Serpstat Review: An All-in-one Growth Hacking Tool

Monday, 21 May 2018

Serpstat Review: An All-in-one Growth Hacking Tool

Posted by Rahul Gupta
There are quite a lot of SEO tools exits on the internet. Some of the tools lets you do keyword research, some of them let you perform competitor analysis. Even there are tools that satisfy all your SEO needs. 

But the fact behind these tools is that you have to pay for it. But what if we introduce you to a tool which is an all-in-one SEO platform? And you do not have to pay for it?

Would not it be something really great?

Of course, it will. So let us introduce you to the Serpstat. This is an all in one SEO platform that enables you to perform 5 different modules. Also, the tool is free to use. However, to make you understand about the software in a better way, let us give you an introduction of Serpstat.

Introduction of Serpstat

As mentioned above the Serpstat is an all in one SEO platform. It is a Ukrainian based website which one can use for using search engine optimization or SEO services. These SEO services primarily include keyword research, competitor analysis and so on.  
SERPStat Review
The website was founded in 2013 and over these years it has gained considerable popularity. The company at first started their business as a keyword research tool. Also over the years, they have added other SEO services to their platform. And finally, in 2016, the tool was launched as the all-in-one SEO platform.

Right now the application offers total 5 SEO services to the digital marketers, bloggers, content creators and other people.

However despite being one of the favourite tools. The website remained free and of course with some restrictions. With the free version of Serpstat, one can perform basic tasks. However to use the tool to its full potential you need to get yourself a subscription.

The subscription is divided into two parts. One of them is made for personal users and the other one is for business users. You can check both of the pricing over here:


Personal Pricing 


Business Pricing
So that was a small introduction to the app. Now let’s talk about the features, that Serpstat is offering. 

Top Features of Serpstat

As mentioned above Serpstat offers 5 modules. So let’s talk about each of them separately:

Rank Tracking

If you want to be in the SERP, then you better keep tracking your ranking. As your competitors are always trying to pull you down. So you better keep an eye on your ranking and stay strong in the game.

And to help you out in this, the serpstat comes with the rank tracking feature. Using the rank tracking feature, you will be able to these things:

  • The complete research of SERP with advanced analytics
  • SERP Historical Data
  • Keywords Grouping by tags
  • Insights into traffic distribution among domains
  • Serpstat shows the market share fluctuations
  • Local Search

Backlink Analysis

Without analysing your backlinks, you won't be able to rank higher on SERP. You have to keep your website away from spammy backlinks as well as look for the broken links. 
Backlink Analysis
Hence to make the whole task easy for you. Serpstats comes with backlink analysis. Using the backlink analysis tool, you will be able to perform these SEO factors:

  • Backlink data in one click
  • Full backlinks data collected over the last 2 years
  • Keep track of your competitors' backlink strategies
  • Get the quality scores of referring domains
  • Find pages that attract the most links


Serpstat also offers the SEO audit feature. As you are already aware of the fact that without auditing your website you cant get search engine rankings. Or plan your SEP and SEO strategies. 

However thanks to the SEO audit feature of Serpstat, you can quickly do so. With the SEO audit feature of Serpstat you will be able to do these things:
  • Serpstat Domain Optimization Score
  • Clean up your website
  • Don't miss new errors
  • Plan your SEM strategy and budget properly

Keyword Research

The SERP tool comes with the keyword research tool. As you are already aware of the fact that keyword research tool is one of the top factors in SEO. And yes, Serpstat is offering you the feature. 
Keyword Research
Even as we have mentioned above that Serpstat started their journey as a keyword research tool. So this feature has to be there.

Anyway, talking about the tool, well it is effortless to use. Also, it can help with these following SEO factors:

  • In-depth URL Analysis
  • Insights on Search Questions
  • "Tree-view" Keywords Distribution
  • Related Keywords
  • Adaptable Filters

Competitor Analysis

In SEO competitor analysis is also one of the factors. Like if you are not keeping an eye on the competitor's activities, then you might lose the ranking opportunities.
Competitor Analysis
Hence to make it easy, the Serpstat also has included this feature to their platform. Using Serpstat’s competitor analysis tool, you will be able to do these following SEO factors:

  • Analyze all of your competitors online
  • Niche Leaders Identification
  • Follow the visibility and keyword trends
  • Monitor the progress of your competitors
  • Get the keyword map of your competitor's website

Apart from these features, you will also get some other features. Such as content marketing ideation, search analytics, advertising analysis, on page audit, market intelligence and other ones. 

Final Words

That was all for the Serpstat. However, now the question is as a digital marketer or a blogger you should go and take their services or not?

If you ask us, then we would advise you to use the Serpstat at first. Do check out how accurate their features are according to you and then decide to get subscriptions. 

Although, during our research, we have found Serpstat pretty amazing and useful. It takes care of all our needs and offers the best result possible. 

Also when compared to the other tools, Serpstat is quite cheap. Overall, it is a must try out service you should think about trying.

Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below. And we will surely help you out with your query. 


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