6 Tech Tips to Maximize Your Startup Profits

Monday, 13 May 2019

6 Tech Tips to Maximize Your Startup Profits

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The startup industry is continuously in flux and the state of in-office technology is constantly changing and upgrading. Adopting new technologies takes a certain leap of faith in the workplace, especially in the realm of the startup world. There are also a number of risks a business owner must be willing to take as they venture toward liftoff, and impressive tech stands at the forefront of the startup business’ bill.
Tech Tips to Maximize Your Startup Profits
And for a good reason! A number of research studies have proved that smart technology helps small businesses grow. The stats speak for themselves:
  • 80% of small business owners use a mobile device for business operations at least once a day.
  • 56% of startups use mobile tech to generate work schedules and communicate with business associates and employees.
  • 92% of small businesses use cloud computing to save money and secure data.
Small business owners like you want to minimize the cost of operations while exponentially growing marginal profits. But how can you accomplish both without emptying your wallet? These 10 tech tips will guide you toward maximizing profits through modern technology.

1. Upgrade in-house computers

Slow computers mean slow production. Living in the digital age means modern businesses depend on
powerhouse computers that deliver on promises of speed and efficiency. You won’t need the unearthly power of high performance computing to transform your office space; a simple PC upgrade could do the job all the same. Look into business computers and business-geared tech devices that work to boost productivity and speedy harness processing.

Laggy, outdated computers age even faster in today’s ever-changing digital climate. If you have employees complaining about frustratingly slow laptops and desktops, you’re overdue for an upgrade.

2. Get a time tracker

Being the pioneer of a startup comes with a slew of business goals that take calculated time and effort to achieve. The age old saying of “time is money” couldn’t ring more true than it does with ambitious startup entrepreneurs. In hopes of accomplishing those goals, you need to ensure that time is being used efficiently.

A time tracker gives you perfect insight into how well you and your employees are managing their time. This also helps owners and managers plan accordingly when projects are ahead, on schedule, or behind.

3. Use cloud storage

Cloud storage has revolutionized how we think of digital storage. Rather than being entirely dependent on integrated hardware living within our PCs to harbor all files, you can run an entire company on a cloud. Google Drive, Dropbox, and other cloud storage sites and applications are cost-efficient subscription cloud service providers that keep your business computers light and useable.

4. Invest in a professional all-in-one printer

No matter what industry you work in, a printer is an essential office device. Rather than owning a printer, scanner, and a copier, a smart all-in-one printer streamlines all of your printing needs. Eliminate the fuss of three separate machines while delivering expert-level prints, scans, and copies.

5. Buy a Green Screen

If your startup is at all involved in photography or video-making, a green screen is an incredibly simple way to level-up the quality of your final products. Post-production effort is what makes your company’s work stand out from the rest, and a green screen ensures that high-grade quality is maintained. The more impressive work you’re able to put out, the higher the profit margin you can expect to see.

6. Online budget tracking

Enter the computer age by taking all of your bookkeeping duties online. By having a consistent grasp on your business’ financial standing, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of where your money is coming in, and where it’s being spent.


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