Take Writing Seriously: Best Writing Apps For 2018

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Take Writing Seriously: Best Writing Apps For 2018

Posted by Rahul Gupta
If you spend a great deal of time creating content for your pages in social networks and WordPress websites, you can make great strides by using a cutting-edge writing app. Modern writing apps can deliver you the experiences that beat the default text editors in a number of ways. What’s more, they’re specifically tailored to meet the needs of modern writers and to become their loyal and reliable content creation assistants.
Best Writing Apps
There’s a number of draws that make you turn to best writing apps this year. Consider the highlights listed below:

  • Firstly, some modern writing apps target creating a distraction-free experience. In the world of digital buzz, our writing efforts often get swayed by continuous interruptions that stream from social media and other apps. To let you ward the unwanted distraction away, many writing apps feature ‘distraction-free’ mode. Fine-tune it, and you’ll be disturbed only if something critical happens.
  • If you strive to improve your writing productivity, writing apps will ignite your motivation with progress counters, text analysis tools and insightful writing speed monitors. Moreover, they offer you a nice way to track your progress and improvement of writing skills over time.
  • Next, writing apps let you tap into advanced content formatting. You get a chance to work with diverse content types and format the content the way you prefer. This proves beneficial to screenwriters and novelists.
  • Then, writing apps provide for improved integration between different services. You get access to cloud backups and can transfer your posts to WordPress and other content management systems.
  • Last but not least, writing apps help you access the same writing environment across all your devices. You’ll be able to jot down new ideas even on the go, to later polish them during the next writing session. That’s why we recommend that you go for an app package that brings you both the mobile and PC versions of the app. Fortunately, you can get such a dual combo without breaking the bank for as much as $65.

We hope these draws ring a ball to you and are the features that you always wanted to have to boost your writing efforts. It’s time to learn about the best writing apps that neatly bring you all these features an even more. Let’s get started!

The List Of Best Writing Apps 2018

No matter whether you’re an avid blogger, an inspired novelist or a talented screenwriter, below you’ll find a number of writing tools that bring you all you ever needed to jump start your writing efforts. Choose the app that best fits your needs and write more effectively with it.
Choosing Apps

For Screenwriters

If you take screenwriting seriously, then you deserve a professional screenwriting program, such as Final Draft. Owing its copy costs $249.99, but it’s worth it. Final Draft runs both on Mac and Windows, so you can access it with any desktop device. Next, it features tons of tools that are custom-tailored for screenwriters. With it, you can take advantage of extensive script formatting, automatic suggestions, extended screen location markups, etc. What’s more, with Story Map tool, you can plan your scripts from high-level overview to beat-by-beat outlining in a matter of hours.

However, there are also some downsides to using this Writing App (except for the price). For example, just one person can edit the Final Draft document at a time. Moreover, its default auto-save feature fails frequently, resulting in progress lost if your fail to save changes.
Final Draft
The next great writing tool, Adobe Story costs you $9.99/month. However, if you have Adobe Creative Cloud membership, it’s already included. In fact, Adobe Story is not only a great writing tool, but also a great platform for collaboration with producers, directors, editors and your fellow screenwriters. Sending your script to them takes no time. They can annotate the text with their suggestions and suggest other improvements. However, before you hop in, be aware that Adobe Story is available online only. There’s no desktop or mobile app that you can use when your Internet connection is down.
Adobe Story CC

For Novelists and Others Into Creative Writing

The process of writing a book differs greatly from the one of writing a screenplay or a series of articles. When you write a book, you rarely write it in the order people read it later on. You never know what chapter you’ll be coining or polishing next. What’s more, you can later swap chapters or book parts for increased suspense and thrill. All in all, if you’re writing novels, you need a digital app that stores your book as an archive of different files and folders. Below you’ll find our top 2 suggestions for you.

Ulysses is a subscription-based app for iOS devices with an attractive minimalist interface. The app lets you access your drafts on any Apple device, so that you can write no matter where you are. What’s more, you can publish your works on WordPress websites through this application and accurately convert your texts to PDF, .docx and eBook formats. One more draw of this app is that it stores everything you’ve written with Usyless. So, whenever you come back, all your writings will be at your fingertips. To get started with Ulysses, sign up for 14-days free trial. After the trial expires, you’ll have to pay around $ 5 -7/month depending on your geographical location to use it.
Scrivener is a perfect solution if you need an app that manages your writing process. With it, you can take notes and structure your writings in a number of ways. A wide range of formatting options is also provided. The Scrivener’s interface is akin to classic text editors, such as Microsoft Word or TextEdit. So, if you initially feel lost, don’t panic. Check out the interactive Scrivener tutorial, and you’ll master working with the app as simple as ABC. By the way, to use the app on a regular basis, you have to pay $45 once. If you’re not sure, you can go for the app’s free trial first.

For Bloggers

If you’re a blogger and post actively in your WordPress blog or on social network, you’ll also benefit from writing apps. Many of them center on upgrading your blogging experience and let you export your texts to the platforms of your preference.

iA Writer is a minimalist app with impressive functionality. It readily provides you with alternatives for adjectives, verbs and pronouns used in the text. What’s more, it features ‘sync scrolling’ that lets you get an overall glimpse of your upcoming posts with no distractions. Moreover, you can turn on ‘focus mode’ to polish this or that sentence that feels odd. iA Writer is available for MacOS, iOS and Android. So, accessing it on the go and syncing to your desktop isn’t a big deal. Moreover, iA Writer is pleasingly inexpensive. You pay $20 once and can use the app for lifetime.
iA Writer
Zoho Writer is an awesome free app that lets you write across your devices within a minimal interface. It’s clean-n-crisp and brings you formatting tools and menus only when you need them. What’s more, signing in for this online tool with any device takes just one click. If you opt to create a free account, you can store and access your documents later on, as well as share them with your colleagues and fellows.
Zoho Writer
After you’re done with the writing part, don’t forget to proofread your text. Grammarly is a great app to help you with this task. The free version of it does a great job in correcting your spelling and syntax mistakes. If you’re after advanced fixes, vocabulary suggestions and plagiarism identification choose a plan and pay monthly ($29.95), quarterly or annually ($11.66/month) for it.

Moreover, if you’re just about to start your blog, we’ve got a couple of suggestions for you. Below, you’ll find the first-rate WordPress themes for novelists, which turn running your personal blog on writing into a piece of cake. Feel free to check the full collection of blog WordPress themes for more options.

Writer/Author Responsive Moto CMS 3 Template

NF Book Worm - Fullscreen Book Authors WordPress Theme
NF Book Worm

MaxPaxton - Freelance Copywriter and Journalist WordPress Theme

Wrapping Up

Congrats! Now you know the different apps to take your writing experience up a notch. Grab the app that has the features you need most, and start creating exciting pieces of writing with it! We wish you lots of zeal and inspiration on your way.

Have you tried any of these best writing apps for 2018? You’re welcome to speak up in the Comments section below. Stay tuned!


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