7 Best Facebook Ad Blockers With Pros & Cons

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

7 Best Facebook Ad Blockers With Pros & Cons

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As we live in a digital world swamped with numerous ads, it becomes a necessity to get rid of ads to browse peacefully without any obstacle. You can access a vast number of websites on the internet and it is very annoying to see a lot of advertisement content everywhere- be it on the content or the sidebar. Hundreds of Facebook advertising company has started providing such services & thus ads can be seen everywhere.

It is so relatable as we face this daily and we know how irritating it can get, especially when you are using Facebook. It has also been proven that this irritation has a negative impact on our mental states.
Best Facebook Ad Blockers
Since this is turning out to be a significant issue, we are going to learn about some of the effective Facebook ad blockers that are capable of controlling ads and other content that pops up when you use Facebook.

What are Facebook Ad Blockers?

An Ad blocker is software whose role is to involuntarily remove unwanted ads including web banners, random popups, embedded video and audio. This software was developed in the early 2000s to avoid unwanted interruption when you're performing any web activity (could be while using Facebook in this case).

Facebook ad blockers stop flooding of Ad contents so that you can purely focus on the Facebook content to have a best, streamlined and pleasurable experience. Be it liking or commenting on your friend's picture, watching videos on Facebook, status updates, or anything else could be done without any unwanted pop-ups.

Top 7 Facebook Ad Blockers With Pros & Cons

Below is a detailed list of some of the best Facebook ad blockers.

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock plus is considered to be one of the most popular ad blockers for Facebook and several other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, opera. 
Adblock Plus
It performs the task of removing unwanted ads like malware, trojan horse, pop-up windows or any other malicious code when you're browsing Facebook or any other sites. If you don't prefer Adblock Plus then check out this list of Adblock Plus alternatives or go through more options mentioned below.

  • Open source, secure software and is available free of cost. 
  • Is available for Facebook as well as other popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, opera. 
  • Blocks unwanted ads and other malicious content. 
  • Doesn't track your personal data.
  • May mishandle certain web forms. So you might have to disable Adblock plus. 
  • Few obstinate text ads may be displayed.
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2. uBlock Origin

It could be used as a better alternative of Adblock plus mainly in terms of less resource usage and effectiveness. 
uBlock Origin
Privacy is maintained along with ad blockage. 

  • Open source software.
  • Lightweight in nature.
  • Simple interface.
  • Completely prevents ads from loading, therefore saves bandwidth and helps the webpage to load faster.
  • Additional options like zap elements available.
  • It has enhanced user scripting.
  • Real-time network traffic is inspected.
  • Detects unwanted activities like skimming.
  • Obsolete interface. 
  • Slow.
  • It is nothing but a browser add-on.

3. AdAway

AdAway is yet another way to get rid of unnecessary ads on the Facebook app in android phones. It not only blocks ads inside your Facebook browser and or any other browser but also most of the free android apps on the Play Store.
Overall, it's one of the most reliable Facebook Ad blockers out there.

  • It blocks ads using system files; therefore system-wide blocking is seen. 
  • Doesn't consume much of CPU time or memory.
  • Designing this might require root to update the host file.

4. Blokada

One of the best open source, free Facebook ad blocker mostly used by Android users. It blocks advertisement content across all the browsers including Facebook, Chrome, etc. It's considered to be the best way to block ads as it does not require you to root your phone. 
In addition to that, it blocks and removes all the ads or popups efficiently, thereby saving your data plan. This facilitates your device to work faster than ever and also ensures your privacy.

  • Effortlessly blocks ads, tracking and malware.
  • Open source software and free of cost. 
  • Functions over a local VPN, therefore no root.
  • Utilizes more system resources.

5. Ghostery

This is another way to remove ads, pop-up window and other unnecessary content. The best part about ghostery is that it doesn't keep track of your sensitive data. 
As stopping trackers are used a lot these days, Ghostery tries to disable this and annoying ad contents. Ghostery is a free and open source. Overall, it's one of the efficient Facebook ad blockers.

  • Open source and free of cost.
  • Blocks annoying ads.
  • Slows down your Facebook browser. Picture or video doesn't load faster.
  • It sells user data to the advertising agents. 
  • It acts as a browser add-on. So individual browser might need one browser add-on. 
  • Low performance.

6. Adblocker Ultimate

Adblocker ultimate is yet another free and open source software that blocks ads on all popular browsers like Facebook, Chrome, Firefox, etc. 
Adblocker Ultimate
Unlike other Facebook ad blockers, adblocker ultimate do not have any whitelisted websites, ad networks or advertisement agencies. In addition to that, it prevents annoying looping problems on Firefox.

  • Involuntarily stops annoying looping problems on Firefox.
  • Supports Facebook and other browsers like chrome, opera, Firefox, etc.
  • Open source and free of cost.
  • No ad preference. You don't find any whitelisted websites under Adblock ultimate.
  • Browser slows down.
  • Memory gets exhausted beyond a particular time.
  • Just a browser add-on. It works fine with only supported browsers. You'll have to install it individually for each browser.

7. Pi-hole

Pi-hole is an excellent solution as it can be installed to the entire LAN instead of a browser add-on. It's convenient when you're using multiple browsers on different platforms and not enough time to confirm if all the blockers are up to date.
Pi-hole is placed between your network and the DNS server ( which could be your router or modem).

  • Blocks advertisement content for all network devices as well as Facebook.
  • Deployment charge is cheap.
  • Frequent updates can be applied smoothly.
  • Might block sites that may be needed to other Web browsers.
  • Requires advanced DevOps skills.
  • Too many updates are available.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best Facebook ad blockers that are available at your service whenever you get annoyed by unnecessary pop-ups while you're liking or commenting on your friend's picture. Choose the right one that best solves your problem!


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