Kidgy Review: Is It Best Parental Control App in the Market?

If you happen to be one of such parents who is concern about their Child online activities, then we are sure that you are that you are looking for a parental control app. Parental control apps are undoubtedly the best way to keep an eye on your kids. 

But the fact is that; there are quite a lot of parental control apps are available online. So the question is which is the best parental control app? Well to help you out with this question, we have handpicked this fantastic app called Kidgy. Now the question is what is Kidgy and how it can help you out? 

Well to answer these questions, we thought about writing a Kidgy review so you can learn about this parental control app in a better way.  So let’s just head into the Kidgy review, without wasting much of the time. 


Starting with the introduction at first, well Kidgy is a smartphone app available for Android and iOS devices. Digital Parents developed the app. The Kidgy parental control software works around the strategies of international institutions like UNICEF, an institute that works for creating a safe online environment for kids.

Kidgy Review

The primary purpose behind the Kidgy app is to make modern parenthood simpler than ever as well as enjoyable on the go. 

The app is designed as a digital assistant and allows you to keep an eye on your kid’s online activity remotely. Using the app, you will also be able to view and block the adult websites, plus you will be able to prevent the apps which promote harmful behavior. 

In addition to that, you will also be able to monitor your kid’s current GPS location. In addition to that, you can set sage locations for your kids. For example, you can set school or home as a safe zone. 

Also once your kids leave a selected safe zone, you will get alerted. Moreover, using the app, you will also be able to set simple tasks and get notified once your kids are done with them. 

So that was a small Kidgy introduction. Now let’s just talk about some of the top features that Kidgy is offering. 

Top Features Of Kidgy

Manage Internet activity

Your kids on the web can visit anywhere. They may visit adult websites, live cam websites, sexting websites, gambling websites and so on. And as a parent, you just do not want them to do so. Thus to protect them from doing so, Kidgy allows you to manage your kid’s Internet activity. 

By enabling the feature, you will be able to know what your kids are up to on the web. Even it gives you the power to block such apps. Restrict internet and app usages and so on. 

In addition to that, the parents can also check which apps their kids have installed on your smartphone. Plus as a parent, you will also be able to block those apps. Also, you can restrict Internet usage during school and sleeping time. 

Track the current GPS location

Are you conscious about your child’s offline activity? Like where they are going and where they are not?  

If yes, then you can use the app to create safe zones for your kids. For example, you can create a safe zone for home and school. As well as the app will notify you each time your kid leaves or enters into a safe zone.

Track GPS Location

In addition to that, you can check out the device route. So you can understand where your kids went. 

View call logs and text messages

It is quite awkward to ask your kids about their phone and check their messages. Get rid of that awkwardness, by adopting Kidgy. 

View Call Logs

The Kidgy app allows you to check all the call logs and text messages. Even you can review the deleted messages as well. In addition to that, it will enable you to block the unwanted numbers. 

Panic Button

The Kidgy app comes with the panic button which can be highly useful for your kids. The features are designed for the kids. 

Panic Button

Just in case if they ever need help, then they can use this feature. And you will immediately get notified about your child’s location and time stamps. 

Daily Schedule Planner

The Kidgy app also comes with the Daily Schedule Planner. This feature comes handy for the busy parents. The working parents can set up tasks for their kids and once their kids complete them. They get notified of it. 

Apart from these features, the app also offers quite a lot of other useful features. To know about them, we would advise you to visit the Kidgy website and read more about the app. Anyway, in the end, let’s talk about how can you install and use the app.

How to Install Kidgy

Installing Kidgy is a super easy task. The app is available on the Google Play store and Apple app store. Also, you can download the app free of cost.

Once the app is downloaded, install it on your kid’s device. Then set up parents and kids profiles and you are done. 

So that was all for the Kidgy review. Now go ahead and give a try to the app and make sure that your kids are safely using the Internet. Anyway, if you have any questions, then feel free to comment below.

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