Top 7 Hints to Develop Your Business Through Social Media

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Top 7 Hints to Develop Your Business Through Social Media

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Almost every company has a social media presence in one way or another. But not everyone fully understands and employs social media strategies for business. Indeed, it involves far more than creating an account on Instagram or Facebook and making random posts. 

It takes a lot of work. Some entrepreneurs even hire social media experts who run their official pages. But anyone who has time and is willing to learn can grow their business through social media by themselves. 

7 Best Hints To Develop Your Business Through Social Media

Here are 7 tips that will help achieve it.

1. Develop a Strategy

Without a consistent social media plan, everything you'll have will be mixed messages, replica accounts, redundant posts, and a confused audience. One of the main goals of media presence is to improve brand awareness.

No matter what you're going to sell, children's wear or new vape mods (see more), your sales will be growing together with your brand recognition. 91% of marketers agree that social marketing can significantly increase brand visibility and rise user experience. Note that your online activity must match your company's message and style.

2. Use a Multichannel Approach

Recently, Twitter was the number 1 platform for social media marketers. Then, Facebook topped the list. Today, most marketers reach users via Instagram.

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We don't know what network will dominate in marketing in the future. But we know that focusing on one platform may be a mistake.

More than 2.5 billion people use different social media networks today. There's an excellent opportunity to reach a targeted audience. While you can assert your brand on Instagram or Facebook, contacting a specific group of prospective customers is more manageable, thanks to such mediums as Snapchat and Pinterest.

3. Drive Traffic

More than half of companies have problems with traffic. Indeed, this doesn't require a lot of efforts. According to HubSpot's report, 84% of marketers were able to generate traffic by spending only 6 hours per week on social media.

You should select the right target keywords for your business niche. Check the Google Trends for that. Post whenever your audience remains active. Paid media is another time-tested route to a bigger audience. You can buy ad placements. Besides, make it easy for the visitor of your website to share the content with customizable share buttons.

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Don't be afraid to test new strategies and solutions, and you will get plenty of new visitors.

4. Gain Customers' Trust

Prioritize increasing your customers' loyalty. Otherwise, the customers you worked so hard to engage might disappear before you even know what happened.

The best tip is to create unique, authentic, relevant, and engaging content. Collaborations with influencers can help persuade people that your content has these qualities.

Followers find influencers' stories real and engaging and relate to them. They will be more likely to believe that "This is the best vape mod I've ever tried" or "This vape mod worth its price" if someone says it in his or her blog than in an advert. And if a blogger demonstrates some vaping tricks, the chances that you'll sell that vape mod will be even more significant. So, it's essential to find the right influencer for your product.

5. Engage With Your Customers

Social media makes it easier for companies to engage and interact with customers. Many companies use social media as a means of customer service. It's a win-win for both customers and companies. The former want to access to companies quickly, and the latter want to solve problems as efficiently as possible.

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Commenting is another form of engagement. It's best to have a social media monitor who instantly reacts to user comments. And the faster this reaction is, the more likely it is that other users will get involved with your content as well.

6. Maximize Conversions

The major business goal is to convert generated traffic into customers. How to reach it?

Of course, you can use social media director for selling. But experts recommend doing it in the form of special discounts, offers exclusively available online, contest, giveaways, and other similar marketing tricks.

This method is cost-effective as it generates sales. Followers start engaging with your brand in the hope of saving or winning something. And they also share news about giveaways and discounts with their friends, promoting your product or service for free.

7. Enhance Search Engine Ranking

SEO requirements are always changing. Thus, website optimization and regular update of your blog are no longer enough.

Strong social media presence is one of the factors that contribute to your search engine ranking. High social media share rate increases the domain authority of your website. Moreover, most customers visit social media profiles before going to your website and purchasing a product or a service. They want to know your brand better and read people's reviews in the comment sections.

Use Pro Rank Tracker or Tiny Rocket (these are free tools) to keep track of the ranking and look for new strategies if the rate goes down or stays at the same point.

Social media is extra work. And it can cost money. But if you don't do it, what will your income be?


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