5 Best App Development Software with Pros and Cons

Saturday, 13 April 2019

5 Best App Development Software with Pros and Cons

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Are you a coding enthusiast? If yes, then the development of apps must be a hobby for you and pursuing hobbies is fun only when you have the best resources. 
Best App Development Software
Hence, while developing the applications of your needs and requirements, you need to have some of the best app development software which can be used to provide you an excellent service for the value of your money. 

Top 5 App Development Software

Therefore, in this article, we've provided you with the best app development software that is available in the market for the coding enthusiasts. Using one of that app development software, you can surely take your coding outputs to a whole new level.

1. App Watch

This is excellent software for the development of apps and is regarded as one of the best app development software due to its high-security features. This app development software can easily create logos, descriptions, etc. with minor changes and the sensitive values are appropriately encoded. The security issues are repeatedly verified so that no glitches remain which make it one of the best app development software available at present. Still, if you face any issue then you can take help from any reputable software develop company out there.


  • It always scans the app entirely to find out security issues.
  • All the third party codes are also scanned along with SDK files.
  • It has a great user interface which makes it easy to use.
  • The beginners might face issues with the app as the functionality is new for them.

2. Appcelerator

If you find yourself as someone who hates long pages of codes and wants the things to be done in a shorter way, Appcelerator is the best app development software that would prove out to be highly useful for you. It can quickly reduce the number of lines of codes and can compile the entire code in a few lines only. 

Also, it supports a lot of deployments which can be from any part of the world. A better feature is that it can be used for almost all the operating systems which make it highly accessible.


  • It gives the full access to the Operating System
  • It makes it easy for non-technical background users to develop essential apps.
  • The scanning feature helps to improve the security of the app.


  • The data processing speed is not satisfactory and takes a substantial amount of time.

3. Ionic

Ionic has an attractive design and it allows the users to use a single code base to develop a large variety of apps across a lot of platforms. The performance of this app development software is also great. This app development software can boast of its built-in components to make things very easy for the developers. Hence, this app has found a place in the list of the best app development software.


  • The hybrid app development platform makes it easy to develop prototypes
  • The code can be tested using any web browser available.
  • The performance is too slow and it irritates the developers a lot of times.

4. Adobe Build

This is an excellent tool provided as an app development software by Adobe, which enables the users to use simple methods to develop an application of their need and requirements without any hassles. It is a known fact that there won't be a chance that a newbie could simply come in and use this app development software to develop an application that works.

Hence, basic knowledge is needed to use the Adobe Build app development software. Adobe Build is a cloud-based tool which works well to help the developers execute a quality output. Also, the professionals having a good knowledge of the JavaScript, CCS, HTML, etc. will have the edge over the others while using this app development software


  • The code can be easily used by the developers which will help them to save time.
  • The app management system is extremely significant when it comes to Adobe Build.
  • No need to write long codes to get necessary information such as contact or text messages.
  • The background processing speed worries a lot.

5. Phone Gap

The Phone GAp is a well-equipped app development software which has grown itself into the most favorite of all the app developers. It uses the technologies of JavaScript and HTML5 to develop the applications and the operating system access is available to the developers very quickly.

A lot of app developers have used this simple tool to develop great apps; hence there is no truth to the fact that Phone Gap can only be used to develop only small apps. This is one of the best app development software the developers have ever used.


  • The re-usability of code across iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc. makes it very easy to develop apps for all the platforms and also saves time.
  • The additional tools for the application can be easily purchased online without any major hassles.
  • It has a lot of issues when dealing with apps rich in graphics.


These were the different app development software which could be easily used to develop a lot of apps across avios platforms such as Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. This is not an exhaustive list and you can easily find a lot of other tools as well. In this article, we have presented only the apps which are tested and tried by a large variety of users across the globe. So, you can be sure about the security of the software.


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