Writing a Blog Post: 5 Expert Tips from Professionals

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Writing a Blog Post: 5 Expert Tips from Professionals

Posted by Rahul Gupta
One of the first questions most people new to blogging ask themselves is “how do I write a blog post?” in most cases bloggers are tempted to go inside their dashboard, open a new post editor and start writing. However, to write a perfect blog post requires more than just writing.  The difference between a new blogger and an A-list blogger comes into focus.
Writing a Blog Post
Before we embark on expert tips to write a blog post for professionals let me ask you a simple question! “what are libraries made of?” the question was asked by a scientist on Nature TV episode I was watching the other day.  Like most people would answer, my answer was “books” or even “walls.” Although, I doubt if there is an official answer to the question, the scientist’s answer was “Letters.” To explain his answer, books are made of sentences, which are made of words and words made of letters.

This got several people thinking, and I come to wonder “what are blogs made out of?”  To follow the same logic a blog post is made of blog posts, and an excellent blog is made of good blog posts.

So, how to write a good blog post.

Preparation is Key
An excellent article must attract the reader. So, before starting to write a blog post, think about it in terms if:
  • What do you want to write about in your post? 
  • What is the crucial point to concentrate on and develop? 
  • How in-depth do you want to cover the topic?
The above three things are fundamental before writing anything.
Note: Readers see tons of content every day, thus make sure your post is among the best.

Create an outline
After an extensive brainstorming session, create a framework. How?  By categories the blog post into themes and subthemes. Arrange your content in an organized structure that readers can easily follow.  After the prep and outline are done, you can embark into writing.

Pro Tips for Writing Blog Posts

1. Make your content scannable

An average reader only understands about 60% of what they read. When creating a blog post make sure the content is understandable and easy to read, or else your loss your readers.  How do you do you that?

Split your blog post content into multiple easily recognizable parts. For example, the heading in this tips article is there to help readers scan the article.

Create space throughout the blog post content. A big block of material says “please don’t read me” especially one with no space, heading, and subheading. However, there are exemptions to this, that depends on what topic you write. In general, this is the best practice.

Important tip: make a list
Why do you need a list? Well, a list helps in 4 simples’ ways:

  • Easy to read and scan information faster. 
  • The list shows several ideas in a single glance. 
  • Are considered very trendy. 
  • Lists are prodigious at making the point that lists are essential.

2. Use quotes

If you are looking to make your blog post content easily scannable is use quotes. Quotes offer a superb way of grabbing your reader’s attention as they absorb more information. Let’s see applicability in an example.

Well:  “I always write my quotes. Except for this one, I store form somebody clever.”- Ken Celio
See how effective that was?

3. Use images

Carefully choose some great mages that effectively illustrate your point. It is known that blog post images help in grabbing readers attention and also make the post much more appealing. When using models choose royalty-free images otherwise lost your sources.

4. Produce packed content

Don’t write a visually-packed content isn’t right. Work on the best information-packed content. Avoid at all cost writing fluff. Only write what is beneficial to the reader by creating a substance that is jam-packed with plenty of information useful to the reader. Always remember more information does not still make the post better.  More will only be good if your blog posts are rich with information and neatly structured. Readers are easy to not a lot of fluff and shift their attention to the next page or the next title. 

If you are looking to write a long, detailed article, that fine, although, don’t inflate your word count with the useless or repetitive sentence and keyword stuffing. This a risky all terrible practice.

5. Write great headlines/titles

Headline are very critical; they make your reader decide if your post is worth reading or not be it on your blog pots or RSS feed.

Ways to Be A Better Blogger

Read a lot

Knowledge is power. Keep up with up to date with the latest news and web content in your niche. This allows you to know what makes a good, successful and professional blog post. You will also gain plenty of new article ideas. Add new blog subscription in your niche that offers inspiration, and read every day.

Take notes

Every time you come across a good article, write it down, as it always a bummer to have a great idea and quickly forget it in the next 10 minutes. Use online services such as Evernote to take notes.

Practice makes perfect

Writing each day improves your skills as a writer and keeps you on the momentum. Train yourself to write every day. If it’s hard to find a purpose, then write to improve your skills. For example, you can write to submit guest posts. Every guest post you land increases your popularity and traffic. You can also start freelance writing.
So, blogs are made of articles, and an excellent blog is made up by great pieces. 

However, not all people are born to be writers. If you usually struggle with writing, get some expert help from a writing service with academic experts. Here, you can hire a professional to craft an article for you. This way, you will see how professionals handle this task and learn to do the same. Do not miss the chance get the high-quality assistance at a reasonable price.


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