Top 5 Download Manager Apps for Android in 2019

Monday, 29 January 2018

Top 5 Download Manager Apps for Android in 2019

Posted by Rahul Gupta
The Internet has taken an essential place in our day to day life. From communication to purchasing things, it has made every task more manageable. It has become the ultimate place to get information, share ideas, represents our view to people and many more things that you yourself witness. With each of its application, you also have experienced some difficulties while downloading the files on your device. 
Download Manager Apps for Android
And you might be thinking of getting an application that can manage your download files and provides you full control over it; then some download manager application will help you in that. 
Yup there are many internet download managers for PC but what about Smartphone? Many users are searching on Google for the best idm for Android. So, here in this article, we have shared top 5 download manager for Android. 

What is Download Manager? 

While downloading files through a stock browser, we have to keep on checking it by opening the Browser again, and again. While downloading some large files, it is not possible to open the browser and pause it periodically. 

But if Download manager is installed in the Android browser then that software will track every single file that will be downloaded by your Smartphone. You can keep on resuming large files as per your convenience.  

Here we have created a list of top 5 Download Manager for Android. Have a look at it.  

Advance Download Manager 

Advance Download Manager is the best downloading tool for the Android Devices. If you a user that regularly downloads the content from the Internet, then ADM app is the best option for you. It offers some of the best features and some of them are mentioned below:
  • It offers you the option to resume downloads as many times as you want. 
  • This app will download your content in background 
  • It supports multi-thread downloading to enhance the download speed. 
  • You can download 3 files at a time. 
  • Unique algorithm to boost up the downloading speed. 

These were some of the features of ADM that makes it best. You can download it from Play Store and can join the gang of 5 million users. Along with this Advance, Download Manager is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

Downloader & Private Browser 

A combo application, a very secure web browser with a well-maintained browser. You might be wondering what is so special in this browser? This app gives you world-class security while surfing the internet. Along with safe browsing, this application also provides some other features too. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • It supports multi-tab browsing. 
  • In-built video and media player. 
  • Downloading files got automatically arranged as per their type. 
  • You can protect the downloaded files as per your choice. 

These were some features which are being offered by the Downloader & Private Browser. You can download the app from play store.

IDM Download Manager

IDM Download Manager is the oldest downloading manager that was firstly available for Computer but these days, IDM manager is available for the Android Smartphones too. IDM download manager offers some special features which are listed below, have a look at them. You can download IDM for Android too.
  • The user interface is simple and clean. 
  • Supports tabbed browsing. 
  • Offers you a bookmark manager. 
  • Supports resume option without any interruption in downloading.  

Since IDM Download manager is the oldest thus, over 5 million users have downloaded this app and they had given a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. So, you can give it a try and can download it from Play Store.   

Download Accelerator 

Download Accelerator is the fastest download manager, this manager overcome the slowness of most of the stock browsers. Via this application, you can schedule your downloads as per the availability of the network. Along with this, there are several other features and some of them are mentioned below.
  • It speeds ups the download up to 5x the normal downloading speed. 
  • It supports the multi-thread core downloading. 
  • The downloading bar is there on the notification panel to show the progress of the download.  
 Hope you have decided to download the Download Accelerator, if you have planned to download it then, you can visit the play stores. Around 1 million people have downloaded it and had ratted it with 4 stars.   

Turbo Download Manager 

Turbo Download is serving its clients from 2012. It is a great tool for those who use a slow network to surf the Internet. Turbo Download Manager downloads files at the maximum speed that is possible by that network. This Download manager also has a decent inbuilt browser. Along with this, there are several other features and few of them are mentioned below.
  • It provides you a network boost mode. 
  • Periodic notification regarding downloading progress.  
  • Retry paused or failed downloads every time phone gets restarted. 
These were some of the special features that Turbo Download Manager provides its users. This download manager is rated 4 out of 5 along with this; around 5 million stars have used it. You can just visit play store and can download this app.  

The download mentioned above managers are the top 5 download managers that are available for Android. These apps are personally tested and selected after an in-depth study over each. Along with these, all the download managers that are listed above can support all the Android platform above 4.0 versions. Thus, these 5 apps can be used by older Android smart phone users too.


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