How to Securely Transfer All Your Stuff to New Galaxy S9/S9+

Friday, 4 May 2018

How to Securely Transfer All Your Stuff to New Galaxy S9/S9+

Posted by Rahul Gupta
With the technological advancements on the rise, comes the need to keep ourselves updated and in touch with the latest tweaks in the domain. This era can be indeed labelled as a technological era, the time when the foundation for a more sustained and more complex web of self-learning technologies would consider to have been built soon. 
Anytrans REview
However, coming back to our times, amongst the numerous inventions and progress in technologies that continues to excite us is the ever growing and inevitably changing mobile industry. And since change is the only constant we also need to keep moving with the change and adapt ourselves accordingly. So, in today’s article, we will be discussing a very popular and extremely useful software known by the name of AnyTrans and the developer company being iMobie. 

But before we get ourselves into the mode of weighing the negatives and positives of this software let’s look at few of the topics which also warrant brief attention from our side.

The need and the functions of AnyTrans software?

The basic question that arises at the time of creation of a software is that what is the main aim of this software, what all functionalities it will be dealing with and whether it is better than many other software programs belonging to its category. 

Coming back to AnyTrans, it is a file manager that makes it easy for the copying and moving of files from your computer to your IOS/Android device. It has been rated as superior to the already existing and popular iTunes for IOS devices owing to its better and easy user interface and the cumulation of features it offers including the integration of data through iCloud and even managing the backup of the devices. AnyTrans is not limited to making the life of IOS users easier but it also includes various features to help the Android users in maintaining their devices. 

Cross-platform accessibility is also an essential function of the software which is responsible for the surge in the usage of the software over the period. A given user can copy all his data from an IOS device which he might have been using in the past to the new Android device he bought just now. With the one-click clone, one can easily copy the data to the new device without much hassle. 

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 has made the technology geeks go into a frenzy but with it also comes the need to backup and move your data to the new phone so that none of your memories which were there in your old phone gets erased while you transfer your data to the newly popular Galaxy S9. AnyTrans resolves this issue of data discrepancy or data loss and hence is indeed a recommended and widely used file manager to date.

Now let’s have a look at some of the parameters that would help us weigh the positives and the negatives of the software.

1. Effectiveness 

As per the user feedback, AnyTrans is quite useful in handling the tasks with which it is associated and that mainly includes cross-platform data management. The software has been rated 4.8/5 from around 10,000,000 approximately as has been displayed on their website.

2. User Experience

The User Interface of the software is quite elegant, catchy and convenient for the users to operate. There are no complex buttons or functionalities which require the user to read something about the functioning of the software to start using it. 
User Experience
A non-specialist with only the basic knowledge about using a computer can operate it swiftly. Hence the overall User Interface of the project ranks from good to outstanding and this makes the overall User Experience to show a positive trend.

3. Support

The official support of iMobie is quick and offers email support to help its customers tackle the problems they face during the tenure of their software usage. They also offer many troubleshooting tips to help the users attack the problems on their own without needing anyone’s assistance. Thus, the overall support of the software Anytrans can be summed up from average to good. 
iMobie Support Center

4. Cross-Platform functionality

There are two versions AnyTrans – Android version and the IOS version. The Android version is responsible for the transfer and management of data between the Android platform devices and the IOS version is responsible for the IOS platform devices. However, a feature that is common to both versions is the cross-platform functionality that enables a user to transfer data from an IOS device to an Android device and vice versa. 
Cross-platform Functionality
This feature is indeed a differentiating factor in setting AnyTrans apart from other software programs belonging to its niche. To get a better understanding of transferring photos and files through AnyTrans and to know more about the cross-functionality feature of the software you can download Anytrans from here.

5. Better than iTunes

This parameter is solely for the IOS device users. Many AnyTrans users have reported that the software is much better and easier to use and operate the iTunes. The managing of the files was reported to be made easier by AnyTrans. The only flaw with it is that the user cannot add any additional files to the iTunes library and thus has to be restricted to the existing files in the iTunes library. 

6. Cost

This is another major parameter which holds back a lot of users from completely using the software. This is mainly because the cost for the license of the software for a single computer is around $40 and one indeed needs to contemplate regarding the usage if he is to buy the software by sparing the above amount of money. 
Anytrans Cost

Final Verdict

AnyTrans is indeed a product that is worthy of being recommended within the category of file management. It offers a clear, easy and efficient solution to the various problems which users face while transferring their files from one phone to another.


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