WinUtilities Review: All-in-one Utility to Clean Windows PC

WinUtilities Review_ All-in-one Utility to Clean Windows PC

WinUtilities is a comprehensive software solution designed to optimize and maintain Windows-based computers. In this comprehensive WinUtilities review, we will unveil an all-in-one utility that can effectively clean and optimize your Windows system. 

WinUtilities is a cumulative software offering the basic clean-up, defragmentation, optimization, system tools, and other analysis features in one software. The various features in the software have been subdivided into small features that users can look up to and use accordingly. The software’s main screen is divided into modules like Clean-Up and Repair, Optimize and Improve, Privacy and Security, Files and Folders, Registry tools, and System Tools, each with multiple subdivisions and options.

So, in this article, we will weigh the pros and cons of this software by YL Computing and come down to a final verdict regarding whether the use of this software is beneficial for your system or not and whether this software is worth investing your time, memory, and money. Keep reading.

WinUtilities Review: Features Highlight

winutilities review

WinUtilities offers all the features that have been included in the software to be seen on a single screen. This makes things easy for the user as he does not have to spend unnecessary time looking for features within the software. The various disk clean-up and other features can be looked at in one go, and the user can very quickly choose the particular option which can help him deal with the issue he is facing.

Disk Cleaner is Efficient and Fast

disk cleaner

The Disk Cleaner feature offered by WinUtilities is quite efficient and fast. You can manually select the drives and respective folders you want to scan. After the scan is complete, the number of various junk files found during the scan is shown, which you can clean. After cleaning, the Disk cleaner’s task would be complete, and your disk would have be freed of any unwanted junk files occupying extra space. 

Disk Analyzer shows a percentage analysis of various files, folders

disk analyzer

One of the features of WinUtilities is of analyzing a particular drive using the Disk Analyzer feature. This feature gives a detailed list of all the files/folders in the drive along with the percentage of space they are taking so that the user gets a better understanding of his memory management and takes further steps to rectify it.

Tasks Scheduling

tasks scheduling

This is also a good feature offered by WinUtilities, using which you can schedule specific tasks as per your requirements. However, this feature might not be freely available to be used in the free version of the software. However, if you are using a pro version of WinUtilities, then this feature is indeed a good way to keep your system healthy and in good shape. 

Using the Scheduling feature, users can schedule tasks like Disk Cleanup, Registry Cleanup, Disk defragmentation, or History Cleanup at a specified time, like after the system boot-up or any other time per the user’s demands. 

1-Click Maintenance

1 click maitainance

The 1-Click Maintenance feature also adds a differentiating feature in making the software easy to use and helpful. Using this feature, the user can accomplish various tasks by clicking on a single option. Some of the things that are managed by this feature include cleaning all the junk files, emptying recycle bin entries, Analyzing and repairing any registry errors, cleaning Internet cookies or Internet temporary files, Analyzing and defragment drives, and various other features which take place one after the other in one go using the 1-Click Maintenance feature. 

Latest Office Temporary Files Cleaning

WinUtilities supports the latest Microsoft Office temporary file cleaning. This ensures that the Disk Cleanup is more efficient and updated with the latest advancement in various other software.


Although WinUtilities offers several scattered features, it stands unsuccessfully in delivering a complete and comprehensive Windows Scan and other Windows Tweaking utility features. Anti-malware and other disk doctoring features are not included in the software, making it a little less than a full shield to protect and keep your system from risks and threats.

WinUtilities Pro Version

winutilities pro

If you are having trouble accessing some features like task scheduling and a few other features, you can opt for the WinUtilities Pro version. The pro version has many other features not included in the free version of the software, like the already mentioned feature of task scheduling, recycle bin shredding, etc. You can enjoy the benefits of all these features for an extension of around 1 year by spending around 30$. 

Final Verdict

Although WinUtilities does not include all the core scanning features, it can be considered sufficiently capable software to rule out and eliminate minor threats to your system based on the prerequisite that the user knows what is wrong with his/her system. As far as the user ratings go, the software has been rated very good, with around 240 five stars and 210 four stars from a total review count of close to 600 votes. Hence the software is not that bad if you believe the ratings. Although not a complete toolkit, WinUtilities is nevertheless a widely used software.

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