Xnspy Review: An iOS Spyware App with No-Jailbreak Solution

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Xnspy Review: An iOS Spyware App with No-Jailbreak Solution

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Xnspy is a cell phone spy and monitoring program that enables you to keep tabs on virtually any online activity you wish to monitor. The spyware is compatible with iOS and Android devices. In fact, the No-Jailbreak version of Xnspy for iPhone and iPad is among the best I have tested so far. 

Xnspy is also one of the most affordable iOS spyware apps you will find on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. The price of the program starts from $8.33 a month only. Affordable, isn’t it? And the best part is you won’t have to bear any additional charges or fees since Xnspy’s monthly payment enables you to spy on a mobile device for as long as you want. 

To top it off, Xnspy comes with free lifetime upgrades. This means you can use the iOS spyware app for a very long time without having to pay for upgrades. 

How to Set Up the No-Jailbreak Version of Xnspy? 

The no-jailbreak version of Xnspy is by far the most popular choice because the name clearly suggests it doesn't require you to jailbreak an Apple device. It’s an ideal solution for non-tech savvy individuals because most people either do not have access to the target device and if they do, they fail to jailbreak the device owing to the lengthy and technical process.
Xnspy Review
I have personally used this iOS spyware app and found it quite efficient. Here’s what I liked about it: 

  • I don’t have to access the target iPhone manually to set up the spyware.
  • I don’t have to jailbreak the target iPhone I was looking to monitor. 
  • It provided me all the information I wanted to see.  

It was a cinch to set up this software. At this time, Xnspy is perhaps one of two or three spyware that is compatible with the latest iOS version 11.2.1, which means you can monitor all the latest devices of Apple—iPhone 8, 8 Plus, The X, iPad Pro and more—with it. 

This is indeed an amazing accomplishment considering the security features inherited in every latest device of Apple. It shows the team of developers and engineers at Xnspy has outshined the competition with their technological know-how.   

Prominent Features of Xnspy 

Xnspy offers a hoard of spy features that can sate even the most demanding users. Below are some prominent features of the iOS spyware app.   

  • Chats and Messages

Access text messages and chats sent and received on the monitored iPhone. With this tool, you can eavesdrop on hard-to-crack services like iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber and more. Even if the monitored individual deletes the chats or messages immediately after viewing them, you can retrieve them by viewing the logs on your personal Xnspy web account.  

  • Calls and Contacts

 Intercept the information of all outgoing and incoming phone calls with Xnspy. Get call log details to see time and date stamps along with details like contact name and number.   

  • GPS Tracker 

 It’s a handy option, especially for concerned parents and employers, who are keen to know the whereabouts of their kids or mobile workforce. The geofencing functionality of the app makes it more easy for employers and parents to track down their target as they can set virtual confines around job sites, safe or unsafe zones, with the tool. As a result, they won’t need to keep an eye on every single move the target because the program sends them an alert every time the monitored individual enters or leaves the designated areas. 

  • Social Media Monitoring 

The developers behind this app seem to be working tirelessly as it offers the option to monitor social media networks like Tinder. Monitor the chats taking place on popular social media platforms and stay in the loop. The content of the messages will be displayed in the similar fashion as they appear on the target device, so you can get a hang of it without messing things up. 

  • Tracking Internet Browsing   

 Parents and employers will appreciate this functionality of the iOS spyware app because employees and young kids love to spend time browsing the Internet rather focusing on the task at hand or their studies. With this feature, Xnspy can see the complete browsing history and bookmarked sites of a person to identify if they are engaged in any suspicious or non-work-related activities. 

  • View Saved Photos and Videos  

Lay your eyes on the saved photos and videos on the monitored iPhone. These files may tell you a lot about the target and his or her habits. Since Xnspy gives you full access to all the shared and saved multimedia files and retrieves data that is deleted from the device.  

What Sets Xnspy Apart? 

Although I found the app pretty efficient and helpful, the best thing about the software that sets it apart is it lets you view the complete list of the installed applications (stock and third-party apps). Allowing parents to prevent their children from accessing apps that stream inappropriate or age-restricted content such as YouTube, etc.  Perhaps, this is why a lot of people call it a YouTube spying software. Above all, Xnspy works amazingly fast, has a simple UI with a master view on every single activity. 


  • Purchasing Xnspy is fast, easy, and secure. More importantly, you can purchase this sleuthing app at any time, no matter wherever you are in the world.  
  • Remotely setting up the app just requires you to know the iCloud details of the target.
  • Its takes barely five to eight minutes to set up the iOS spyware app. Plus, it doesn’t take too much space on the target phone.
  • You are not required to have a Ph.D. in software to use this YouTube spying software.  
  • The monitored person will never be able to find it on his or her iPhone as it works stealthily and doesn’t require a jailbreak. 


  • It does not support Symbian and BlackBerry phones.
  • The software takes roughly 24 hours to retrieve and upload the data from the monitored device after installation.
  • Xnspy doesn’t offer phone support. It only offers 24/7 live chat and email customer service.

Subscription Plans and Pricing 

People, who have limited spying needs, can opt for Xnspy's Basic plan that has all the basic features one needs to obtain desired information. Since it doesn't offer a huge cache of features, therefore, the pricing of the plan is also on the lower side. You can get it for just $8.33 a month. 

Those who prefer to go with the Premium package of the surveillance app usually require advanced features to get their hands on the desired data. As a result, Xnspy charges a bit higher for its Premium plan, $12.49 a month. Still, it is affordable than any of the premium packages of the other spy apps available on the market. 

Final Thoughts  

The necessity of spying software is obvious. This surveillance application is a good option for a lot of people as it can prove beneficial for both business owners and concerned parents. Sure, there are several spy apps out there but not all of them worth your cash. More importantly, not all of them deliver. 


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