How Parental Control App for Android Helps Control Your Children

Sunday, 20 May 2018

How Parental Control App for Android Helps Control Your Children

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The Internet is the closest thing that we have for a Pandora's box nowadays. You can get anything literally with a simple keyword search on the search engine. As incredible as it sounds, it can also expose youngsters and minors to content which they are not supposed to be seeing at their ages. So, to protect their tender Minds from the corruption of society, we have these regulatory apps known as Parental Control apps that restrict the online activity of your infants.
Parental Control App for Android helps control children
In this article, we'll go through the advantages of having Parental Control apps for your Android smartphone and how they can help you in monitoring the content that children can access on your device.

How do these services help you out?

There are plenty of amazing Parental Control apps out there, and most of them provide you with a great set of features to better control your kid's online activities. Let's go over some of those features right now.

#1. Website filter

This is one of the most common features offered by most of the parent control apps that are available for your device. This filter filters out the secure websites from the harmful ones. This way, your child will be isolated from being exposed to inappropriate or dangerous content while browsing the web.

This website contains a tremendous automated tool which separates good and bad sites intelligently. In case it manages to screw up, or you don't trust it, you can manually add websites to Blacklist and whitelist as you please.

#2. Application Usage Monitor

Other than general website using a small drink, you can also monitor your child's application usage using these apps. These Parental Control apps are capable of tracking any https traffic that goes in and out of your Android phone, meaning that you can pretty much control which app has access to the Internet and what kind of contents it fetches.

This is especially useful for video streaming apps that are available for free download these days. If you feel like your child is wasting too much of its energy and time on these apps, you can choose to block internet access to them, so they never run in the first place.

#3. Social media management

Parental Control apps also provide you with advanced social media management tools, which enable you to track your child's activities on social media platforms. Like it or not, social media is a huge factor to consider when analyzing the impact of the Internet on youngsters’ mind. The amount of drama and gossip going on over at these social networks can expose your child to something which he or she should not have been in that age. But of course, you already knew that.

Using one of best free parental control app for Android can give you total authority over advanced social media capabilities. You can either choose to restrict specific features of a social media platform, or you can choose to block entirely.

#4. Call tracking and blocking

Not only online, but parental control apps can also enable you to track your child's call related activities. If your child is elected to talking on the phone for long relations with their mates, you can set time restrictions on a call, or block specific numbers entirely on that device.

#5. Set a custom Geofence

Geofencing is a technique of setting virtual geographical boundaries for a device, only within which it can access Internet services. This means that your child cannot access service which is beyond the fence that you have set for the device in this keep them safe from accessing malicious and unsafe websites that might be out of your geographical boundaries.

So, there you have it. These are some of the best features offered by Parental Control services which you can invest into to protect your children from exposure to harmful or inappropriate content online. Using these services, you can easily track your child's activities and be a responsible parent when it comes to entrusting your child with the powers of the Internet.


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