How to Create Truly Engaging Social Media Posts

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

How to Create Truly Engaging Social Media Posts

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Simply posting on social media can be done by anybody and doesn’t require much skill. However, the chances are that without the proper content and format, posts will probably disappear into the depths of the world wide web without ever being seen. 
Truly Engaging Social Media Posts
If you want to use social media platforms for online marketing purposes to promote a brand, a business or even yourself, you have to pay more attention to how and why things are done. Here are some tips on how to create relevant and shareable content on Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Choose the right lengths for your posts

No matter what some people say, in the world of the internet, length does matter. Your social media posts should neither be too short nor too long and always fit the respective service you are using to share your message. In the Twitterverse, for example, the number of characters for each post is limited from the outset.

Although Twitter has recently extended their 140-character limit to 280, you should still try to keep your posts short and snappy. Always save room for 10 or so characters for your handle in case your post is retweeted. If you need more space, include a link to an external article or blog post and use sites like TinyURL to shorten your links.

Other services, such as Facebook or Instagram, allow much longer posts, but the character limit should only be exhausted if necessary. Wager whether your readers will consider it worth their time to read a long post, or if it would make more sense to shorten it.

Make use of hashtags

Employing hashtags in the middle or towards the end of your post is a great way to expand your reach beyond your existing group of followers. By adding hashtags, you can contribute to a larger discussion on certain issues or topics and allow your posts to be found through the network’s search system. However, hashtags should always be precise! There is no point in adding hashtags that consist of everyday words such as #sunshine or #heat, but a hashtag like #heatwave2018 is specific enough to be found.

The ideal amount of hashtags you should use also depends on the platform on which you are posting. Whereas a post on Facebook or Twitter should not contain more than one or two hashtags, you want to add up to 10 or plus on Instagram in order for your post to perform well. There are no official limits to the number of hashtags you are allowed to use, but it’s part of the do’s and don’ts of certain platforms to stick to a particular number. If you are unsure about this practice, check some guides on hashtags and how to use them in the proper manner.

Bolster your posts with images or videos

It is no secret that any kind of content performs much better on the internet if it includes an image, a GIF, or a video, so you should always attach one or the other to your post if possible. However, in order to uphold your credibility, it should not be a random video or photo, but one that shares a natural connection with your content.
With Twitter, you have the option of tagging up to 10 people in one picture. This can also increase your exposure; however, tags should be relevant and shouldn’t be used for the sole sake of widening your post’s reach.

Only post high-quality content

If you want your post to perform well, it’s vital to create good content. Disseminating content through social media channels is a fairly easy and quick thing to do, but don’t let that tempt you into publishing subpar content.

Make sure to dedicate the same amount of time and care to a social media post that you would to a blog post or any other form of online publication. Social media posts should be devoid of spelling and grammar mistakes, follow a cohesive structure and be an easy read for your audience.


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