How Can Native Advertising Impact Your Blog Revenue in 2018?

Thursday, 8 March 2018

How Can Native Advertising Impact Your Blog Revenue in 2018?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Web blogging is among the most common way for aspiring content creators to get established on the internet today. But it isn’t just novice content creators; many major websites also maintain a respectable web blog just because they are free from certain restrictions that are generally imposed on their main websites. Also, blogs provide a general consolidation for all the media channels that a corporation or individual might own, making it easier to track customer interests, get first-hand user feedback and throw in general discussions, all under one roof.
Native Advertising
Now, while it all sounds promising, things aren’t as easy as it might seem on paper. The most obvious and common issue funding, more specifically return on investments. You see content creation is a time consuming a job and obviously individuals that dedicate time to it, do it to make a living. So even with very high-quality content, it isn’t really easy to get a decent revenue unless you have ad support on your blog. Now some of us might argue that ads are generally distracting and often distract the often pristine look of the website unless it is well optimised for the design. That is where native advertising comes into play.

Short Summary on Native Advertising

There are lots of forms of advertising on the web. While the most standing out are the banner ads and clickbaits, they don’t do much to get the customers attention because:
  1. Banner ads can often be overlooked if it doesn’t match the content of the website.
  2. Clickbaits are simply annoying and one of the primary reasons why we need ad blockers in the first place.
But the most discreet and elegant form of advertising that has seen a huge rise in recent times has to be native advertising. What native advertising does, it that tries to blend into the content, trying to stay relevant to the viewer who might feel like the ad is actually a part of the entire content on the page. 

To give you a better idea of what it is, let’s take the music artist David Guetta for example. You’ll often see him using wearing headphones from the brand Beats by Dr.Dre and it usually on contract for a native ad. The genius of this is that you want those headphones even though they aren’t necessarily asking you to buy them. The product is a part of the content, and it doesn’t shout “ad” in the slightest. 

The biggest USP of native advertising, apart from its inconspicuous nature is that it is non-intrusive. Ads with this format will never ask or shout at you to buy or adapt their products, but there is a very high chance that such ads won’t get outright neglected because of their impeccable incorporation into the content itself. Like when was the last time you ever ignored a “Find more like this” after a good video or piece of information.

Native Advertising For Blogs and Bloggers

Let's discuss Native Ads for Bloggers. Native advertising is helping bloggers to ramp up the revenues, more-so than another form of ads. How could you be so confident? Well, the first thing you would need to do is set up the content in such a way that it can sync with your ‘In-text ads’. There is no point in just inserting ads for the heck of it which doesn’t even match with the content. Secondly, you’ll need a register with an ad-networks who can provide you with a decent ad campaign for your website. 

Assuming that you are running a Good blog with relevant content and a high rate of visitors per day. You can create publishers account on MediaVenus; It is among one of the best Adsense alternatives and a trusted ad network dealing with native ads technology. Unlike, other ad-agencies, MediaVenus has a special focus on making the nature of ads as non-intrusive as possible. They do support banner ads as well but for the most part, they are specialists in native ads. 

How MediaVenus Helps Bloggers to Boost Ad Revenue?

As we know, MediaVenus is a prominent ad-network that acts as the intermediary between some of the top advertisers and web publishers (that includes Bloggers & Webmasters). They have a very simple and uncluttered interface that is easy to understand and straightforward. Since MediaVenus is mostly native and banner ad driven, it is quite convenient for bloggers to integrate the ad system in their blog or website.  The advantage for bloggers here is that, they can sign up with MediaVenus and start monetizing their traffic even with they are beginner. Infact, MediaVenus helps all range of publishers with low, intermediate and high monthly traffic volume.

MediaVenus ads is very customisable when it comes to ad placement. Bloggers have the choice to tune the ad flow according to their content. However, it goes without saying, but novice bloggers can sometimes find it difficult to match the ads exactly but nonetheless, MediaVenus’s allows you to file tickets about your queries so that you can express grievances related to any topic. They have excellent support system that can help you out via Skype or Email and make sure that that the ads displayed are always relevant to the content published on your website.

MediaVenus Dashboard
One of the more prominent features of Media Venus is their web panel. Which has a very straightforward menu to access all the necessary tools required for maintaining your ads. They have a very extensive statistics tool that displays all the information regarding your ads, including your ad widgets. You can see the CPM & CTR rates along with total number of Clicks on ads, total income, impressions and so on. Now these features aren’t uncommon for most ad networks, however very few of them has such a level of clean and uncluttered presentation that you can find on MediaVenus.

Easy Payout Withdrawal

MediaVenus allows Publishers to withdraw their respective revenue every week. The minimum threshold amount is just $15. MediaVenus is among few ad network that allows multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Paxum, Webmoney, Capitalist etc..

Media Venus Referral Programme

MediaVenus offers an excellent referral programme where MediaVenus shares 50% of their revenue. In simple word, You will get 5% of the ad revenue of your each referral publish on MediaVenus. This is interesting especially for for bloggers who is always looking for different method to make money online.


In the recent scenario where adblocker and tight competition causing a serious downfall in the global publishers’ revenue. In such stiff, Native Advertising become a lifeline for almost all range of Publishers including Bloggers who are getting disappointment from Adsense or low revenue that empowering to look for some alternative options. 

Nevertheless, MediaVenus is a fast growing native advertising network crafted for seasoned webmasters and novice bloggers alike. The interesting part which i like is, One can easily use Google Adsense ads along with MediaVenus native ads without violating respective policies. This will help to boost the monthly revenue and engage audience attentions.


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