointing mess. Therefore, this converter uses the latest technology to come over this problem. 

It directly integrates the options for you to edit the ID tags information of the music files, including title, artist, album, year, cover, composer, genre, copyright, and many more such labels. Like this, it makes it more comfortable for you to manage all your audio.

24*7 Customer Support

The dedicated team of the leading Tuneskit software company clearly understands their customer’s needs and tries their level best to satisfy them. 

Thus, they are always available to assist you regarding any issue, such as if you want any product-related information, pricing details, or the refund policy, and in case you are facing any technical bug. A professional tech guru will instantly help you.

Spotless Authencity

Don’t fear your privacy with TunesKit Audio Converter for Mac, as it keeps your music files or some personally recorded audio safe and protected. Millions of users and I admire this feature in their reviews.

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How to Use Apple Music Converter for Mac?

This converter is easy to use as it has a very straightforward path you must walk to complete the task. It includes a few simple steps, which are listed below-

Step 1: First, download and install a free version of this fantastic DRM music converter on your Mac devices. It will take a little time.

Step 2: Two Add buttons will appear at the top center of the screen. Select the first button if you want to convert unsecured DRM audio; otherwise, select the second add button if you are willing to convert DRM-protected audio.
Step 3: Choose the edit option and select the output format in which format you want the audio to convert. Audio properties are also customizable such as volume, speed, sample, bitrate, etc.
Step 4: Now, you are all set to convert by just clicking on the “Convert” button present at the bottom corner of the screen.

Apple Music Converter Pricing

This brilliant tool is jam-packed with great features and straightforward policies. Once purchasing its upgraded version, it offers unlimited or lifetime usage with free customer service. It also assures a 60-day full money-back guarantee.
TunesKit pricing
You have to pay an affordable amount of $39.95 for Mac devices to use all its latest features. With all these excellent principles and capabilities, this is quite an explainable amount.


Is TunesKit safe?

TunesKit is a safe and legit iOS system recovery tool that can effectively save your Apple devices from malfunctions.

Is it illegal to convert Apple Music to MP3?

Yes, converting Apple Music to MP3 is legal, and you can do it with TunesKit Apple Music Converter.

Does TunesKit remove DRM?

Tuneskit Music Converter is a professional music converter that converts downloaded Apple music to standard audio and removes DRM.

Summing Up

After reading this full detailed review, all your confusion regarding this well-tested software will have been solved, and you can decide whether to choose it. 
Apple Music Converter for Mac contains everything a powerful audio converter needs to perform well. Whatsoever is your opinion, we wish you all the best for this conversion journey.
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