CanvasPop Canvas Prints Review: Quality Canvas Prints at Affordable Pricing

CanvasPop is a company which helps you create great canvases and preserve your memories from the past so that they can last longer. If you have a picture in any form, you may get in touch with CanvasPop to get to know what to do to keep it forever with the original format. 

CanvasPop Canvas Prints Review

CanvasPop has four different types of products which give a new life to your images:

  1. Canvas Prints
  2. Framed Prints
  3. Photo Collage
  4. Triptych Prints

However, in this article, we shall discuss the qualities and usage of Canvas Prints.

Features of Canvas Prints  – The Best of CanvasPop

The Canvas Prints is the best product offered by CanvasPop and hence it is the most widely used product as well. 


It has a lot of brilliant features which have attracted hundreds of customers, such as:

1. Long Lasting Canvas

The Canvas Prints does not use a poor quality canvas for printing your image and give it a new life. It works to keep your memories last longer and hence, the canvas used is of museum-quality so that it can easily last for a hundred years. 

Long Lasting Canvas

Not only you, but your future generations can easily view the canvas in its original form.

2. High Level of Professionalism

The Canvas Prints are created using the best quality equipment and only the best technology is applied to create the canvas of your favourite image. 

High Level of Professionalism

A crystal clear representation of your image on the canvas is what the designers at CanvasPop work for. Also, the finished product is laminated with UV resistant and scratch proof material, so that your canvas lasts longer.

3. Use of the Artist’s Hands Wherever Required

There are specific small details that cannot be done perfectly by a machine. There comes the role of the experienced artists of CanvasPop who help your canvas to be stretched and laminated by hands to produce the best version of your canvas. 

Hand Laminated

The finished product is reviewed manually by professionals before it is sent to you, hence reducing any scope of error. Also, the name of the craftsman is also provided on a removable sticker so that you may know who’s the man behind your canvas.

How to Place an Order at Canvas Prints?

The process of placing an order at Canvas Prints is very simple and it is a task of fewer than 5 minutes. Here are the major steps which have to be followed to book a fresh order:

  1. Open up your browser and type in
  2. Now, if you haven’t registered yet, do so by entering your email address.
  3. Once the registration is complete, click on Canvas Prints. 
  4. In the new window that is opened, upload your image directly or do it from Facebook or Instagram.
  5. Now, select the preferred size from the menu given below.
  6. After that, select a required canvas edge and a relevant filter. Some of these may come for an extra price too.
  7. Now, fill in your requirements and then checkout.
  8. Make the payment and you’re done.

You will soon be notified of the further process by CanvasPop and would be contacted by the designers.

Pricing of Canvas Prints

The Canvas Prints does not have a very high price and it includes the delivery charges as well, paid during the order. However, the packing and moving of the canvas is great and is delivered to your house with additional nails for hanging it on the walls without any hassles. Here are the rates for some common sizes of canvases:

  • 8″ x 10″ — $54.00
  • 12″ x 16″ — $76.00
  • 18″ x 24″ — $108.00
  • 30″ x 40″ — $191.00

Apart from these standard rates, your canvas can also be rated based on a customizable size, in case you choose to pay that way.

Advantages of CanvasPop

The most important and obvious question regarding any product is why it should be preferred and why others shouldn’t be. The answer to this question lies in the fact that CanvasPop provides you with a lot of better advantages which help you to get the best quality product and that too as per your wish and requirements. Here are the benefits of using CanvasPop:

1. Customisable Image Size and Resolution

CanvasPop values its customers and in order to make their experience great for their users, it allows the users to customise their image size from the smallest possible one to as big as a canvas for a big room. There are no upper limits or lower limits whatsoever and hence the customer has the freehand to order whatever he wants, and in the way he wants. 

Also, CanvasPop provides its users with canvases of any resolution which is not available with most of the other players in the market. CanvasPop also gives its customers to get canvases from any format of the image. It can provide the customers with a canvas derived from any image format; such is their brilliance.

2. Three Way Customer Support

This is something that CanvasPop can cherish on as most of the other players in the industry provide only an email or online support for their customers. However, CanvasPop has gone a step further and provides its users with three channels of support, that is online chat, email support and phone support. This helps the users in getting the exact solution for their issues and also allows CanvasPop to get to know the requirements of the customer in a better way.

3. Personal Designer with Digital Proofs

When you place an order with Canvas prints, you are assigned a personal designer who would be in contact with you to discuss the details of your product. Also, you will be provided with a digital image of the product in the finished state so that you are sure of what are you actually getting for your money.

4. Great Quality Printing with the Latest Technology

The Canvas Prints by CanvasPop rate very high on quality indices as they use the latest available accessories and the best designers and artists who work diligently to execute the finishing of the canvas. For example, while many others use low-quality inks and cheap lamination on the canvas, Canvas Prints come with high-quality piano wires, rubber pads, etc. to ensure that the customer gets a quality product and is satisfied.

5. A Hassle-Free Process

The customers don’t have to go through multiple formalities to place their orders; instead they can simply place their order using the options which are based on a pinpoint system. The customers can get to select the smallest detail of their canvas and then place their order. Also, the CanvasPop provides for a free reprint of the Canvas Print in case the customer doesn’t like it. Customer satisfaction is a priority for CanvasPop.

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