How to Create a Strong Website With Wix Code?

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to Create a Strong Website With Wix Code?

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Getting your very own personal website is not a child’s play. When you are building it up for the first time, you would definitely want it to be perfect. If you are someone from a professional zone, you would have the need for a website that will help you and the dreams associated with you to come true.

The discussion here is about Wix Code, well, might sound an alien word to you but trust me, it just gets interesting.

 The article here will clear up all your doubts and you are going to have the most beautiful experience once you start trying working “hands on” with Wix.

The Overview

We are talking about Wix, which is like a magic world for the ones who are looking forward to getting their own website. 

Wix saves you from all the trouble that one has to go through while creating their website. It has been just a while since Wix introduced Wix Code which is a solution that gives the users the ability to create their own applications on the web. This just gets more interesting.

Are you still thinking what to do even if the solution is right in front of you? Well, get a taste for yourself by using the Wix Website Builder and enjoy working with one of the best website builders there is, a great experience is guaranteed. 

Wix Code

The use of the different capabilities of Wix Code vary depending totally on the users. For the users looking for better functionalities, Wix Code makes sure to offer the correct capabilities. 
Wix Code
With Wix Code, one can use endless facilities. All this helps in removing a lot of the trouble of setting up your own website and keeping track of the different environments.
Pick Template

The Advantages of Wix Code

This is one of the most important things we look for before jumping on to conclusions. Knowing what you are using is very important, so here is a general explanation that will introduce you to the different functions that you are going to encounter with Wix Code:

  • It includes the ability to easily build a database, no JavaScript knowledge needed.
  • The whole package that is the front end and the back end is tied together. Wix conducts the designs on the front end and Wix Code takes care of the back end.
  • The users have the opportunity to construct apps that are fully functional and even support Search Engine Optimization.

  • Wix is like a dream world for the ones who love to experiment with designs and templates. There are also methods to enhance the custom behaviours using Internal and External API in the process. 
  • External API usage example: For example, you can implement the weather forecast in your website, and it will update directly from the Yahoo! Weather API in real time, as shown here. 

Delightful Features

You don’t need to be a coder anymore to construct your website and with Wix Code, things get a lot easier. 

Apart from the strong tools that it gives you to build your powerful website, it also enriches the entire process. Wondering something? Let me guess. You might be thinking, what do these things have to do with you, isn’t it?

We have all the answers to your questions, and here are some of the features that Wix Code provides:

Huge Database Collection: This ensures that all the content is exactly in the same place as required. Whatever you want is right under your nose, all you need is a vision to find the one suiting your website. Text, documents, and images, just name it and it is there.

Dynamic Pages: A single design flow will allow you to make changes in the entire list of the contents that are available in your database. You can, thus, create a large number of web pages without going through any trouble. For every page, there will be a different URL and the content inside it will be unique too. Also, SEO is another add-on, nice, isn’t it?

Customizable Forms: You can easily collect user generated content, like application forms, review palette, etc. All this can be done without needing you to write a single piece of code. If this is not the heaven for the non-coders, I don’t know what is. The data will be piled up in the database and stored on the Wix Cloud.
Here is a detailed tutorial, showing exactly how to set up a Database Collection:

The Final Verdict

Well, this brings us down to our conclusion. I guess that was enough taste of the fun that you are likely to experience while using Wix for creating your perfect website. 

The world of Wix is simply amazing. The end results are definitely fruitful. We all love our precious time and Wix Code seems to know that too and that is why it saves almost 50% of our time. Just go for giving it a shot and knowing about the miracle that is coming your way.


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