What are the Top-Paid IT Certifications in 2018?

If you are here on this page, then it is almost certain that you are bored with your current role and position in the IT organization which you work for. There could be a lot of reasons for this. Lack of flexibility could be the issue or lack of recognition. 

Top-Paid IT Certifications

However, majorly it is lack of the desired amount of payment and incentives. So, whatever your reason might be, you have reached the perfect spot as we are going to tell you about the top IT certifications which are in vogue and accordance with the current demand. 

How can a Certification help me?

There are a tremendous amount of benefits associated with getting a certification attached to your name:

  • First of all, certification is an excellent addition to your resume when going to any hiring event.
  • Certifications might be the way to get an extra edge over your competitors and increase your value in your organization.
  • Also, certifications are a great way to develop, enhance and increase your skills. 
  • If you are already working in some role, then obtaining certification will help you land promotions and achieve flexibility in choosing your next role and position.
  • This flexibility in choice leads to an increase in salaries as well. I bet, increase in salary makes everybody happy.
  • Moreover, even IT companies are looking to hire certified employees. According to IT companies, a certified employee has better decision-making ability plus can handle resources and risks in a much efficient way compared to his/her non-certified counterparts. 
  • Also, certification gives you the ability to deploy the end product as well as services in a much faster way with few or no errors as compared to your non-certified counterparts.  
  • When you opt for certification, it renders an image of yourself in the mind of your employer that you are always up for learning new things. This is actually great as even employers want to hire employees who are ready to take on new challenges as and when they arrive.
  • The IT environment is highly volatile. To retain your job in the time of recession, you ought to have something extra on you. Getting certified is one way to achieve that required extra. 

These are only some of the fantastic benefits that getting certified provides. The list is, however, endless. I hope, I can grasp your interest now. Here are the certifications that are worthy to obtain for the current year. The mentioned certifications are highly valued and much sought after when an employer is looking to hire a perfect person. 

Best IT Certifications to go for in The Current Year

1. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) V3 Certification

The complete ITIL V3 certification is done in 5 stages starting from ITIL Foundation Training and Certification. The other stages are of the practitioner, intermediate, expert and master. Having the foundation training is essential to take on the next levels.  
The primary aim of ITIL is to align the IT services in accordance with the needs and requirements of the business. By getting ITIL certified you are in a position to make efficient use of IT services to meet the organizational or business goals and agendas. 

If you are looking for ITIL foundation training and certification, then Simplilearn is the one where you should go. Under the mentorship of Manuel W Lloyd, who is a process expert and have strong skills as well as experience in IT Governance, legislative compliance, and cybersecurity, you will be able to grasp the best practices for increasing quality as well as reduce costs and improve the productivity of the IT Services. 

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

AWS holds on strong to the position of being the best cloud platform. If you have a background with AWS and have about 1-2 years of experiencing developing systems on AWS, then you can go for this certification.

This certification will provide you the necessary skills to design quality systems on AWS which are extremely cost-effective as well as safe, secure and reliable.

3. Citrix Certified Associate – Networking (CCA-N)

The CCA-N certification primary focus lies on building proficiency in the usage of NetScaler Gateway for an enterprise-oriented environment. 

The usage of NetScaler Gateway to access remote desktops, applications, and data safely and securely is taught under this certification.

You don’t require any pre-essentials before taking on this certification.

4. Citrix Certified Associate – Virtualization (CCA- V)

There are solutions constructed on the Xen Desktop version 7.6 platform. In this associate-level virtualization certification, you are taught and provided the skills for efficiently managing and maintaining the constructed solutions.

It also involved monitoring and troubleshooting the same as and when an issue arises. 

You don’t require any pre-essentials before taking on this certification.

5. Citrix Certified Professional – Virtualization (CCP-V)

If you have achieved the associate mentioned above certification in virtualization, then you can go for the professional level certification if you want to improve further, polish as well as additional gain skills.

In the professional level certification, you are taught the steps to install the necessary technologies as well as the steps to effectively configure, test and troubleshoot the technical components as and when the need arises for the same. 

This certification focuses on solutions based on Citrix’s Xen Desktop software. 

6. Project Management Professional (PMP)

This certification is created and is provided by the Project Management Institute and is one of the most valued projects management certification.

In the certification exam you will be tested for five areas which are in accordance with the life cycle of a project which is initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. 
The benefit of this certification is that it is not specific to IT Industry. Any project can fit the standards of the Project Management Professional certification. 

These are the main certifications which are in huge demand in the current year. It is essential to choose a certification according to your interest and not rely entirely on the industrial demand. This way you will be able to learn better, pick up and grasp the concepts. Effective learning gives way to effective execution.

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