Top 4 Questions to Answer When Developing a Blog Content Strategy

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Top 4 Questions to Answer When Developing a Blog Content Strategy

Posted by Rahul Gupta
As a blogger, you must know the sad statistics that 69.4% of all blogs don’t make any profit at all and another 22.6% only under $10,000 a year (Blog Tyrant). The income of top bloggers varies significantly from nearly $2,000 a month to over $100,000.
Developing a Blog Content Strategy
Your content strategy is one of the most critical factors that will determine how much money you can make from your blog. To develop a strategy that will help you achieve success, you need to set clear goals. And to do that, you need to answer some questions.

4 Questions That Will Define Your Blog Content Strategy

1. What exactly are your goals?

Answering this question will set the direction for your entire strategy. This will allow you to understand what exactly you need to do and when. You will also get a clearer way to evaluate your success and see if your strategy needs some correction.

Note that the goals you set must be concrete and specific. For example, ‘I want my blog to make money’ isn’t a proper goal, but ‘I want my blog to start making $300 a week by the second month’ is much better.

2. How well does your blog perform now?

Audit your entire website because a blogger might be losing money because of technical issues, like crashes and slow loading speed. You should run a website speed check and ensure that its performance is top-notch.

If it isn’t, resolve technical issues first as the quality of your content won’t matter if your website doesn’t load right. Today Google bots consider uptime and page loading speed as significant factors when ranking. You might need to move your site to a different server to improve performance. In that case, you should get an unbiased hosting comparison such as the one provided by Web Hosting Media. This will help you find the most reliable among affordable hosting providers.

When the website ‘quality check’ is complete, analyze your current content performance. Which posts generate the best response? Why? What do you need to do to create more content like that? How can you improve your future posts based on this data?

3. Who are the people you are writing for?

Detailed research of the target audience is essential for a blogger’s success. Unlike businesses that sell products, you need to understand your prospective readers (customers) on a deeper level. You have to know what exactly they like and how you can keep their attention.

Be a frequent visitor of social media groups and forums they frequent so you can see which discussions are most popular. Keep an eye on the changes in topics and trends and adapt your content strategy accordingly.

4. How will you analyze your content performance?

The analytics and indicators you need to focus on will also factor into the general blog content strategy. Setting the right goals will help you choose the right indicators. After this is decided, you’ll need to find tools capable of collecting and procession this data.
Choose a content management system with diverse capabilities as it will also help you organize, publish, and plan your content.


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