ABViewer Review: Most Affodable 2D & 3D CAD Software

ABViewer is paid multi-functional software that allows creating and editing files with its wide range of tools. It supports AutoCAD DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, STL, PLT, HPGL, CGM and other formats of file. ABViewer permits to outlook 2D and 3D files, measure them and convert them into other file formats. It also has a feature of converting PDF to editable DWG body. 

ABViewer Review

ABViewer is a multi-purpose design and engineering document management application that allows us to have access to a wide range of editing and viewing tools.  However, this article may help you know this application better and learn to work with it.

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Features Of ABViewer

ABViewer is a cost-efficient and high-quality application that manages drawings and plans. It is supported by more than 30 raster and vector formats. It has a lot of amazing features that include the following:

1. PDF to DWG Conversion

is one of the most critical features of ABViewer. The PDF file format
is one of the most used file formats that is exchanged when we prepare a
file for printing. 

PDF to DWG Conversion

ABViewers allows conversion of PDF to DXF file or vector DWG format.

2. Measuring 2D drawings

ABViewer has got a group of instruments that allows measuring the elements of a drawing. Also, these instruments are available in all the modes and versions of the software.

3. Measuring 3D Models

ABViewer not only helps you to view 3D files and convert them to other file formats but also allows you to obtain information on 3D model parts, measures distance, volume, and other dimensions of the same.

Measuring 3D Models

4. Batch and Multi-page printing

It will enable printing of drawings on multiple sheets that can be joined together in a single large sheet later on.

Batch & Multi-page Printing

Also, it allows the printing of a batch of files at the same time even if they are of different formats.

5. Georeferencing

This feature of ABViewer is useful when you have to work with maps and mark a reference on the real-time map such as a building. By running this command, you can georeference your objects.

6. Thumbnails

It sometimes becomes difficult to identify the needed drawings among the similarly named file. 


the thumbnails make it possible by displaying drawings as thumbnails
and makes the search easier, by running the ABViewer software.

7. Export Formats

It allows exporting of vector formats, 3D image formats, G-Code, Raster files and also meta-files.

8. Batch Conversion

ABViewer also allows you to convert a large number of files into another format without spending a lot of time. 

Batch Conversion 

This command is available under the output and files tabs.

9. Editing Drawings

ABViewer is a universal software that works with drawings. It also enables the users and facilitates the viewing, editing, measuring and converting of drawings.

10. Add notes to the Drawing

If you want to send a drawing to someone you’re currently working on so that they can add notes and comments to it without changing the drawing,  then ABViewer comes up with the Redline Mode that allows the users to mark and add comments & notes to the drawing.

11. File Comparison

As the name suggests, you can compare two DXF or DWG files to point out the difference between two similar drawings.

File Comparison

12. G-Code Generation

As this article has familiarized you with the functionality of ABViewer till now, here’s one more. It has a G-Code generator that is easy to use with all the needed settings.

How To Use ABViewer?

The process to work with ABViewer is very simple and takes very less time. Here is a guide to let you know about the different tools to work with it.

Converting a PDF file to DWG/DXF File Format

The steps to perform this operation are:

  1. Open ABViewer on your computer. 
  2. Go to file option and select PDF to DWG command. 
  3. Select a PDF file you want to change. 
  4. Click on OK, and wait for a few minutes.

How to generate G-Code from a DXF/DWG file?

To create a G-Code, follow these steps:

  1. Open your DXF or DWG file and use the Editor tab if you want to edit it. 
  2. The G-Code mode of ABViewer will be activated once you go to the Output tab and choose the CAD to G-Code command. 
  3. Arrange all the settings required.
  4. Tap on Convert and then click on Save G-Code.

How to measure a 3D file?

ABViewer has a measuring tool that allows to measure 3D files and is easy-to-use and enables to get the following:

  • Distance between two parallel edges 
  • Distance between two circle centres 
  • Distance between two points 
  • Distance between curvilinear or linear edge 
  • Volume 
  • Area 
  • Overall dimensions

How to create a 3D sectional view?

Here are the steps to create a 3D Sectional view:

  1. Open your 3D model. 
  2. Choose the 3D section command. 
  3. In the opened window, select an option to add a new section plane. 
  4. Change the parameter values in the 3D section windows and adjust the section plane section.

How to measure 2D drawings?

The steps to measure 2D drawings are:

  • If you want to get the real values of the measured distance despite the scale of the drawings, then use the function set size as. 
  • Choose the distance tool in the measure group in the viewer’s tab. 
  • Enter the real value of the element in the set size as field of the measure panel and hit enter.

File Formats Supported

ABViewer supports the following formats:

  • 3D formats: 3Ds, IGES, OBJ, STEP, SAT, STL. 
  • 2D CAD formats: Autocad DWG, DXF, DWT, and DWF. 
  • Raster formats: BMP, JPEG, TIF, and PNG. 
  • Vector formats: HPGL, PDF, WMF, PLT, EMF, CGM, SVG, and EPS.

Pricing Of ABViewer

ABViewer prices have a free upgrade to the new version and an online backup if it is released within 30 days of your purchase. They make all their sales on their standard Terms and Conditions and are also subject to return policy. The pricing details are as follows:

ABViewer Standard v14 

  • 1 user license – Rs 3,400 
  • Initial 3 Floating User License – Rs 19,700  
  • 1 Additional Floating User License — Rs 6,600

ABViewer Professional v14

  • 1 user license – Rs 4,600 
  • Initial 3 Floating User License – Rs 28,100 
  • 1 Additional Floating User License- Rs 9,400

ABViewer Enterprise v14

  • 1 user license – Rs 9,400 
  • Initial 3 Floating User License – Rs 56,400 
  • 1 Additional Floating User License- Rs 18,800

Advantages of ABViewer

ABViewer is all-in-one stop for your needs that support a great number of 2D, 3D CAD formats and has various advantages that are listed below which you may need for working with your models and drawings:

  • Rich Functionality 
  • Multiple Format Support 
  • Prompt Client Support 
  • Perpetual license
  • User-friendly interface


ABViewer can help you the best with all the functions as mentioned above and can prove out to be the best partner with your work by making it easy and reliable.

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