8 Best Instagram Followers App for Android (That Actually Work)

Instagram is a favorite photo and video sharing app owned by Facebook which can be operated almost on every operating system. Over 300 billion people are using this app. It was launched in October 2010 for iOS only. But later after few months, its version came for Android also. And now it can be operated even in Windows. In this app, users can upload their photos, videos, see each other’s posts and can also tag each other with the name and location of the place.

Instagram Followers Apps

Most of the people nowadays are using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. As we know social media marketing is one of the marketing strategies for the promotion of products and services. Many companies and firms are using Instagram for marketing strategies and it has been seen that 70% of the users get to know about a brand or a product by this app.

Benefits of Using Instagram Followers App

  • These apps can be used for promoting businesses in a friendly and authentic way.  
  • They helps in engaging more and more audience to any business.   
  • Also, they allows brands to showcase their products and make people aware of their brand. 
  • Increases the sales of any business. 
  • Communication becomes easy between a user and the company.

Now an essential part of increasing the audience for your business is your followers. Followers are the audience who would see your posts, like them, becomes aware of your brand and products. The biggest question arises How to increase the followers of your Instagram account?

List of Best Instagram Followers Apps for Android

The answer to the question is… Some apps have been created to increase the followers of your Instagram account.These are most trustable apps out there for buying auto Instagram likes at cheap rates. 

Some of the best free Instagram followers app for Android are:

1. Turbo followers

It is an entirely free and well-known app. Using this app, you can earn a number of followers for your Instagram account. Its features include that it is friendly for every operating system and Android.

2. Get Instant Likes

An app which can boost your followers by providing more and more hashtags for every category. It is available on the play store. Just download it.


Earn a whopping number of followers regularly using this app. This app would help you to enhance your profile and posts so getting more and more followers.

4. Get Followers

Earn a genuine number of followers using the coins available in your account of getting Followers. Collect coins by liking others posts.

5. Fame Boom

In this app, you can explore for the latest hashtags and it will filter the most popular hashtags for your posts which will help you to increase your followers.

6. Followers Insight

Another free app to increase your followers in an easy way using some easy steps. A very simple to use the app.

7. Free Followers and Likes

It provides the best way to add the most relevant and useful Instagram tags to your posts which will make your posts easily found by other Instagram users which means more likes and followers. You can choose the category of your photo/ video, copy tags and paste them in your post.

8. Likes Pumper

Pump your followers really fast by using this app. It’s a great app which can help you earn a considerable number of followers in some simple and easy steps. 

Other than these apps, you can also check websites such as Social Proof, iDigic & more.

In Verdict

As we know an audience is a backbone for every business. So it is essential for every company to engage with their audience. Here were some of the apps which can help boost your followers for your Instagram account and your dream of having a star like personality comes right in a natural way. All these apps are available on play store and are completely friendly for all Android devices.

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