Why are People Looking for Ways to Delete Clash of Clans?

I don’t think there will be any guy who doesn’t know about Clash of Clans, but in case if we have any hypothetical case over here, Clash of Clans (COC) is one of those addictive strategy games whose primary objective is to collect the maximum number of trophies.

Delete Clash of Clans

How do you earn trophies? – Attack someone else’s village, or protect your own against other’s attacks. You first build your community and then train your troops to make them ready for an attack.

With each win, you also gain gold, elixir and dark elixir (types of currency used in the game).
With more number of trophies, you raise your level to fight tougher opponents, improve your village defense, upgrade your town hall, etc. You could also pay for the gems and other resources.

Why Play the COC Game?

Well, everyone around you plays it. Good enough reason to spend hours waging your attacks on unknown online strangers, collects gold, trophies, etc., raise your level. It improves your strategic skills.
Above all, you are sure to build your image among your friends with more number of trophies than them.

Why Stop It?

Well, so for answering this question, let us check what happens once we stop playing the game.
No further upgrades, there won’t be any virtual gold, no elixir or dark elixir, no fun of beating strangers in wars. The trophies which you won by winning those wars will be looted. 

Your village on which you spend hours to make it stable will be looted, you would be surely be kicked out of the clan, Clash of Clans will surely lose a fantastic player, and the most critical part, you can’t brag about your trophies to your friends. Also, you can’t make Supercell richer by your contribution.

So, if the things as mentioned earlier matter a lot to you then don’t quit. Please, clash on.
If those things don’t matter to you a bit, you want to utilize your time efficiently, then just uninstall it now itself, because if you are that guy who doesn’t care about it linked to your account even though you uninstall it, then you are not going to play the game anymore. Let us have a look at how we will be affected by the game!

Why Do People Want To Get Rid Of Clash of Clans Game?

Social Life: –Well, the only place you get social will be with the strangers you have in your clan. COC players prefer to be alone so that they can concentrate more on the game.

Sleep: – The sleeping time of COC gamers are often affected by the notifications as it will be followed by another attack.

Study/Work: – If you are a student, take a look at your scores before and after you got started with COC. If you work, the same request again. Check the number of times you had postponed your assignments before and after you started playing the game. You will find the answer here on whether to continue with the game or to uninstall it.

Spend Your Time on YouTube videos

You can spend your leisure time in many ways, play with friends (outdoors), talk to your close ones, try out something new (drawing, singing), read books and many more. But a COC addict will spend his leisure time watching YouTube videos learning new strategies. Check their history; it will be most of these videos.

Well, there are some smart ones would want to try it out for a while, then stop it. They would go for the option of a fake Google account which they plan to delete once they are done playing the game. In most of the cases, this will be one of those unexecuted plans.

Why people find it tough to delete the COC account?

Well, Clash of Clans is a game that is linked to your Google account, so it is evident that you cannot delete it permanently. Any account that is made on the Supercell game cannot be deleted, the reason being that it is registered on their server. The other reason is the mindset of the gamers who think about the hours and days they spent to reach the current position in the game.

Only a few of them will think twice of the hours that will be further put in if they continue. Gamers promise themselves to limit the number of hours. This strategy works for a few days, and then they go back to the eat-COC-sleep schedule again.

3 Ways to delete Clash of Clans

Option 1 

  • Select the Play Games service on your phone.
  • Go to settings.
  • You will find an option “Delete Play Games Profile.” Select it.

After you are done with the above steps, your game profile score will come back to 1. I don’t think it will matter much that now you have decided to stop playing.

Option 2

Request Supercell for a ban or to deactivate your account. They won’t be able to delete permanently, but with a permanent ban, you won’t be able to play the game again.

Option 3

Delete the account associated with the game. Well, this is not always preferable. Other options will be to go for the unethical measures like using hacks continuously that themselves will give you a ban, use of offensive usernames, etc. If you want the detailed instructions, check this guide on how to Delete Clash of Clans Game Permanently and stay away from it.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have got to know about the disadvantages of the game and the ways to get rid of it, you can use your leisure time wisely and get away from your phone for some time. Clash on with the real world, not in your clan.

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