4 Best Background Check Services of 2019 (Most Legit Ones)

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

4 Best Background Check Services of 2019 (Most Legit Ones)

Posted by Madhu Gupta
If you are keenly observing someone around you such as your boss or your employees, you might be alarmed at his suspicious activities. That is where the use of some of the best background check services comes into play. As you read this article, we shall provide you with a list of some of the most trusted and best background check services of 2019.

Why Use The Background Check Services?

There are several reasons why someone should put in money and take the best background check services. One of the important ones is that you might be a great handler of the social media and have a lot of tools on Facebook and Instagram and other social media platforms to extract the information about a person. 

But it is important to note here that the information contained in these social media is limited and is entirely dependent on the person.

If a person doesn't specify his location, you may never know that until he discloses it. The same goes for the other platforms as well. Some of the people think it is easy to approach the police department, but you cannot only bring the cops and get away with that for your interests. Hence, the best background check services are a reliable alternative.

The Best Background Check Services

We have compiled a list of some of the best background check services which can be highly beneficial in checking the background of any person you want to. Although the list is not at all exhaustive, we have taken care to include the best of the best services available online.

1. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders is the best background check service that is available for use in the present case. You need to put in the few details that you are sure of and then the remaining part of the job will be taken care of by PeopleFinders. If you want to find out the whereabouts of your old classmates, schoolmates, college friends, some lost family members, or anyone else, you should use merely PeopleFinders as they provide the best background check services at present.
It is highly reliable because of the updated information at all times which makes it easier to locate people. A fantastic feature of this website is that it offers private search services as well and hence you need to worry about your identity in case you want to keep it a secret for one or the other reason.

2. Been Verified

Been Verified is a fantastic website for doing a background check on various people around you. This website lets you make a comprehensive background check on different people which includes their criminal records, civil lawsuits, etc. you can also check it is a giant jewel of Indus and has been prosecuted in the court of law.
You can check their addresses, schools, colleges, workplaces, etc. This is undoubtedly one of the best background check services which can also help you to get an all-around detail of the person under check. Therefore, you should rely on the services offered by this background check tool.

3. US Search

US Search is a fantastic website which can help you find a lot of friends and family easily without undergoing any hassles whatsoever. The cost involved in the rendering of the services is not at all high which makes this background check service highly affordable. Over the past few years, US Search has shown a high accuracy which has put it into the list of the best background check services. This tool requires you to sign in before use and can be easily used by any person.
Apart from taking inputs as the first name and the last name, it can perform a reverse phone number search and also check the property owner of the said person so that finding him becomes easier. A combination of email search mechanism clubbed with the social media platform linkup also boosts the reliability of this background check service.

4. Intelius

Intelius is again a fantastic background check service that is highly reliable nowadays. It is because the reports presented by this particular tool are highly detailed and can be easily understood with almost all the details provided in an organized manner. However, the cost of the primary membership of this background check service is higher than the others in the same domain, which makes it somewhat less useful.
But, what makes it different from the most other background check services is that it is one of the very few services which can accurately provide you with the educational history of the person, their relatives, their social media accounts, their properties, their lawsuits (if any) and many more. A significant drawback of this background check service is that it does not allow the users to download the reports and they have to be used in electronic form only.

Also, to get the criminal records of the person, you will have to pay extra money which might be a high degree of concern for most of the people. But overall, this background check service is excellent to use except for its high price.


These were some of the best background check services which can help you to accurately find your lost family members, relatives, friends from schools, colleges, and many other places. But you should bear in mind that these services have their boundaries and you should not misuse them.


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