4 Tips to Creating A Unique Airpod Wrap

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

4 Tips to Creating A Unique Airpod Wrap

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are lots of ways to breathe fresh air into your gadgets. You probably have been using a gadget that is still functioning well, but its general appearance feels like it has seen the old days of your forefathers. Such a gadget will lose its appeal, but you can revive it using some nicely designed wraps. Your airpods can be a perfect starting point. You can cover your airpod with wraps to give them that unique look.
Unique Airpod Wrap
The following are tips to help give your airpod a refreshing new look using wraps.

1. Come Up With a Theme

This can be a perfect point to start from. Identify your favorite themes and then create your wraps based on them. For instance, you can have nature-themed wraps for your airpods if you are a lover of nature. If you love sports, then have a wrapping theme that depicts your sports love. 

This way, you give your airpods consistency throughout. Be comfortable with the themes you choose and let them bring out your overall personality. If you happen to have a number of airpods, then you can go for different themes just to make things exciting and give yourself options.

2. Play Around With Decals

Since space you are working with is small, you can choose to use decals as wraps. They come in different designs, shapes, and color, so choose those that suit you perfectly. The good thing is that you can change them anytime. You can choose to use the same decals on both airpod pieces or go with different decals for each airpod piece. 

Either way, they should blend and complement each other well. Furthermore, avoid crowding them in one place. Spread them up nicely and allow for reasonable in-between spaces. WrapsStudio decals are the best, so make an order today and get to personalize your airpods.

3. Settle For Simple Patterns

Wraps usually have different kinds of patterns. Depending on your preference, you can choose to use any pattern. Always go for patterns that blend in well with the color of the airpods. For instance, if the color of your airpods is blue, then you can go with a wrap that has a black or white pattern. 

Furthermore, you can choose to add the initials of your name on the wrap. A perfect one can also be that which has printed images of your favorite musician or idol on it. Try to keep things simple but creative. Too much and you will spoil the overall look.

4. Pick the Right Color

The colors you will choose will determine how the overall look will be. Light colors are the best as they will be easily visible compared to the dark ones. The pod has its own color, therefore ensure that the wrap you use blends in perfectly with the airpod color. You can choose to go with one color or a variety of colors at various points. The essential thing is to know what is too much or too less. Have the right balance.


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