How to Recover Deleted PDF Files from Recycle Bin?

Even though many businesses today use PDF files, not everyone knows how to recover a document if it was deleted or lost. Now, we’ll tell you how to access necessary information, as well as how to recover data.

PDF is an accessible file viewing format. This abbreviation stands for Portable Document Format. It was created around 20 years ago and quickly became popular. Today this format is used for reading files not only on computers but also on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Read more about the recovery options of PDF files here.

Since the first release, the functions of PDF files have been significantly expanded. The developers took care of this. However, even now, a corrupt pdf file is not uncommon. Even though this format has been used for a long time, recovering information or data is sometimes extremely problematic. Because of this, users may lose important information on various media drives. 

Special Features of PDF

Fortunately, technical progress doesn’t stand still, so there are several ways to recover pdf. Simple but effective advice is to check the “Recycle Bin” or to restore recycle bin. You can find there those files that were accidentally deleted or corrupted. 

It is enough to click the “restore” button to re-use the necessary document. However, you are lucky if you can use this way for pdf files recover. Often it is necessary to find another solution. One of the most effective is the use of Disk Drill. There are many reasons why the presented tools should be used:

  1. Ability to recover files stored not only on a computer but also on USB-drive, a memory card. This is possible because Disk Drill scans various file storage locations.
  2. Easy usage. Disk Drill uses advanced search algorithms. They are more powerful than other utilities, which allows it to identify data considered by some programs “non-recoverable.”
  3. Ability to recover files of other formats. Images, audio, software, video – if any of them was accidentally deleted or damaged, there won’t be problems recovering them.

Now you know how to recover a pdf file and will be able to access the necessary information quickly. 

Open damaged pdf using CleverFiles

Another popular and rational solution is to use CleverFiles. You need to go to the official Internet portal and click the “free download” button. Follow the installation instructions, and you will be able to open damaged pdf.

First, you need to run Disk Drill and click “restore” button. You then need to select the device that had PDF files. Choose the documents that need to be opened again in the future. Just a few simple steps, and now you know how to recover files deleted from recycle bin.

Now you can conveniently recover files from the Recycle Bin in just 5 steps. Disk Drill is available for free, which will help you always to recover necessary information.

How to recover pdf files that haven’t been saved?

Often, a file is edited, but due to an unexpected system failure, it is not saved quickly enough. However, to reaccess the PDF, go to the “My Computer” folder, select the local drive C, and then go to the following sections – C Users username AppData Roaming Adobe Acrobat 1X.0 AutoSave. It is quite possible that the autosave feature will help you to avoid recycle bin recovery.
Saving files in the presented format is a rational choice of those people who want to be able to access them via any progressive device. 

The recovery of the lost information is most comfortable on your computer because it has the Recycle Bin, where the necessary documents could accidentally get. Carefully double check your data, and it will be the key to the personal security for every user.

Using the utilities presented, the file recovery will become as fast as possible, which will allow you to access all the necessary information quickly. These programs are available for free. They have full functionality, so you will be able to easily use them in other areas, solving problems of the restoration of information.

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