Cocospy Review: Free Cell Phone Tracker for Parents and Employers

Cocospy is an entirely free GPS based phone tracker. It allows you to monitor your kids or employees’ smartphones to keep track of their activities. You can also check their real location at any time using Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. You can spy on different applications of your targeted phone such as messaging, phone calls, social media networking sites, etc. Cocospy is available for both Android and iPhone users. 

Cocospy Review

Usually, parents are anxious about what’s happening in their kid’s life, and many times kids hide a lot of their activities from their parents which makes them more concerned about their kids. Every parent wants to protect their kids at every point of their life, but this is a little difficult in today’s lifestyle. 

To solve this problem of every parent, Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker is developed. Kids love texting more than calling. But many parents have no idea with whom their kids are talking or chatting. Also, children get very pissed off when their kids try to question them and hamper their privacy.

All this creates a lot of tension between parents and their kids and sometimes these kinds of things lead to significant problems and frustrations. Cocospy is a tool that has come for the rescue of parents as with Cocospy; parents can spy on their kids without letting them know about it and pissing them off. 

Cocospy helps parents to relieve themselves of this stress. Parents will get to know when their kids are doing the wrong thing and digging the pit for themselves unintentionally. In these kinds of situations, parents can take action as a responsible parent by preventing their kids from getting into any trouble. 

Cocospy Review

You can sneak into the social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. of your kids. Remember that to make it happen; you need to either root the device or use the jailbreak feature to utilize it fully. You can also track their GPS location anytime.

Cocospy is also very useful for big businesses and industries where employers and owners need to keep track of their employer’s activities to make sure that they are working correctly and also to avoid any mishap from happening in the company.

Features of Cocospy

  • Cocospy allows you to monitor text messages, contacts and phone calls as well as the other apps. Cocospy allows you to get all the information stored on your target’s sim card.  
  • Cocospy is a multi-tasking platform as it is compatible with both Android and iOS users. It also works on Windows and Mac and monitors everything that is happening on these Operating Systems. 
  • It can help you to track your targeted cell phone user’s location. You can also check up the history of the locations that your target has visited. 
  • You can also check the website history of your target user. It is an essential feature of Cocospy because it allows you to monitor all that is happening on the web browser of your target user.

Cocospy Review

  • You can spy on Whatsapp messages of your children to know who they are
    in touch with as well as what they are talking about. Other social media
    sites like Facebook and Twitter can also be monitored because Cocospy
    can read a lot of files which are sent and received.
Cocospy Review

  • You can check out the entire contact list of your target’s phone and can highlight any particular contact of which you are most suspicious about.
Cocospy Review

  • You can get entire call log history which includes the incoming as well as outgoing calls of your target phone user without having to check that phone to get their details physically. It also shows you the duration of the calls, timing and much more.
Cocospy Review
  • Cocospy records all the information and online activities that your target user goes through.

Just 3 Steps to Access Cocospy

There are only three easy steps that enable you to keep track of your kid’s activities on smartphones:

  1. 3 Days free trial option: Cocospy mobile tracker tool is free for its customers, and it can be installed very easily on any user’s phone. You need to sign up with your email address to create your account on Cocospy and then follow the instructions to start using it. 
  2. Install the Cocospy Software: The installation process and setup of Cocospy phone tracker is speedy and quick. You don’t need any technical or professional expertise to install the Cocospy software.  
  3. Monitor Online with ease: After the installation process is complete, you can get the access to login to the Cocospy dashboard using any web browser. You can monitor your kids and employees using this.
Cocospy Review

Cocospy Installation Process

First of all, you need to create your account on Cocospy using your active email address to get the login id and password and the download link of the app. After this, download and install the Cocospy app using the downloading link. 

Cocospy Review

Now, you need to modify the settings of your targeted phone. You will see two-three options like name and which operating system you are using whether Android or iOS. After this, the setup will be completed.

Cocospy Review

To get done with the registration, you need to use the iCloud account and password of your device. The download links will be sent to your mail id.


Cocospy will provide you all the knowledge that you need to perform the duties of a caring parent as well as to know your employee’s activities to increase the growth of your company and take it to heights.

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