8 Best Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

Monday, 4 June 2018

8 Best Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

Posted by Rahul Gupta
We all love to shop, don’t we? Yes, the attention is needed for all the ladies out there who, with no guilt can spend their whole day shopping online without any problem at all. So, now the major click is, how can you pay attention to shopping and saving money at the same time? Catch, isn't it? 
Grocery Shopping Tips
Well, as incredible as that sounds, it is true as well. To save your budget is not a bad thing and it can be done by following just a few tips. Time to dig in.

Go for Substitutes

Well yeah, this is the first trick to follow. Review the receipt of the grocery purchase that you made last time and then, mark the expenses that were the expensive ones. Now, when you visit the stores next time, make sure to have a replacement for those expensive grocery items. Do this for every trip you make to the grocery store and taste the wonder.

Know the PRICE

This is important. Sometimes we don’t care about the market value of the products we buy and end up buying them paying a lot more price than it is originally is. So, what you need to do is, learn about all the costs of the items that you have frequently been buying. This will help you in not only saving money but also to make a better pick.

Look for Coupons!

There are several websites like Groupon, DealsShutter, Cashkaro, etc. that provides endless options to get coupons for free and apply them to the sites that you use for making your grocery shopping. This saves your money and the coupons act as an armour.

10 Weeks 20 Buys

Sales happen mostly on cycles and not every day. All you need to do is remember the span and function accordingly. So, buy stuff mainly during the sale. This will save your money and bring a lot of stuff at your house for quite a long time than usual. Also, there will be no need to work daily.

Click the Pic

After we are done grocery shopping, the receipts that we get are usually a waste, isn’t it? What if you come to know that you can earn even with those receipts? Shocked? Well yes, this is true. With the receipts of this grocery shopping, you can quickly earn cash backs from several available websites that offer so. Some of the places provide cash backs weekly and all that they need in return is, take a picture of the receipt. This will help in earning an advantage. 

Be loyal

Most of us have the tendency of changing grocery stores and not sticking to one. So, this is not a very bright idea to frequently change shops every time you are out for shopping, is it? This will wipe off your chances of earning rewards and being a part of the store’s cash back program. Sign up for the different loyalty programs and concentrate on the items that you need free of cost. With the loyalty programs, you can have it too.

Alone and Lonely

Whenever shopping, make sure there is no one along with you. The higher the team you have, the higher the chances to make purchases that you don’t even need. So, the less the people, the less the items purchased. 

Keep it low and Make it high

Entirely avoid the end shelves and the middle ones. Most of the companies pay the grocery stores to place the products at the level of your eyes. So, the idea is to scan through the top and bottom areas that will bring you the best deals of all time. The brands that are less expensive are hidden there most of the time.


With all these tricks, it is likely for you to have an open-ended option while you go out for making purchases, isn't it? The idea and concept are same and all you need to do is focus on “saving your dime.” The best strategies to make it come true are already listed above. Make sure to read them and follow them when you visit your favorite shopping mall for making your shopping experience worth the penny.


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