Kicksta Review: Does it Really Offer Real Instagram Followers?

Any enterprise or business that is genuinely bothered about their long term success pays attention to company or brand popularity via social media (especially Instagram). However, with increasing competition, some of the companies or businesses somehow make it to the top.

Instagram is swiftly turning out to be every company’s social media platform of choice – of both customers and company. To maintain consistency and be competitive, businesses need to update their existing content frequently. The process should take place as smoothly as possible for it to be consistent.

Kicksta Review

To be consistent and to look real on social networking sites like Instagram, it’s significant to have a decent number of followers -who eagerly await for your posts to know about your business strategies and plans. To have a fair number of real Instagram followers, we have this super cool Instagram automation tool called Kicksta for you. Find out more about Kicksta in the following sections!

What is Kicksta? Does it Offer Legit Followers?

Kicksta is one of those reliable tools that can get you real followers on Instagram if you intend to improve your brand or company name. It lets your business grow exponentially by helping you connect and interact with real followers.

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All you need to do is sign up and then list those target Instagram accounts having followers that you would like to attract.

Sign Up for Kicksta

Furthermore, Kicksta keeps track of all the followers of your target Instagram accounts by randomly liking their uploaded posts. By doing this, the targeted users get a notification and there’s a high chance they will check your Instagram account. In this way, your profile will be known to a lot of people who interest you. However, it’s necessary to have a decent looking profile otherwise the user might just leave without following you. You can take help of few Instagram bios in order to supercharge your account.

Since the entire focus is on accounts similar to your brand or company, it is likely that the users would want to follow your account too. The best part about Kicksta is, it likes about 25,000-30,000 photos a month, therefore boosting up the overall number of followers in your account. To keep you updated about it, a growth report will be sent each month and will also be located in the dashboard, where you can also change your targets and have an analysis of your best performing posts, and your worst.

Now the question is, how many followers can you anticipate?
It varies from account to account as it merely depends on the quality of your content. Posting a high-quality content will fetch you more followers. Ultimately, it’s users who decide whether or not to follow your account. Kicksta doesn’t guarantee you a specified number of followers but ensures that your account is known to the concerned users.

Kicksta isn’t industry specific. It works well for an industry that has enough target audience on Instagram. The best part about this being, getting organic followers for you who are genuinely interested in your company.

How to Get Started on Kicksta?

To get started on Kicksta, all you need to have is an Instagram user ID, a Password and a couple of target accounts. Target accounts are those Instagram accounts that have followers that you wish to attract to your account. It’s essential to attract the followers of your competitor’s page to your page so that your brand gets the recognition.

Kicksta offers a free trial of 14 days. In any case, if you feel the services are not worth the price, you get a refund; however, it’s important to note that the ones (especially social media managers, PR companies and Digital agencies) who gain success are those who have been working with Kicksta for a reasonable amount of time. 

After the sign-up process and listing of target accounts, the system starts to work so that it can start gaining data to add to your dashboard. You’ll be in touch with them throughout the process. Once the account is ready, you’re good to go! Try posting high-quality content consistently to attract more users and Kicksta will do its job of fetching target audience to your page. This mutual partnership can help in the drastic growth of your business.

Target Audience

Although you don’t get instant results, give it some time for your account to be ready so that the Kicksta can drive the traffic to your page.

Can you cancel service from Kicksta anytime?

If you pay for their service every month, by default, you get a chance to cancel it anytime. Kicksta is very flexible to its users and the best results are noticed by those who have worked with them the longest. The services do not include posting high-quality content by Kicksta. You know your brand better than anyone else; therefore you focus on the right content on your page and Kicksta will take the responsibility of bringing the right people to your account.

They have helped many startups and small scale businesses to grow by getting real followers for them.

What is the pricing strategy of Kicksta?

Your Instagram growth on Kicksta merely depends on the growth plan you choose. If you’re an Instagram-savvy influencer or entrepreneur, then get started with Moderate growth plan. All you need to do is, pay $49 per month and your growth is guaranteed along with smart filters. It is safe, secure and reliable with exclusive video on-boarding. The maximum target accounts you can have is 10.

Kicksta Pricing

A maximum growth plan is great for any brand or influencer who wants real followers on Instagram. Get started by paying $99/ month and maximum growth is quite obvious including smart filters and exclusive video on-boarding. It is safe, secure and reliable having 40 target accounts. In addition to that, Kicksta offers Premium Email Support, Live Chat Support, gender, hashtag and location Targeting.

In Verdict

As a whole, if you’re new to the business world and need brand recognition, Instagram is the right platform for you! If you want the attention that you deserve from people, Kicksta can do that for you in no time.

Kicksta attracts a new audience to your brand along with steady organic Instagram growth. You’ll get better tips and tricks to handle your Instagram account. 24/7 growth is something that is guaranteed on Kicksta.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Kicksta right away and start getting real followers.

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