Take a Break from Study With These 7 Comic Book Reader Apps

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Take a Break from Study With These 7 Comic Book Reader Apps

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Sometimes even the most organized students can feel overwhelmed by the university life. They worry about assignments, stress out about their future and trying to manage all things at once. But in such situations, if you are not careful enough, working too hard and worrying too much may result in burnout. When it comes to it, some students choose to turn to unhealthy ways of coping with all that stress, like alcohol or overeating. However, there exists a better way to beat stress. I mean, why not start reading comic books? Instead of reaching for a snack to relax, take your phone and discover the world of superheroes!
Comic Book Reader Apps
Okay, maybe you are not into superheroes, but did you know you can read comic books about lots of other topics as well? There is a big word of comic books, and every week there are plenty of new stories being released. Many of these stories explore lots of different themes and topics. Thus, reading them is something everyone can enjoy. 

List of Top 7 Comic Book Reader Apps

So, how to start reading comic books if you are new into the whole comic book game and you don’t know where to begin? We're going to share with you 7 best comic book reader apps you can download right now!                                  

1. Line Webtoon

Using Line Webtoon is just the best way to read comic books! It allows you to subscribe to your favorite series and enjoy daily updated webtoons every hour for free! In this app, you will find different stories to suit your needs. Just browse through all the categories you can imagine from drama, fantasy, comedy, action all with the tip of your finger! 

Adjustable screen rotation and touch scrolling – a perfect fit on any mobile device! Also, you can enjoy your webtoons anywhere without data restriction. WiFi connection lets you download webtoons which you can take anywhere to view anytime! So, join the largest community of comic fans with million readers worldwide! 

2. Challenger Comic Viewer

It is a free comics, manga and books viewer. What is more, there are no ads! All you have to do to get started is just to scroll. Keep in mind that the app will work well only if you have lots of memory on your mobile device.

3. Comixology

Comixology is one of the oldest reading apps. There are thousands of comics available within this app – the world of superheroes, SciFi, horror and more! Download Comixology and discover over 75,000 comics and graphic novels from the top publishers! Here you will find Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Manga comics, etc. You can download books offline, and they will always be with you. Also, this app allows you to create a wish list of all the books you dream of owning one day.

4. Perfect Viewer

Perfect viewer is one of the best reading apps! This app supports different formats of files and images. You can easily transfer the books by connecting your mobile device to a PC and dragging and dropping files. This app remembers the last page you read before closing the app and returns you there when you are back. You can also modify the settings and adjust the colors and saturation the way you like. Perfect Viewer is a great reading app, but unlike other apps, it doesn’t have an extensive catalog of comics.

5. Madefire

This app can offer you a massive catalog of the latest digital comics! It adds sound effects, music, voice changer and a touch of animation to the quite comic books reading experience. This app is a big step in the world of digital comics. It is effortless to get started, so you will feel right at home using Madefire. The app is free and so is all of the content. Just download the app, pick the book that grabbed your attention and gets started! However, if you have always wanted to read the Guardians of the Galaxy, then you might be pretty upset with this app as you will not find Marvel’s comics in Madefire's catalog.

6. ComiCat

ComiCat is a fast comic reader that supports all popular comic formats, cloud storage devices and more. It is automatically scanning your device to find any new comics. Also, it has a really nice and well-organized interface. If you have a big comic books collection, then ComiCat is our top app for your mobile device.

7. DC Comics

With this app, you will get access to the biggest catalog of one of the largest publishers of comics – DC Entertainment. This app works great on any mobile device, and your book collection can be synchronized across all devices. So, if you have always wanted to read Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman or The Flash, then this app should be definitely your first choice!

So, one of the benefits of comic books for students is stress relief as those stories can take them away from the everyday stressors like their term paper or dissertation. And do you know what is even more interesting and fun? Reading those stories with friends! Just imagine how many cool group names you can come up with!

Final Verdict

We hope that you found this article interesting and useful. Just explore the reader apps above, find the one that is right for you and get started with comic books! It will definitely get you hooked!

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