5 Tested Ways To Earn Online With No Website

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

5 Tested Ways To Earn Online With No Website

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Usually, when we think about making money online, we automatically assume that you need an adequately hosted website, regularly updated and monetize as, for example, an online store or downloadable content platform. In general, we think about monetizing the website itself.
Earn Online With No Website
Luckily, there are ways to earn a stable income online for those that don’t have or don’t want to run their website. All of the methods described in this post are working, simplified models of online businesses usually based on just Internet connection + email account and some digging skills. In some instances, you will have to use other websites, but ultimately, none of these methods requires you to have a website on your own. 


If you are good at coordinating work of multiple teams or people and are good with people communication, you may be interested in running an outsourcing business. It’s straightforward. First, you look for a company that wants to outsource some of their work. It may be preparing a batch of copy texts or blog posts. It may be some development stuff or market research. 

Then you find someone who will do this for a meager price, commission him or her to do that job and give a higher but still acceptable price to the company. If both sides accept the offers, all you need to do now is wait and deliver. In the end, your margin is the difference between the price of acquisition and selling price. However, as mentioned before it requires high-level soft skills and a right eye for people.

Social Media Manager

Let’s face it. If a company has no social media profiles, they practically don’t exist. However many companies don’t have a dedicated social media marketer to take care of their accounts. Moreover, some business owners don’t know how important it is to get your social media profiles right and how profitable it can be in the long run. 

In the end, you land with a mess that can bring more harm than profit to the company. If you’re sure of your communicating skills, know every popular social media platform’s characteristic features and know how to promote content at social media it may be a perfect job for you. Some experience with marketing or public relations can be beneficial, but some brands will hire anyone more knowledgable than themselves. 

Freelance Writer

For the last ten years or so, one of the most popular online-based jobs is writing. A significant number of companies are in constant need of quality content and well-written copy as their marketing assets or for their blogs. The good stuff related to this occupation is that you can write anywhere you want. Although it helps a lot, you don’t need constant access to the Internet. This means you can work from home, in co-working space, at your favorite cafe, at your summer house or while traveling on train/bus. 

This is also one of the most popular choices for digital nomads. Just remember, that a freelance writer has to write a lot, sometimes very similar stuff over and over again to be profitable. Moreover, the competition is quite harsh, so you have to be an excellent writer with broad knowledge and research skills to be successful.

Sharing Short Links

If you are actively sharing a lot of fresh news and new tools at different discussion boards, social media platforms and forums you may want to start giving the links to the same content but shortened with one of the link shorteners. The important thing is to pick one that pays well per 1000 clicks, for example, Shorte.st or Ad.fly. The rules are straightforward. The link you wanted to share has a shortened and slick URL and still leads to the address you wanted it to lead to. 

However, the ad network that created the short link borrows your traffic for a mere 5 seconds to show some ads to the person clicking on the link. After this brief holdup, your viewer will go straight to his or her destination, and you’ll get money. If you’re interested in short link services be sure check out Shorte.st official blog.

Teach People Online

From language lessons and high-school maths tutoring to webinars for marketing specialists and small business owners - the need for online courses and experiences is more significant than ever before. If you have trouble finding people to teach, check out different e-learning platforms and boards. 

The biggest pro in this type of activity is that you show people what you already know so that the time investment may be lower than in case other mentioned activities. However, at some point and level of service, it would be good to learn a thing or two about educating others. 


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