Apollo Physical Therapy Software Review: An All-in-One PT Practice Management Software

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Apollo Physical Therapy Software Review: An All-in-One PT Practice Management Software

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Founded in 2009, the Apollo Physical Therapy Software is a management tool that can be used by individuals and organizations, likewise for physical therapy practice, scheduling, billing, EMR, and reports. 
Apollo Physical Therapy Software
It is a SAAS-based platform that provides flexible model applications for Physical Therapy practice management, thus aiding clinicians, practitioners, and clinical staff in management issues  This application works entirely on cloud-hosted platform, offering practitioners with many benefits, such as fast, secure access to several operations at all times, thus increasing efficiency, return on investment and decreasing costs.

Features of Apollo Physical Therapy Software

Some of the various features of the application are stated below:

1. Physical Therapy Scheduling

The software maximizes the user’s productivity by eliminating scheduling delays or issues caused by manual approach. The SAAS functionality of the app ensures that the user can update the schedules at any hour from any mobile devices from many locations. You can also check how to track mobile number location online.
Physical Therapy Scheduling
Furthermore, from multiple locations, the user can easily create appointments,  set up reminders and alerts, customize the to-do calendar, rebook or reschedule appointments, create walk-out receipts, and scheduling versus transaction receipts.

2. Physical Therapy EMR Software

With configurable templates, integrated email and fax facilities, fast paperless online documentation, billing options in SOAP notes, quick text and quick view options in notes, this software give the user easy access to all patient files in a short time. 
Moreover, all documents and records are stored in the cloud, thus ascertaining no lost or misplaced data about any patient. Check out these 12 popular websites to send large files online for free.

3. Physical Therapy Billing software

The billing software allows the user complete control over all billing requirements. The user is easily able to perform patient invoicing, accounting for insurance claims, billings and payments, cash payment and overpay, optimizing bills, credit card processing.

Physical Therapy Billing software
The SAAS base ensures new insurance rules are updated on the software automatically to provide that the customer’s claims are received and accepted.

4. Practice Management Reporting

The application has in-built software to optimize real-time information which monitors business growth. It provides features like building exclusive report, practicing management, financial and productivity reporting, monthly billing options along with full collection as well as rejection reports. 
Practice Management Reporting

5. Easily Accessible Dashboard

In the dashboard, the “My Schedule” section contains the total number of appointments of the day, listed according to the appointment status. The “Therapists appointments list” allows the user to access the daily appointments under “ Today’s Appointments” section along with the patient details like how many times a clinician observed a particular patient in the current year and the year before. 

The “Quick patient search” option lets the user find a specific patient by only typing the first and second names and patient number, while the “Patient dashboard” provides all records against the patient. 

6. Custom SOAP note 

The user can create a well-structured note in the form of a template for each patient. The note can be designed using provided templates from the “SOAP template library” or can be customized as needed by the users.

7. Easy Navigation

To make the app user-friendly, Apollo has features like similar task grouping, having a simple search box, an autocomplete feature along with sorting options as desired by the user.

8. Easy-to-Use

The software is easy to understand, learn, and use and is flexible to the user’s necessities and work processes.

9. System migration

The patient details can be extracted and migrated in formats like excel, word, and DB.

10. Efficient Customer Support team

The customer support team is entirely online and highly active, thus assuring every query meets an answer. 

How to Use Apollo Physical Therapy Software ?

The application has a user-friendly interface that assists the staff members to understand the daily activities effortlessly, thus increasing efficiency and productivity of the clinic.  The user can request a scheduled demonstration service or a free trial to comprehend how the application may be useful. 

To set up an account, the user has to provide personal details like legal name, email address, postal address, city, state, pin-code, as well as phone number and fax. Once the user account is created upon approval from the Apollo team, the user can use the software from the easy guides supplied by the software website itself. 

Training options are also available such as documentation, webinars, live online as well as in-person training programs.  

Plans & Pricing of Apollo Physical Therapy Software

With no long term contracts or commitments nor any set-up charge on the user’s side, this application is affordable and convenient to use. The form can be used under the following pricing plans:

1. Single Plan

At only $90 per month, a single practitioner can use this app for unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, along with monthly provision for 100 text messages and 100 Fax pages. 

2. Team Plan

 The team plan allows 5 practitioners to access unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, with 500 text messages and 500 Fax pages every month. The monthly price for this plan is $190. 

3. Medium Plan

At the rate of $290 per month, 10 practitioners can use the facilities of unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR. This plan allows 800 texts and 800 Fax pages on a monthly structure.

4. Group Plan

This plan includes unlimited scheduling, billing, and EMR, along with monthly provision for 1500 text messages and 1500 Fax pages for a total of 15 practitioners at a $590per month.

5. Large Plan

The monthly cost structure for the massive plan is $990. It permits 25 practitioners to avail unlimited scheduling, billing and EMR, and 2500 text messages and 2500 Fax pages every month.
Pricing Plans of Apollo Software


Thus the Apollo Physical Therapy Software is undoubtedly a professional tool which includes all the essentials required by a physical therapy practice. 

With its comprehensive and user-friendly interface including several useful actions, the application delivers a digital solution to manage the daily scheduling, appropriate documentation, billing, and producing reports for a  large number of patients and effortlessly.


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