BitDegree Review: Platform for eLearning & Free Online Courses

Thursday, 23 August 2018

BitDegree Review: Platform for eLearning & Free Online Courses

Posted by Madhu Gupta
BitDegree is an online educational platform in the technology sector which is powered by Ethereum Blockchain. They develop cheaply funded, specialized courses for employees and employers according to the demand for skills and training in the market at a particular point in time.
BitDegree Review
The primary objective of BitDegree is to modify the process of getting a degree. Through BitDegree, many businesses can hire talented technical people who can give a new dimension to education system globally and can modify it according to their way and needs.

What is BitDegree?

BitDegree’s primary aim is to revolutionize the concept of education by using Blockchain technology. BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain powered online education platform which gives scholarships technology talent acquisition. 

The official website of BitDegree is BitDegree wants to provide an excellent online education experience to many students who are unable to go outside at distant places to get better education opportunities. 
BitDegree Review
Also, the online education industry is in high demand nowadays, and it is increasing at a fast pace. BitDegree also reduces the cost of recruiting talented pupils in the field of technology.

Some of the existing online educational platforms in the market are Coursera, CodeCademy, Edx and Udemy and BitDegree are trying to become better than these by upgrading its version and offering more services in comparison to these existing platforms.

On BitDegree platform, first of all, they create “Open Position” contracts for some shortlisted students, and after completing this course or training and also if the required conditions are met, the shortlisted students are finally hired by the company.

Performance of BitDegree

Currently, BitDegree consists of 10 Beta courses as Introduction which has been uploaded to their website. One of them is a web development guide, and the other one is an introduction to Blockchain and its related applications. Rest of the courses are uploaded by other teachers.

Recently, BitDegree has crossed about 29 million active members mark on their platform. Most of these members are coming from Hostinger or 000webhost, and they are identified as very loyal, passionate about learning, innovative, creative and keen on learning new things. Nowadays there is a massive demand for online courses due to the hike in Internet usage. 

And so many applications have come up with different online courses, and their number is increasing since 2012. Some examples are Coursera, HackerRank, Unacademy, and CodeCademy, these are viral educational platforms, and they have a considerable market share and worth.

Why Choose BitDegree?

  • BitDegree for Students: BitDegree is an excellent platform for students where they can enroll in the top and high-class online courses to develop the skills required to bring them nearer to their dream job. Students can take advantage of interactive and inspirational classes on BitDegree. They also get expert instructors and excellent learning experience from people who are specialists in transparent blockchain based tracking system.
BitDegree Review
  • BitDegree for Companies: BitDegree helps companies and businesses to search for the talent that they are looking for. Businesses can acquire fresh talent here who come up with fresh, unique and innovative ideas. This helps business people to produce good results.

Benefits of Having BitDegree

  1. It encourages more and more people to continue their study by offering good quality education at lower prices and also by providing incentives and scholarships.
  2. It is an easy way to find technical specialists globally.
  3. The needs, requirements, and criteria of businesses are included in BitDegree’s curricula, which is generally not included and taught by any educational institution and Universities.
  4. People who are interested in learning new skills and getting knowledge of technology are provided great opportunities on BitDegree.
  5. They don’t display any ads, so there are no interruptions for students while they are learning online.
  6. It offers equal benefits to both employers and students.
  7. Students can learn and earn at the same time.
  8. It arranges meetings with businesses who have good proposals for students.
  9. Students and Employers can communicate very easily on BitDegree and can discuss and share each other’s needs and knowledge.

Working of BitDegree

You can go to the official website of BitDegree which is and sign up with your details there. BitDegree contains some best online courses for students and that too with a unique and straightforward award-winning system. It also allows students to earn tokens here in the name of scholarships and rewards. 

To try BitDegree first, you can take an MVP of it. And in that MVP, check out the available courses. These courses are developed for students who are looking to pursue their career in technology, programming, blockchain and some other fields. Some of the courses available on BitDegree are listed below:
  • Coding Fundamentals
  • Deep Learning
  • Web Development Theory
  • Smart Contract Development and Solidity
  • Blockchain Basics
  • Ethereum Development: Truffle and Open Zeppelin

BitDegree also makes use of Octalysis framework to design games which makes the process of training and learning very interesting for both the employers and the students. 

The material of the available courses and its learning process is beautiful and interactive. Companies who are interested in allowing people to learn about new technologies or services can provide financial incentives to various students who are willing to spend time in studying and trying the company’s products. 

These incentives are in the form of required criteria or qualification which is mandatory for using new technologies and products effectively. Those people who are in search of new opportunities will go for new technologies and will develop skills to get to know them accurately. 

On BitDegree, students can communicate with each other and also with their mentors. They can discuss their queries and can ask for detailed solutions and explanations of them. Course material is divided into small parts which encourage short-term efforts. 

Students who succeed in learning and completing the courses are rewarded with platform tokens or BDG tokens on the BitDegree platform. This is because of the belief of BitDegree that education is a tough job and for this student deserve to be paid. They ensure through their clear and transparent blockchain based reward system and achievement tracking that each student will get the reward that he/she has earned and deserved. 

This means students can make and learn simultaneously on BitDegree. It also motivates the students to finish their courses successfully instead of leaving them in between. Students can use these BDG tokens on the BitDegree platform, or they can sell these tokens to other people at higher prices to earn more profit. 

The symbols can be exchanged between any members who are a part of BitDegree, whether they are students, sponsors, employers or any other third parties. BitDegree tokens can be redeemed to buy digital goods and services as due to this the value of BDG tokens is rising at high speed.

BitDegree’s Popularity

BitDegree is very active on social media platforms. It has more than 82,000 followers on Facebook, around 20,000 members in their Telegram channel, 17,700 and more followers on Twitter. They also have their own YouTube channel. They keep all their users updated about the latest developments on the BitDegree platform. 

This also increases its popularity and invites more people to join BitDegree which generates greater profits and opens up many opportunities for the BitDegree’s creators to keep on growing their market share.

Main Aim of BitDegree

Along with the objective to revolutionize online education, BitDegree aims to teach students the skills and abilities which are currently demanded in the corporate world and labor market. BitDegree also promotes students to people who have the potential to become specialists in the digital world economy for the post of digital service providers and sponsors.


Overall BitDegree is a tremendous online educational platform if you are also looking for Massive Open Online Courses. Though they depend a lot on technology and due to this, there’s usually a disadvantage of lack of direct communication between employers and students. 

But BitDegree is working on to solve this problem as well. BitDegree is becoming a part of the rapidly growing market, and it has the capability of overpowering its competitors to become one of the leaders in coming years. 

BitDegree aims to improve the quality of education, and this is undoubtedly a good initiative taken by them. All the principal members of the BitDegree team are experienced, well qualified, focussed and motivated. I surely recommend all users who are interested in studying online to try BitDegree.


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