4 Best Credit Card Reader for Android (2019 Updated)

This is an era of digitalism where everything is a switch to a digital mode in one or the other way. Sooner or later, the remaining thing would follow as well. Nowadays, not many people want to carry hard cash with them when they’re out on shopping or just visiting a small store.

Therefore, if you are an owner of some small business entity where you need to deal with a large number of customers who make small purchases, you need to have the best credit card reader which is small but useful. Otherwise, your customers may leave you and join hands with someone else who can provide them with a better service using the latest technologies.

Top 4 Credit Card Reader For Android

In this article, we shall discuss the best credit card readers for Android which is mainly suitable for small business owners and also very cheap and affordable to use.


The Square credit card reader is so far the best credit card reader for Android because of its simplicity and accessible and affordable usage price. It does not charge you a hefty fee for accessing its services and can be easily used without any prior training or something. Using the Square credit card reader is as simple as using a simple accessory with your Android device.

The payments are made on the go, and the money is generally credited into your account in two business days. However, it may take a little longer for some reasons which are an exception. The price charged by Square is 2.75% for every transaction without any changes whatsoever. It is by far the most straightforward tariff one can ever discover. 

Also, there is no minimum or monthly fee for using Square in any manner. To facilitate the users and the business owners, Square accepts all the credit cards and has excellent services as well which include personalized receipts, multiple users access, etc.


GoPayment is another credit card reader which can be counted as the best credit card reader for Android due to its exciting features for both the business owners and the customers. Once you take a GoPayment credit card reader, you are supposed to choose one out of two plans offered by them. In the first one, you are not at all expected to pay a monthly fee or anything like that, but you will only pay almost 2.5% of the transaction every time you swipe a credit card.

An additional fixed charge is also involved which needs to be paid as well. This is an excellent deal except if you are someone who deals in a vast number of small value transactions. But if you are only involved in large value transactions, you can opt for this one and relax.

In the second plan, you pay a monthly fee, and then you pay somewhat around 1.5% of every transaction which can be a huge cost saver if you have a lot of small value transactions to carry out the whole day. Since GoPayment accepts almost all the major credit cards, you need not worry about that. Simply choose a plan that best suits you and makes money.

Pay Anywhere

If you are looking for some of the best credit card readers for Android platform, then you cannot afford to leave out Pay Anywhere because it is the one who can help you cut your budget and still make enough for accessing the services of this best credit card reader for Android. 

Also, it has a monthly user plan which when used can save you loads of money which is a significant concern for of the business owners, especially if they are small business owners and carry out small transactions every day.

Using the monthly plan of Pay Anywhere, you can quickly bring down the fees of your transactions to almost half of what other leading credit card readers of the industry are charging for their access to services. Pay Anywhere also accepts all the major credit cards and also has a great user interface which helps a lot as no additional training is required to get aware of the features of the app and the device.

Apart from that, a lot of other features such as personalized receipts and customer support team is always at your request.


Shopify is again one of the best credit card readers for Android which comes with some plans to benefit the users and their customers. It has been gaining immense popularity over the past few months, and then credit to this goes to the great services and user-friendly features in the app supported by Shopify. It is a gem for those who are involved in person to person sales. 

One of the plans of Shopify requires you to pay a monthly fee and a fixed share from every transaction and also a fixed charge on each of them. However, you also get to use the card reader device, shipping labels and even a detailed report of your transactions.

If you are a businessman who has to handle a lot of small value transactions, then you can choose a long term plan which makes the monthly fee decidedly less and also the charges are also lowered down by almost 1 percent.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your business set up and make money quickly. Shopify also accepts all the major credit cards and has a polished user interface along with a lot of essential features which can help you a lot to save money and gain customers.


These were the four best credit card readers for the Android platform with a good reputation in the industry along with a lot of user-friendly features.

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