3 Reasons to Use an SEO Tool Provider

Monday, 17 June 2019

3 Reasons to Use an SEO Tool Provider

Posted by Madhu Gupta
With the extensive use of the internet, SEO has become a necessity in the current business world. SEO enables business entities, website developers, and bloggers to enhance their market share. However, the question of whether to use SEO tool providers is contentious. Some individuals prefer not to use the tools, especially if they have employees who do the optimization tasks for them. 
Reasons to Use SEO Tool Provider
For startup entrepreneurs, SEO tools may be expensive to afford. Nonetheless, for an entity willing to broaden their network, and to widen their market share, SEO will serve best for the purpose. The following are the reasons why:

1) Save Time And Financial Resources

Some business entities employ SEO experts to analyze their websites and to generate leads. However, if you want an exhaustive audit on your website, SEO tools are the best option. They perform it at a lesser cost and shorter period compared to the manual method. They, therefore, cut down the cost of time in the audit.
Additionally, there are tools you can buy from eCrawl, which automates this audit process. They generate a report and identify any probable issues with your website. 

The problems may include: lacking page titles, missing Meta descriptions, broken links, errors concerning page server, and many others. Apart from saving you money and time, these tools will eliminate the boredom involved while performing the audit. If you chose to do it manually, you may waste time and not obtain satisfactory results.

2) Analyzes Competitors Strategy

The safest way to stay in the business arena is to do a background check on your competitors. SEO allows having an insight into the optimization technique used by them. Additionally, the tools can provide information about your competitors’ sources of their backlink, the performance of their contents, traffic numbers, and hierarchy. 

Aside from backlink sources, SEO tools can also reveal a full backlink profile: their anchor texts, and authority of the sources. Since generating new keywords can be tedious, these tools give you a list of keywords your competitors use. From the analysis, you can make an effort to reach the sources to improve your traffic. While entering the sources, however, ensure they are legit.

3) Monitors Your SEO Growth And KPIs

Everyone starts a business to make a profit. For a website, your profit margin is reliant on the amount of traffic it generates. To measure your SEO prosperity, you have to keep your website ranking, organic traffic, and conversions in check. Calculating these metrics may be impossible manually. 

SEO tools, therefore, makes it easy to gauge your success across various platforms and metrics. Also, these tools make it possible for you to measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): traffic, clicks, domain authority, sales, social media comments, number of backlink, shares, among others. 

It will do this as per your business model and targets. After measuring your growth, the tools also provide a report on your progress upon which you can use to strategize against your competitors.


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