[3 Ways] How to Unlock iPhone XS Effortlessly in 2020

Saturday, 6 April 2019

[3 Ways] How to Unlock iPhone XS Effortlessly in 2020

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There occurs a lot of unexpected instances where you are accidentally locked out of your iPhone and you try your level best to unlock them. Currently, many users faced this issue mainly because they forgot their new password and some of them got a second-hand phone.

To get rid of this situation, you can easily unlock your iPhone without your face ID or pattern by just following a few methods that we have for you.

Top 3 Ways to Unlock iPhone XS

Listed below are some of the effective methods suggested by our testers to unlock various iOS devices without using the preset pattern or password. Read on and go ahead with the one that suits your device the best.

Method #1  Unlock iPhone XS Using UnlockBase (Recommended)

UnlockBase is one of the best tool available to unlock iPhone XS. It has been used by almost 165 countries across the globe and has unlocked over 5 million mobile phones. It can be used by just following simple instructions and it requires you to enter unlock code on the keypad when prompted. 
Unlock iPhone XS Using UnlockBase
In addition to that, they have friendly staff who are highly skilled and experienced in the unlocking mechanism and are always willing to help without any difficulty. They are extremely friendly and are available 24/7 at your service. They ensure excellent customer support and in case they are unable to unlock your phone, you get the money back.

UnlockBase provides services at a very reasonable price and you can negotiate with them regarding the service rates. They have been working for the last 7 years and have never failed to provide time-efficient and hassle-free experience to their customers. UnlockBase is known for its turnaround times.


  • Simple instructions to follow.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Best experience as it is time efficient and hassle-free.
  • Unlocked over 5 million mobile phones.
  • UnblockBase Services provided at reasonable rates.
  • Money back is guaranteed.
  • No roaming charges.
  • Technical knowledge isn't necessary.
  • More flexibility can be seen.
  • iPhone XS is a generic software. Therefore, it does not support features like MMS- picture messaging, web browsing and emails.
  • The stolen device can be unlocked using this tool giving easy access to the thief.
  • Bandwidth issues.
  • Higher upfront payment as you need unlocked phones. Therefore, shop wisely and buy that is worth it.

Method #2 Unlock iPhone XS Using iTunes

iTunes is yet another method to unlock iPhone XS. It is not a very efficient and user-friendly tool and you need to follow a list of procedures. Do not forget to put your phone on the recovery mode before using iTunes.  Some of the requirements are :
Unlock iPhone XS Using iTunes
This method works fine only if Find my iPhone service is not enabled on your iPhone XS. All you need to do is visit iCloud's website and disable this service. You'll find it under Find my iPhone option.

An updated version of iTunes will make it function. This is because iPhone Xs won't be compatible with the outdated version of iTunes. Navigate to iTunes menu, look for updates, and go through the easy on-screen instructions to update iTunes to the newest version.

Step #1 Put Your iPhone XS in Recovery Mode

After the basic requirements are met, put your phone in recovery mode using the steps listed below: 
  1. Connect your iPhone XS to the windows or Mac system. Try opening the newest version of iTunes on it.  
  2. Press the high volume key instantly and release after a second.  
  3. Likewise, press the low volume key. 
  4. Now press the side button until connect to iTunes symbol pops up.  
  5. Remember to press the keys one after another and do not give a pause in between.
Step #2  Reinstate iPhone XS in Recovery mode 

Once the phone is in Recovery mode, iTunes senses the issue with your device. Now hit on the restore option and follow the simple instructions to reset your phone completely.

Since the phone is restored, it will be turned on without the lock.

Method #3 Unlock iPhone XS using iCloud

Using iCloud to unlock iPhone XS is yet another effective way where you don't have to use the pass-code or Face ID.  Here, we try to erase the device remotely by turning off the Find my iPhone service. To execute this, you must know your Apple ID and password.
Unlock iPhone XS Using iCloud
Now, visit iCloud's official website and log in using your Apple ID and password. When you click on Find my iPhone service, it will list all the devices that are linked to your Apple account.

Choose your device iPhone XS and hit on erase button. You'll be prompted to answer the security question. Once you answer it correctly, you get a choice to unlock iPhone XS without the pass code in iCloud. After doing that, you will get a prompt based on all your previous actions, agree to it and wait for a while until your phone restarts.

This will delete all the current data on your device, and you can use a backup file to retain the deleted content.

Final Verdict

These are some of the best methods to unlock iPhone Xs effortlessly without the pattern or face recognition. Out of all the techniques that I have suggested, it would be best to use the first method- UnlockBase because of its extreme ease of use. 

There won't be any compatibility issue and doesn't expect you to have technical knowledge prior to using this tool. UnlockBase is exceptionally reliable, trustworthy and could be used to bypass a locked iPhone XS.


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