How To Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones?

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

How To Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones?

Posted by Madhu Gupta
Ever wondered to what use Android monitor tools can be put to? Well, they can’t be merely useless, right? With the current addiction levels of social media and its readily available apps on smartphones, with heavy traffic in web browsing, people would wish to keep an eye upon the activities of them who they care for. Remotely monitoring over other smartphones also helps track the actual location of your kids or employees. 

There are many phone monitoring Apps available for your smartphone that comes in handy for real-time monitoring. These monitoring Apps also help you in ethically hacking others photos, messages, logs, app data, location, browsing history, etc. One such viral application is FoneMonitor which you can use to monitor other smartphones. It surely is the safest, most reliable and working phone monitor available currently.

What is FoneMonitor?

FoneMonitor is the one-stop solution to all the smartphone monitoring requirements that can be used both as an iPhone Monitor and as an Android monitor. Using this software, you shall be able to track almost everything that’s happening on the smartphone you are following. Once you buy its service according to your decided plan and log onto the service, you shall be able to access real-time data.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones
FoneMonitor serves a handy function in protecting your dear ones from potential dangers like your kids being habitual to games, cyber- crimes, pornography, unrestricted temptation, etc. In workspace too, FoneMonitor can keep a track on employees’ smartphones to check their activities during work time.

Features of FoneMonitor

1. Dashboard

The dashboard section provides a summary of the device being monitored. Information like the last location traced, battery level, GPS, etc. are displayed. Additionally, you can record details of the previous message, call, 5 mostly contacted numbers and messaging contacts. The best part is that it also displays the current status of the smartphone, whether being used or locked.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones

2. Track Calls, Contacts, And Messages

FoneMonitor can efficiently track call history along with call details like date, time and duration, and also whether the call was incoming or outgoing. The contact names, messages sent and received also appear in your FoneMonitor account.

Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones

3. Track Apps

The main feature that users look for in the remote monitoring apps is the option to track social networking apps. FoneMonitor provides you with this great feature. Social Networking has become the most significant distraction in the modern day generation children nowadays. At present, FoneMonitor can spy up to 13 apps on the phone being monitored. These are:
  • Hangouts 
  • Facebook 
  • WhatsApp 
  • Messenger
  •  Skype 
  • LINE 
  • Viber 
  • Snapchat 
  • Kik 
  • Tinder 
  • Instagram  
  • WeChat 
  • QQ
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones
However, there is a limit to monitor only up to 5 apps at once. FoneMonitor takes a screenshot on the selected app, and you can see what your child has been doing or texting on various apps. 
On Instagram, you get the screenshot of the home page and the Direct page to record the chat history. Whenever your kid sends a message to anyone, you receive notification along with the receiver of the word. You are alerted with a notification which shall give you a detailed report in the Instagram section of the app.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones
On Facebook, FoneMonitor captures screenshots of the victim’s news feed and notifications. Even when your kid isn’t using the app and receives new information from the app, you are alerted from FoneMonitor in text form.
Screenshots of personal chat messages are sent when the person is scrolling through the app. Even the attachments received on WhatsApp are visible to you.

Check Locations And Set Geofences

FoneMonitor also keeps a record of the last location of the target smartphone if the GPS is on. You can also restrict your child to stay in a particular area by setting up a geofence around that area. You shall be alerted via emails whenever the target smartphone exits the geofence.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones

Request Screenshots

Another great feature of this tool is that you can request to capture screenshots anytime. Whenever you want to check the activity of the target device, you can capture screenshots. You need to click on the ‘Take Screenshot’ option. And you shall receive the screenshot within a few seconds.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones

Check Browser History

The Internet can be a boon as well as a bane. It becomes essential to know the good and evil parts of the internet. The surfing history is a right track of the ongoings. In the ‘Browser History’ section of the apps, you can see the URLs, time of visit and the number of times of the visits of the websites.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones

Track Photos And Videos

All the local photos and videos in the gallery of the target device are well sorted by time, and you can access them quickly. You can also download them on your device.
Remotely Monitor Other Smartphones


  1. Root access not required to track apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.  
  2. For iOS users, no need of jailbreak to monitor the device. 
  3. It has a very easy to use and beautiful UI. Once the setup is done, you don’t need to worry about how to use the tool. 
  4. This tool can also be opened and used on your phone’s browser. Hence, you don’t need to carry your PC everywhere. 
  5. The app drains much of the phone’s battery. 
  6. The data sync is very quick and reliable.


  1. Some very time- consuming apps like ‘YouTube’ cannot be monitored. 
  2. App activity tracker is not very accurate.


The FoneMonitor tool is the most advanced and user-friendly tool for a spying parent. FoneMonitor provides a lot many advanced features like keyword alerts, blocking apps, geofences, etc. that help not only in monitoring your kid’s activities but also avoiding unnecessary activities. You can set a fixed study time and block all the apps during that time. Remote Monitoring was never this easy!


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