iMyFone TunesMate: Easily Transfer Data Between iOS & PC/iTunes

Well, it is no surprise that we can die for our iPhones, iPods, and iPads and nobody can deny the fact. Life gets tougher each day if it is iTunes that we have to rely on because we all know it’s a little far from perfection. Several disadvantages are coming along with iTunes putting it into the non-favorite lists of people.

iMyFone TunesMate Review

However, Apple is not likely to changes its patterns and way of style so quickly, which brings into focus a famous third-party app called iMYFone TunesMate.
This is how the screen looks like when you download it into your device.


Here is an honest feedback that might help one decide their preference and getting to the conclusion if iMyFone TuneMsate is the best alternative.

The Dual Mode of Transfer Makes Everything Eeasy

The illustration for the same is down below but the point to be noted here is the freedom and the facility of sharing all the media like music files, videos, applications, photos from the iDevice to the PC and vice versa.

Apps Section

These iOS applications find a tough time getting comfortable with windows and that is the reason why you have to uninstall the apps you can’t share. With TunesMate, more than one application is possible to be deleted at a time.

The iTunes Library is Just Out of the World Experience

When the devices are synched, it is obvious that if the media is erased from one device, it will be wiped off from all the other devices it has been linked to. Well, the rescue comes with TunesMate that will help skip iTunes sync feature. The solution to this is copying all the files from the devices thus rebuilding the library that is lost.

Transfer Any Media from Different iTunes Library

The caption says it all, isn’t it? How lovely does it sound and not only sounds, you can experiment on your own. This feature helps in selecting media that can be transferred from different libraries onto your device.

Transfer to iTunes

This doesn’t necessarily need syncing up of devices in order to transfer the files. Guess what? No sign-up procedure using your Apple ID is required either.

A little applause for the features

The awesomeness of TunesMate never comes to an end and here is a list of features coming in the package along with TunesMate. Observe them and be a fan.

  • It helps in transferring and managing media files like photos, apps, videos and so on. 
  • Also allows file transfer from a computer, iTunes Library, CD’s, External Hard Drive to iPhones. 
  • Backing up all the data and restoring them as well as per your need. 
  • Provides the facility of editing music information as per your demand and choice like the name of the artist, their album name, rating and so on.
  • Nothing to worry about if the data is lost or library in iTunes, the iTunes library can be restored anywhere and anytime. 
  • Getting a sneak peek of a friend’s iPhone gets very simpler and easier with the property of sharing music with friends and having fun.

Sharing is Caring

We have always been told about sharing and TunesMate knows and follows the same policy. With the help of TunesMate, the Apple Music can be shared widely.

Photos Section

It even allows buying a variety of music fitting your taste from Google or Amazon and sharing them across different devices even if you are registered on Apple with a different ID.

How about trying the Mac Version?

TunesMate, as we all know, is now available for Windows only. From the sources, it has come to the limelight that iMyFone will be soon working to launch it on their Mac versions too and it is not a very long time before it hits the market. The software, then, will serve all the purpose that is expected from it.


As for now, we know that it is a great alternative to iTunes and tops the charts. It might be a little of a problem but will solve most of the user’s problem by giving them the most satisfying experience. Just a couple of things that require moderate changes but there is nothing so massive that needs to be complained about.

Do you know?

Not even bread and butter come for free so how could TunesMate be? The amount to be paid in total is approx $30. However, the app comes with the free trial facility as well, but the only problem with it is that all the features might not be accessed if the full version is not downloaded.


After going through the list and reviews, it is no doubt to consider the fact that TunesMate comes as a powerful alternative to iTunes. There is every feature that you would wish for so definitely TunesMate is worth the time and worth every penny.

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