SharedCount Review: All-in-one & Affordable Social URL Analytics Service

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

SharedCount Review: All-in-one & Affordable Social URL Analytics Service

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Among you readers, there might be some who personally love social networking while some of you would disregard it as wastage of time. But all of you would agree that whatever your opinion about social networking, their business shall always flourish. Some like Facebook and Twitter are in a growth phase and gradually shaping the online market. 

Today, most of the marketers make use of online publishment to support their business.  Rapidly forming market’s landscapes (like Google did a decade ago), and it is up to them to push forward the marketers that know how to optimize online presence. 
SharedCount Review

And it's essential for correct utilization of internet marketing resources because the future of business depends upon social media intelligence. The allocated team for these digital tasks should monitor the tasks accurately.

In recent times, when the technology of social monitoring to read customers’ minds is in pretty good shape, it's the companies that interact and use this technology earn huge profits in the market. It's not any tough task. 

With so many tools to check up on the social media marketing of your website, you can act accordingly! These tools measure you ‘social value’ and provide insights to use and improvise your decisions. 

You need to find the most affordable tool online that serves your purpose. One of the best tools is SharedCount. Let's discuss SharedCount in details.

What is SharedCount?

SharedCount is an online service launched way back in 2010  that shall monitor upon the number of instances the input URL has been shared on the most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
SharedCount Review
SharedCount also helps you track the number of likes, tweets and more. SharedCount is designed mainly to look for the most trending URLs being shared over the internet like articles or websites. It shall provide you insights into the social sharing information of the URLs that you enter in the monitoring box.

It shall track the social share statistics of your blog or website or any page you want and collect info about its popularity on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and on Twitter. In addition to all, Shared Count hosts an open API to assist you in building your tools upon it. 

In case you aren’t cool with making your monitoring tool, they provide you with all the required services so that you wouldn’t need to bother or spend time on it. They have a caching layer too that ensures the results to be accurate enough. It is very a simple tool that returns stats on your social media shares.

How To Use SharedCount?

  • First, visit the SharedCount website.
  • Enter the URL(s) that you want to analyze into the search box. You may enter multiple URL(s).  
  • Once done, click on the Analyze URL(s) option. SharedCount shall take a few moments to catch the social media data of your website.
SharedCount Review
  • Once done, it returns the results are an exhibit for your URL(s). Currently, SharedCount only supports Facebook, Pinterest, and the StumbleUpon. The services that have been discontinued for the time being are Google+, Twitter, Google Buzz, Digg, Reddit, Delicious and LinkedIn. 
  • Once analyzing has been done, you shall get the number of Facebook shares, Pinterest pins and the number of StumbleUpon stumbles.

Pricing of SharedCount

Compared to similar other tools, SharedCount has comparatively cheaper and affordable with many pricing options. Hence, you can choose the best pricing that suits you best. The pricing along with its features are listed below:

1. Plus Account

This is the cheapest premium membership plan available currently on SharedCount. This plan costs $40/ month. This plan offers you with:
  • Hoti 200,000 URL API Calls every day 
  • 500 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Customer Support over email 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 25,000)
SharedCount Review

2. Business Account

This is the best deal on SharedCount premium because of the features provided at just $ 120/ month. This plan is ideally suited for business accounts. The functions provided according to this plan are as follows:       
  • Per day Limit of up to 1,000,000 URL API Calls 
  • 1,000 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Customer support over email 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 50,000)
SharedCount Review

3. Dedicated Enterprise Account

The highest priced plan of SharedCount but an excellent deal for enterprises which have a high number of URL API calls every day. This plan offers real good services at $450/ month. This plan provides:
  • Per Day Limit at 5,000,000 URL API Calls 
  • 10,000 URL Bulk API Batches 
  • Domain Whitelisting 
  • Customer Support over both phone and emails 
  • Support for overages ($1 per 100,000) 
  • Dedicated private servers used for enterprises  
  • Available Custom Sub-domain 
  • Adjust your cache times
SharedCount Review
You also get the option to change or cancel your current plan anytime by going to your account settings. Also, if you don't find the best suitable plan for your business, you may contact SharedCount for a customized plan. 

Also, if you want to try out SharedCount before going premium, they have a free plan of up to 10,000 daily searches. SharedCount accepts payments over credit and debit card, secured by Stripe.


Every company needs to run a social media marketing campaign to popularize its business over masses. Also, it needs to monitor the effectiveness of the Social media marketing so that it can implement changes accordingly. Fortunately, SharedCount does the monitoring part quite effectively for you, so you don't need to bother. 

Once you are through SharedCount properly and have learned to use it properly to access social media data for your website, you can develop and optimize an effective marketing strategy. With affordable pricing and lots of pros, SharedCount is an excellent choice to make. If you are doubtful of buying a premium pack, you can give a try to the free trial pack before proceeding to purchase a plan. In case of any further queries, you may comment your questions below.


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