How to Install APK Files for Kindle Fire HDX

Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to Install APK Files for Kindle Fire HDX

Posted by Rahul Gupta
Today’s tip comes from Dragon Blogger Technology and Entertainment which is a tech blog featuring reviews, giveaways and articles around the latest gadgets, video games and general tech trends.  This tip is for those of you who own Kindle Fire devices which are budget friendly Amazon tablets that run the Amazon Fire OS which is a modified version of Android.  

Amazon by default only lets you install apps and games from the Amazon App Store, but there is a way to install Google Play apps on your Kindle Fire and all you have to do is follow these tips below.

The first step is to enable it so that Kindle Fire devices can install 3rd party software. Go to your Kindle Fire settings.
Make sure you allow 3rd party applications so that you can install APK files directly from other sources.

Install a File Explorer, so you have a way to install that APK file

  • Download and install ES File Explorer which is free on the Amazon App store; this will let your browser your Kindle Fire folders and files.

Find your APK App/Game on Google Play

  • Search Google Play for the app or game you want.
  • Click on it and copy the entire URL of the app or game on Google Play.

 Example, if you want to play Hammerman on the Kindle Fire just get the URL from Google Play:

Go to Evozi APK Downloader

  • Then click on the Generate Download Link.

Download Now

NOTE:  Some apps/games will prevent download and give you an APK error, but most will work.

If successful you should see the package above, click on the green “Click here to download” link and download the APK file directly to your Kindle Fire device. If you downloaded it on your PC, you would have to transfer it to your Kindle Fire device via USB to install it.

Once it is on your Kindle Fire Device, use ES File Explorer to install the APK file.

Now your Google Play app or game should work on your Kindle Fire without issues, though some games do not work if they use Play Center and Micro Transactions.  

Most will work however and you should experiment with what you can.  The Google Play Facebook app is far better than the native Facebook app on the Kindle Fire for example.


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