Wix Logo Maker Review: Create Your Own Free Logo

Wix Logo Creator is a free online logo making service. Wix provides beautiful and unique design suggestions for creating a logo and also an option to buy high-quality files if you like it. Wix is the best alternative for all those people who are fed up with old generic logo building tools and who suffer due to minimal branding assistance.

Wix Logo Maker

As not all the people are good at professionally designing logos and logo is an essential factor for any brand because it represents the particular brand and it is used as a symbol of the brand everywhere. A logo is the “face” of your brand.

A good logo attracts potential customers towards your brand. It should be very innovative, flexible, long-lasting and straightforward so that customers can quickly recognize it and remember it. Your logo conveys your message to your targeted customers. 

So developing a good logo is very essential. Although it is not necessary that your logo show precisely what your business is about but it should be appealing to your potential customers. Logo dramatically affects your customer’s perception, attitude and purchasing decisions regarding your products and services.

How Wix Logo Maker Helps You?

Wix Logo Maker helps you to turn the ideas and thoughts into your mind into graphics within a few seconds. You can create an innovative and original design that will explain your brand’s product, services and vision. Wix Logo Maker works well because here you can create logos according to the existing look of your brand.

It also helps to improve your brand’s image. Wix makes the process of designing a logo straightforward by using simple tools and generating beautiful and innovative images, fonts and designs with it. With Wix Logo Maker, you can download vector files also rather than sticking on the old, repeated and less professional PNG and JPG files.

Wix Logo Maker is a fantastic tool for all those people who cannot afford the high cost to design their brand’s logos professionally but who want their logos to be well designed. Also, the interface of Wix is straightforward to understand and can be used by anyone without any difficulty. It allows you to create a logo as it was in your mind. With Wix, you can also create a website, sell online, send professional emails, etc., with ease. Here’s a video demonstration by Wix:

Features of Wix Logo Maker

Here I will tell you about some of the best features of Wix Logo Maker so that you can easily choose between hundreds of results whenever you search for Logo Makers.

  • Wix provides you a logo with full commercial usage rights and it is also customizable. You can modify its font, color, text, size, etc. according to your choice and requirement. 
  • Wix Logo Maker is very easy to use and understand. 
  • It saves all your previous activities, so you can go back to design whenever you want. 
  • You can change the font, color, size, etc. of the logos according to your suitability using the editor option. 
  • There is a high resolution file download feature that can be used for business cards or promotional activities. 
  • Wix provides excellent customer service resources. Whenever you feel some complexity regarding how to design the logo, you can check their helping resources for an immediate solution. However, Wix does not provide any direct customer service through emails or phones, but its online resources are no less and they are handy, and you can open a ticket to receive direct assistance from a support agent. You can check their blog and knowledge base option to learn all about how to design a logo. Along with this, you can check some tips to improve your site. 
  • You can download high-resolution vector files. 
  • Wix will provide you ready to use files for social media like cover photos and profile images that will give you a competitive edge and a professional look. 
  • You don’t need any designing skills to use Wix Logo Maker. 
  • It works very fast and will display various designs to you within a few seconds.

Working with Wix Logo Maker

When you open Wix Logo Maker to create your own logo, it does not take you straight to build the logo, but it will ask you various questions first to get some idea and details about your brand’s culture, features, products, etc. that you are going to sell.

Working With Wix Logo Maker

This way, you will be able to get the suggestions of the logos according to your preferences and style. The process of asking questions will take around 5 minutes to complete. There will be keywords after each question and you have to choose the one which best suits you or describes your brand or brand’s product. Some of the sample questions that are asked are:

  1. What is your company name? 
  2. Do you have or want a tagline to appear in your logo? 
  3. What is the logo for?  
  4. What are the best words to describe your brand? 
  5. Do you like any of the shown designs?
What best describes you

There’s also a like and dislike page in Wix that shows you some sample designs to ensure the type of style you are looking for. According to your selection of like and dislike, Wix will decide the design of your logo.

Logo Designs

After this, the results of your questions will be shown along with your brand name and a tagline that would be inserted into each design.

Pricing of Wix Logo Maker

Wix Logo Maker is essentially low-cost and you don’t need to worry about paying much for it. You can get a lot of suggestions for designs through Wix and can choose amongst those suggestions according to your preference. Wix ensures not to show you any design that is already registered by any other company as its logo.

Wix Logo Maker Pricing

After the designing procedure, you can download a demo file for free to check, compare and share it with other team members of your brand. Usually, every brand needs a social media kit and vector files because of the increasing competition you cannot imagine paying only to get a primary logo. So after checking and selecting from a variety of designs, you can download your chosen logo by paying for it.

The pricing plans of Wix Logo Maker are given below:

  • Basic Logo: $12.99 will be charged if you want high-quality logo files and for getting full commercial rights to use the logo. 
  • Professional logo: $49.99 will be charged for high-quality logo files, for getting full commercial rights, for vector files, print-ready files, social media kit, and a brand guide. 
  • Professional Logo and Website: $99.99 will be charged for high-quality logo files, for getting full commercial rights, for vector files, print-ready files, social media kit, and a brand guide and $168 for getting a promo code for your brand. If you opt for this plan, you get a free website for a few months.

 Negative factors of Wix Logo Maker

  • You cannot upload your own fonts, colors, or images. 
  • It is not entirely free. If you want to download high-quality files for promotions, you need to buy its professional or basic logo plan. 


If you are looking for a new logo for your company or brand, I would recommend you to definitely give Wix Logo Maker a chance to professionally develop a beautiful logo for your brand and that too at reasonable prices. This is the main idea behind Wix Logo Maker as the company wanted to support people who don’t have professional designing skills or the resources to hire a designer, which is usually the case start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

You can use Wix even if you have a logo design in your mind just to get some more suggestions so that you can improve it and develop a best suitable logo for your site. As it’s not like that you create logos every day so you should surely try to check some suggestions first before finalizing any design. You can create your logo on your own by just answering a few questions as its process is straightforward.

However, Wix Logo Maker is not aimed for designers or graphic designers because it contains limited designs, patterns and customizable options compared with professional design tools that are used by professional designers to create logos and other graphic designs assets from scratch.

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